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BLUEONE CARD INC. USD Transaction & Payment Services 8.5001 Delayed Quote.431.26%0.00%0.00%87
ACS GLOBAL, INC. USD Other Business Support Services 5 Delayed Quote.185.71%0.00%0.00%286
QUALITY ONLINE EDUCATION GROUP I.. USD Other Business Support Services 0.089 Delayed Quote.150.70%0.00%0.00%156
GOLDEN TRIANGLE VENTURES INC USD Other Business Support Services 0.069 Delayed Quote.53.33%37.07%-37.83%55
ZEUUS, INC. USD Management Consulting Services 90 Delayed Quote.50.00%0.00%0.00%949
ML CAPITAL GROUP, INC. USD Other Business Support Services 0.1905 Delayed Quote.26.16%-36.46%-10.14%58
A-ONE ALFORM CO., LTD. KRW Commercial Equipment Rental 263999.9999 End-of-day quote.14.66%39.13%0.00%1 399
SHENZHEN PROLTO SUPPLY CHAIN MAN.. CNY Other Business Support Services 8.35 End-of-day quote.10.01%8.87%24.44%465
QIWI PLC USD Transaction & Payment Services 5.67 Delayed Quote.9.88%0.00%0.00%354
WEATHERNEWS INC. JPY Other Business Support Services 7130 Delayed Quote.7.54%9.17%-33.16%537
KORYO CREDIT INFORMATION CO., LT.. KRW Transaction & Payment Services 11650 End-of-day quote.6.39%4.95%36.90%125
HURON CONSULTING GROUP INC. USD Other Business Support Services 64.99 Delayed Quote.6.16%3.32%30.24%1 296
EMECO HOLDINGS LIMITED AUD Commercial Equipment Rental 0.69 Delayed Quote.6.15%-5.59%-23.30%233
ZHEJIANG MEORIENT COMMERCE EXHIB.. CNY Exhibition & Conference Services 23.57 End-of-day quote.5.93%14.98%11.18%352
AUGMEDIX, INC. USD Other Business Support Services 1.8 Delayed Quote.5.88%0.59%-46.03%67
TIZA INFORMATION INDUSTRY CORPOR.. CNY Data Processing Services 7.73 End-of-day quote.5.46%11.54%-2.52%480
UNIFIRST CORPORATION USD Other Business Support Services 172.18 Delayed Quote.5.32%4.20%-22.30%3 238
AIMIA INC. CAD Other Business Support Services 4.6 Delayed Quote.5.02%4.53%-11.52%323
RESOURCES CONNECTION, INC. USD Other Business Support Services 20.37 Delayed Quote.4.78%3.96%8.97%674
PERFORMANT FINANCIAL CORPORATION USD Other Business Support Services 2.63 Delayed Quote.4.78%0.40%4.15%192
ETERNAL ASIA SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGE.. CNY Other Business Support Services 7.21 End-of-day quote.4.64%1.69%8.91%2 795
LATCH, INC. USD Security Services 1.14 Delayed Quote.4.59%-13.49%-85.60%164
PONY TESTING CO., LTD. CNY Testing Laboratories 42.71 End-of-day quote.4.15%2.05%13.56%1 830
ACROW FORMWORK AND CONSTRUCTION .. AUD Commercial Equipment Rental 0.525 Delayed Quote.3.96%13.64%8.70%89
CHINA BUILDING MATERIAL TEST & C.. CNY Testing Laboratories 12.05 End-of-day quote.3.79%0.84%-25.08%1 303
DOTZ S.A. BRL Other Business Support Services 3.83 Delayed Quote.3.51%8.50%38.06%96
E-FINANCE FOR DIGITAL AND FINANC.. EGP Transaction & Payment Services 13.5 End-of-day quote.3.37%-2.17%-33.46%1 277
VENTIA SERVICES GROUP LIMITED AUD Management Consulting Services 2.57 Delayed Quote.3.21%3.75%24.50%1 463
KELLY PARTNERS GROUP HOLDINGS LI.. AUD Corporate Accounting Services 4 Delayed Quote.3.09%6.30%-10.80%120
FUJIAN YONGFU POWER ENGINEERING .. CNY Other Business Support Services 57.34 End-of-day quote.3.06%4.50%4.56%1 586
PT SUPERKRANE MITRA UTAMA TBK IDR Commercial Equipment Rental 1180 End-of-day quote.3.06%1.72%30.39%106
DAESUNG HOLDINGS CO., LTD. KRW Other Business Support Services 73800 End-of-day quote.2.93%5.43%56.69%916
HIRERIGHT HOLDINGS CORPORATION USD Other Business Support Services 14.21 Delayed Quote.2.90%-3.00%-11.19%1 128
MANOLETE PARTNERS PLC GBX Legal Services 308 Delayed Quote.2.67%8.07%23.20%164
ANHUI TRANSPORT CONSULTING & DES.. CNY Management Consulting Services 11.48 End-of-day quote.2.59%9.02%24.51%801
SEMCON AB (PUBL) SEK Other Business Support Services 112.8 Delayed Quote.2.55%-3.51%-13.25%194
WILLDAN GROUP, INC. USD Other Business Support Services 27.58 Delayed Quote.2.53%-1.28%-23.58%364
PAYA HOLDINGS INC. USD Transaction & Payment Services 6.57 Delayed Quote.2.50%-2.14%1.10%868
REJLERS AB (PUBL) SEK Other Business Support Services 124 Delayed Quote.2.48%4.31%-17.01%244
HSS HIRE GROUP PLC GBX Commercial Equipment Rental 14.65 Delayed Quote.2.45%-1.01%-2.98%126
EMTEK (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD. CNY Other Business Support Services 27.69 End-of-day quote.2.44%2.94%-3.74%457
FIRST ADVANTAGE CORPORATION USD Other Business Support Services 12.67 Delayed Quote.2.43%2.34%-33.46%1 938
VP PLC GBX Commercial Equipment Rental 853 Delayed Quote.2.40%0.47%-7.88%410
CBIZ, INC. USD Other Business Support Services 39.96 Delayed Quote.2.38%2.66%-0.23%2 070
ABM INDUSTRIES INCORPORATED USD Other Business Support Services 43.42 Delayed Quote.2.36%3.31%6.29%2 900
THE BRINK'S COMPANY USD Other Business Support Services 60.71 Delayed Quote.2.29%5.80%-7.41%2 855
RITCHIE BROS. AUCTIONEERS INCORP.. USD Other Business Support Services 65.06 Delayed Quote.2.28%7.55%6.29%7 205
FTI CONSULTING, INC. USD Management Consulting Services 180.85 Delayed Quote.2.26%4.26%17.88%6 092
H&E EQUIPMENT SERVICES, INC. USD Commercial Equipment Rental 28.97 Delayed Quote.2.22%-0.74%-35.98%1 035
KEYSTONE LAW GROUP PLC GBX Legal Services 572 Delayed Quote.2.14%-3.05%-31.08%217
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