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AMERICAN HEALTHCARE REIT, INC. USD Healthcare REITs 8.03 Delayed Quote.43.39%0.00%0.00%1 557
SOTHERLY HOTELS INC. USD Hospitality REITs 3.1 Delayed Quote.9.15%33.62%48.33%56
ALTISOURCE PORTFOLIO SOLUTIONS S.. USD Other Real Estate Services 12.33 Delayed Quote.7.31%8.35%9.89%199
GREEN GIANT INC. USD Other Real Estate Development & Ope... 2.27 Delayed Quote.6.07%-20.07%14.64%92
INCOME OPPORTUNITY REALTY INVEST.. USD Other Real Estate Development & Ope... 12.565 Delayed Quote.4.71%0.00%0.00%52
CIVEO CORPORATION USD Residential Real Estate Development... 30.64 Delayed Quote.4.40%6.28%59.83%435
J.W. MAYS, INC. USD Other Real Estate Development & Ope... 54 Delayed Quote.3.83%1.20%32.97%109
AMERICAN REALTY INVESTORS, INC. USD Residential Real Estate Development... 15.12 Delayed Quote.2.93%4.71%19.53%244
THE NECESSITY RETAIL REIT, INC. USD Retail REITs 8.12 Delayed Quote.2.78%1.50%-11.06%1 077
MAXUS REALTY TRUST, INC. USD Diversified REITs 230 Delayed Quote.2.50%-4.17%0.00%274
GLOBAL SELF STORAGE, INC. USD Self-Storage REITs 6.2 Delayed Quote.2.48%8.20%8.77%68
LANDSEA HOMES CORPORATION USD Residential Real Estate Development... 7.47 Delayed Quote.2.33%11.83%2.05%306
RLJ LODGING TRUST USD Hospitality REITs 13.42 Delayed Quote.2.13%1.51%-3.66%2 153
CBL & ASSOCIATES PROPERTIES, INC.. USD Other Commercial REITs 31.81 Delayed Quote.1.99%-0.13%1.96%1 012
OUTFRONT MEDIA INC. USD Other Specialized REITs 20.21 Delayed Quote.1.92%3.01%-24.65%3 315
DIAMONDROCK HOSPITALITY COMPANY USD Hospitality REITs 9.92 Delayed Quote.1.85%2.27%3.23%2 092
SUMMIT HOTEL PROPERTIES, INC. USD Hospitality REITs 8.99 Delayed Quote.1.81%3.21%-7.89%961
XENIA HOTELS & RESORTS, INC. USD Hospitality REITs 18.24 Delayed Quote.1.79%4.83%0.72%2 086
PEBBLEBROOK HOTEL TRUST USD Hospitality REITs 20.22 Delayed Quote.1.76%2.12%-9.61%2 658
BRANDYWINE REALTY TRUST USD Office REITs 8.81 Delayed Quote.1.73%0.00%-34.35%1 512
HANNON ARMSTRONG SUSTAINABLE INF.. USD Other Commercial REITs 42.54 Delayed Quote.1.70%-0.89%-19.92%3 722
SERVICE PROPERTIES TRUST USD Hospitality REITs 8.09 Delayed Quote.1.63%0.50%-7.96%1 336
BRAEMAR HOTELS & RESORTS INC. USD Hospitality REITs 5.74 Delayed Quote.1.59%5.51%12.55%405
MARCUS & MILLICHAP, INC. USD Other Real Estate Services 41.11 Delayed Quote.1.53%2.78%-20.11%1 642
BRT APARTMENTS CORP. USD Residential REITs 25.3 Delayed Quote.1.36%6.48%5.46%477
ACRES COMMERCIAL REALTY CORP. USD Mortgage REITs 9.92 Delayed Quote.1.33%5.20%-20.45%83
DOUGLAS ELLIMAN INC. USD Other Real Estate Services 6.11 Delayed Quote.1.33%6.45%-46.87%497
SERITAGE GROWTH PROPERTIES USD Retail REITs 13.6 Delayed Quote.1.27%-3.27%2.49%762
CATCHMARK TIMBER TRUST, INC. USD Timber REITs 11.23 Delayed Quote.1.26%1.63%28.93%553
TEJON RANCH CO. USD Other Real Estate Development & Ope... 16.24 Delayed Quote.1.25%0.31%-14.88%430
GAMING AND LEISURE PROPERTIES, I.. USD Hospitality REITs 52.68 Delayed Quote.1.23%2.31%8.26%13 519
POTLATCHDELTIC CORPORATION USD Timber REITs 49.22 Delayed Quote.1.17%1.69%-18.27%3 410
APPLE HOSPITALITY REIT, INC. USD Hospitality REITs 17.35 Delayed Quote.1.17%3.40%7.43%3 971
GLADSTONE LAND CORPORATION USD Other Specialized REITs 24.9 Delayed Quote.1.14%-1.27%-26.24%860
RYMAN HOSPITALITY PROPERTIES, IN.. USD Hospitality REITs 92.44 Delayed Quote.1.10%0.93%0.52%5 039
DIGITALBRIDGE GROUP, INC. USD Diversified REITs 5.53 Delayed Quote.1.10%-0.18%-33.61%3 629
AMERICAN ASSETS TRUST, INC. USD Other Commercial REITs 30.16 Delayed Quote.1.07%-0.07%-19.64%1 826
URBAN EDGE PROPERTIES USD Retail REITs 17.23 Delayed Quote.1.06%4.11%-9.32%2 023
HOST HOTELS & RESORTS, INC. USD Hospitality REITs 19.55 Delayed Quote.1.03%2.04%12.42%13 976
PLYMOUTH INDUSTRIAL REIT, INC. USD Other Commercial REITs 21.69 Delayed Quote.1.02%7.27%-32.22%870
RE/MAX HOLDINGS, INC. USD Other Real Estate Services 27.09 Delayed Quote.1.01%-1.06%-11.15%509
UNITI GROUP INC. USD Other Specialized REITs 10.23 Delayed Quote.0.99%1.19%-26.98%2 427
POWER REIT USD Other Commercial REITs 20.49 Delayed Quote.0.94%38.92%-70.26%69
GREAT AJAX CORP. USD Mortgage REITs 9.85 Delayed Quote.0.82%-7.08%-25.15%224
CARETRUST REIT, INC. USD Healthcare REITs 21.86 Delayed Quote.0.78%0.18%-4.25%2 121
MODIV INC. USD Office REITs 15.42 Delayed Quote.0.78%-3.93%0.00%115
TRANSCONTINENTAL REALTY INVESTOR.. USD Other Real Estate Development & Ope... 44.68 Delayed Quote.0.74%2.48%14.27%386
SUNSTONE HOTEL INVESTORS, INC. USD Hospitality REITs 12.21 Delayed Quote.0.74%4.54%4.09%2 592
JBG SMITH PROPERTIES USD Other Commercial REITs 23.79 Delayed Quote.0.72%-2.70%-17.14%2 721
CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD PLC USD Other Real Estate Services 16.79 Delayed Quote.0.72%3.83%-24.51%3 789
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