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AMERICAN HEALTHCARE REIT, INC. USD Healthcare REITs 8.03 Delayed Quote.43.39%0.00%0.00%1 557
EMIRATES REIT (CEIC) PLC USD Islamic REITs 0.283 End-of-day quote.17.92%28.05%5.58%90
CNL HEALTHCARE PROPERTIES, INC. USD Healthcare REITs 5.12 Delayed Quote.13.78%0.00%0.00%884
INDLUPLACE PROPERTIES LIMITED ZAR Residential REITs 2.77 End-of-day quote.9.92%-1.07%-23.06%53
BRT APARTMENTS CORP. USD Residential REITs 25.35 Delayed Quote.6.69%14.86%5.67%478
PINEAPPLE CORPORATION PLC GBX Diversified REITs 478 End-of-day quote.6.22%-0.42%0.00%53
AL-SALAM REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT .. MYR Other Commercial REITs 0.47 End-of-day quote.5.62%3.30%-3.09%61
INDUSTRIALS REIT LIMITED ZAR Industrial REITs 34.75 End-of-day quote.5.30%-2.11%-19.19%624
DIVERSIFIED HEALTHCARE TRUST USD Healthcare REITs 1.99 Delayed Quote.5.29%15.03%-35.60%476
ISTAR INC. USD Diversified REITs 16.45 Delayed Quote.4.91%-0.06%-36.31%1 404
ATAKULE GAYRIMENKUL YATIRIM ORTA.. TRY Other Commercial REITs 5.52 End-of-day quote.4.55%9.96%111.49%81
PLYMOUTH INDUSTRIAL REIT, INC. USD Other Commercial REITs 21.14 Delayed Quote.4.55%7.26%-33.94%848
REGIONAL REIT LIMITED GBX Other Commercial REITs 76.1 Delayed Quote.4.39%5.69%-18.96%476
APARTMENT INVESTMENT AND MANAGEM.. USD Residential REITs 9.6 Delayed Quote.4.35%15.94%24.35%1 461
AKFEN GAYRIMENKUL YATIRIM ORTAKL.. TRY Hospitality REITs 2.89 End-of-day quote.4.33%0.00%-60.68%209
MAXUS REALTY TRUST, INC. USD Diversified REITs 250 Delayed Quote.4.17%0.00%0.00%297
NEXPOINT RESIDENTIAL TRUST, INC. USD Residential REITs 64.89 Delayed Quote.3.92%4.59%-22.59%1 664
BRIGHTSPIRE CAPITAL, INC. USD Mortgage REITs 9.17 Delayed Quote.3.85%4.68%-10.62%1 183
TANGER FACTORY OUTLET CENTERS, I.. USD Retail REITs 17.82 Delayed Quote.3.60%11.65%-7.57%1 860
THE MACERICH COMPANY USD Retail REITs 11.5 Delayed Quote.3.60%10.79%-33.45%2 470
UK COMMERCIAL PROPERTY REIT LIMI.. GBX Other Commercial REITs 78.1 Delayed Quote.3.44%6.11%4.55%1 230
KITE REALTY GROUP TRUST USD Retail REITs 22.01 Delayed Quote.3.43%11.22%1.06%4 823
GLADSTONE COMMERCIAL CORPORATION USD Diversified REITs 20.86 Delayed Quote.3.42%4.09%-19.05%825
FLAGSHIP COMMUNITIES REAL ESTATE.. CAD Residential REITs 21 Delayed Quote.3.40%1.16%0.00%232
ASHFORD HOSPITALITY TRUST, INC. USD Hospitality REITs 11.53 Delayed Quote.3.32%8.57%20.10%398
WHA INDUSTRIAL LEASEHOLD REAL ES.. THB Industrial REITs 7.9 End-of-day quote.3.27%3.27%-12.71%188
EUROCOMMERCIAL PROPERTIES N.V. EUR Retail REITs 23.54 Real-time Quote.3.25%9.18%24.98%1 259
SERVET GAYRIMENKUL YATIRIM ORTAK.. TRY Other Commercial REITs 109.1 End-of-day quote.3.22%2.54%20.82%316
HANNON ARMSTRONG SUSTAINABLE INF.. USD Other Commercial REITs 44.29 Delayed Quote.3.19%10.73%-16.62%3 875
GLADSTONE LAND CORPORATION USD Other Specialized REITs 26.02 Delayed Quote.3.17%0.50%-22.93%898
CANADIAN NET REAL ESTATE INVESTM.. CAD Other Commercial REITs 7.19 Delayed Quote.3.13%2.71%-10.57%116
WESTERN ASSET MORTGAGE CAPITAL C.. USD Mortgage REITs 15.55 Delayed Quote.3.12%6.87%-26.30%94
MEGUREIT ISRAEL LTD ILS Residential REITs 7.306 End-of-day quote.3.09%0.77%-15.15%294
CLIPPER REALTY INC. USD Residential REITs 9.14 Delayed Quote.3.04%3.86%-8.05%147
ACRES COMMERCIAL REALTY CORP. USD Mortgage REITs 9.71 Delayed Quote.2.97%4.41%-22.13%81
HERSHA HOSPITALITY TRUST USD Hospitality REITs 11.04 Delayed Quote.2.89%5.54%20.39%437
DIGITALBRIDGE GROUP, INC. USD Diversified REITs 5.7 Delayed Quote.2.89%7.75%-31.57%3 741
TORUNLAR GAYRIMENKUL YATIRIM ORT.. TRY Diversified REITs 8.95 End-of-day quote.2.87%1.94%128.32%496
APPLE HOSPITALITY REIT, INC. USD Hospitality REITs 17.26 Delayed Quote.2.86%5.50%6.87%3 950
PHILLIPS EDISON & COMPANY, INC. USD Retail REITs 34.47 Delayed Quote.2.86%4.11%4.33%4 023
STAG INDUSTRIAL, INC. USD Industrial REITs 34.71 Delayed Quote.2.84%6.05%-27.63%6 221
ACADIA REALTY TRUST USD Retail REITs 17.8 Delayed Quote.2.77%9.88%-18.46%1 690
KOREIT KRW Residential REITs 1730 End-of-day quote.2.67%2.98%-33.59%302
BROADMARK REALTY CAPITAL INC. USD Mortgage REITs 6.94 Delayed Quote.2.66%-6.85%-26.41%922
REIT 1 LTD ILS Residential REITs 21.31 End-of-day quote.2.65%2.26%-4.10%1 216
INTERVEST OFFICES & WAREHOUSES N.. EUR Other Commercial REITs 27.4 Real-time Quote.2.62%2.81%-2.84%747
ALEXANDER & BALDWIN, INC. USD Diversified REITs 20.3 Delayed Quote.2.58%6.90%-19.09%1 476
PEBBLEBROOK HOTEL TRUST USD Hospitality REITs 20.3 Delayed Quote.2.53%8.67%-9.25%2 668
FRANKLIN BSP REALTY TRUST, INC. USD Mortgage REITs 15.74 Delayed Quote.2.47%4.58%5.35%1 318
MEDICAL PROPERTIES TRUST, INC. USD Healthcare REITs 16.72 Delayed Quote.2.45%5.29%-29.24%10 013
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