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YRC WORLDWIDE INC. USD Freight Trucking 5.31 End-of-day quote.5.36%2.12%-57.82%274
XPO LOGISTICS, INC. USD Other Ground Freight & Logistics 45.96 Delayed Quote.5.12%0.02%-40.64%5 287
P.A.M. TRANSPORTATION SERVICES, .. USD Freight Trucking 31.57 Delayed Quote.4.71%0.33%-15.08%703
COVENANT LOGISTICS GROUP, INC. USD Other Ground Freight & Logistics 29.85 Delayed Quote.4.55%4.99%12.94%431
ARCBEST CORPORATION USD Other Ground Freight & Logistics 75.23 Delayed Quote.4.14%-0.45%-39.72%1 845
K.R.S. CORPORATION JPY Freight Trucking 1323 Delayed Quote.3.93%-9.97%40.20%219
SAIA, INC. USD Freight Trucking 199.23 Delayed Quote.3.63%5.21%-40.89%5 245
U.S. XPRESS ENTERPRISES, INC. USD Freight Trucking 2.57 Delayed Quote.3.63%4.05%-56.22%132
ZERO CO., LTD. JPY Other Ground Freight & Logistics 1067 Delayed Quote.3.49%-0.29%2.38%118
COSN LOGI BRL Railway Freight Operators 23.08 Delayed Quote.3.41%13.36%24.69%2 031
KONOIKE TRANSPORT CO., LTD. JPY Other Ground Freight & Logistics 1421 Delayed Quote.3.05%-2.58%13.39%512
MULLEN GROUP LTD. CAD Other Ground Freight & Logistics 14.62 Delayed Quote.3.03%-0.88%25.71%991
SANKYU INC. JPY Freight Trucking 4275 Delayed Quote.2.76%-0.35%-11.64%1 707
HAMAKYOREX CO., LTD. JPY Other Ground Freight & Logistics 3180 Delayed Quote.2.75%-2.33%8.13%408
HEARTLAND EXPRESS, INC. USD Freight Trucking 14.6 Delayed Quote.2.67%1.88%-13.20%1 152
OLD DOMINION FREIGHT LINE, INC. USD Freight Trucking 256.18 Delayed Quote.2.57%1.82%-28.52%28 634
SBS HOLDINGS, INC. JPY Other Ground Freight & Logistics 2866 Delayed Quote.2.54%-5.89%-14.40%769
MARTEN TRANSPORT, LTD. USD Freight Trucking 20.27 Delayed Quote.2.48%2.17%18.12%1 642
J.B. HUNT TRANSPORT SERVICES, IN.. USD Freight Trucking 166.83 Delayed Quote.2.46%0.97%-18.38%17 319
UNIVERSAL LOGISTICS HOLDINGS, IN.. USD Freight Trucking 32.71 Delayed Quote.2.44%-0.78%69.30%860
UNION PACIFIC CORPORATION USD Other Ground Freight & Logistics 201.83 Delayed Quote.2.32%-4.75%-19.89%126 039
WERNER ENTERPRISES, INC. USD Freight Trucking 39.48 Delayed Quote.2.25%2.44%-17.16%2 504
LINDSAY AUSTRALIA LIMITED AUD Other Ground Freight & Logistics 0.5775 Delayed Quote.2.21%-8.13%43.04%111
HUB GROUP, INC. USD Other Ground Freight & Logistics 71.29 Delayed Quote.2.16%0.22%-15.37%2 470
CANADIAN NATIONAL RAILWAY COMPAN.. CAD Other Ground Freight & Logistics 152.35 Delayed Quote.2.08%-4.44%-3.95%76 052
TRANCOM CO., LTD. JPY Freight Trucking 7790 Delayed Quote.2.07%-6.10%-14.06%515
LANDSTAR SYSTEM, INC. USD Freight Trucking 146.06 Delayed Quote.1.98%0.68%-19.99%5 321
TONAMI HOLDINGS CO., LTD. JPY Other Ground Freight & Logistics 3605 Delayed Quote.1.98%-1.91%-7.82%226
S LINE CO.,LTD. JPY Freight Trucking 774 Delayed Quote.1.98%-3.88%-15.62%58
NIKKON HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. JPY Freight Trucking 2293 Delayed Quote.1.91%-4.84%6.09%1 032
FUKUYAMA TRANSPORTING CO., LTD. JPY Other Ground Freight & Logistics 3300 Delayed Quote.1.85%-2.53%-16.69%916
AMERCO USD Other Ground Freight & Logistics 513.11 Delayed Quote.1.83%-4.46%-30.61%10 061
SCHNEIDER NATIONAL, INC. USD Other Ground Freight & Logistics 21.42 Delayed Quote.1.81%1.56%-20.40%3 813
TFI INTERNATIONAL INC. CAD Freight Trucking 129.8 Delayed Quote.1.68%1.03%-8.51%8 389
CJ LOGISTICS CORPORATION KRW Other Ground Freight & Logistics 97200 End-of-day quote.1.57%-6.09%-22.86%1 353
CSX CORPORATION USD Railway Freight Operators 27.63 Delayed Quote.1.51%-7.63%-27.61%59 162
THE SHIBUSAWA WAREHOUSE CO., LTD.. JPY Other Ground Freight & Logistics 2028 Delayed Quote.1.50%-1.50%-12.87%215
C.H. ROBINSON WORLDWIDE, INC. USD Other Ground Freight & Logistics 99.48 Delayed Quote.1.45%-1.96%-7.57%12 324
KNIGHT-SWIFT TRANSPORTATION HOLD.. USD Other Ground Freight & Logistics 49.9 Delayed Quote.1.44%2.10%-19.28%8 017
ALPS LOGISTICS CO., LTD. JPY Freight Trucking 1062 Delayed Quote.1.43%-3.80%-5.00%261
YAMATANE CORPORATION JPY Other Ground Freight & Logistics 1605 Delayed Quote.1.39%0.44%-0.43%115
NORFOLK SOUTHERN CORPORATION USD Other Ground Freight & Logistics 216.72 Delayed Quote.1.35%-4.90%-27.20%50 902
CONTAINER CORPORATION OF INDIA L.. INR Other Ground Freight & Logistics 695.8 Delayed Quote.1.34%-7.48%11.72%5 118
GRUPO TRAXIÓN, S.A.B. DE C.V. MXN Other Ground Freight & Logistics 18.98 End-of-day quote.1.33%-2.47%-46.97%447
JASSIM TRANSPORT & STEVEDORING C.. KWD Other Ground Freight & Logistics 0.329 End-of-day quote.1.23%-0.30%-19.16%159
BEING HOLDINGS CO., LTD. JPY Other Ground Freight & Logistics 1847 Delayed Quote.1.21%-1.24%-16.55%73
CANGGANG RAILWAY LIMITED HKD Railway Freight Operators 2.13 Delayed Quote.0.95%-3.65%-5.38%269
YASUDA LOGISTICS CORPORATION JPY Other Ground Freight & Logistics 915 Delayed Quote.0.94%0.11%-6.61%184
JSL S.A. BRL Other Ground Freight & Logistics 5.53 Delayed Quote.0.91%-2.30%-26.56%293
AURIZON HOLDINGS LIMITED AUD Other Ground Freight & Logistics 3.53 Delayed Quote.0.86%-3.58%0.29%4 176
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