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NIPPON PROLOGIS REIT, INC. JPY Industrial REITs 353500 Delayed Quote.2.61%1.00%-13.15%7 383
WAREHOUSES DE PAUW SA EUR Industrial REITs 35.6 Real-time Quote.2.53%2.48%-15.60%6 983
EQUITES PROPERTY FUND LIMITED ZAR Industrial REITs 19.62 End-of-day quote.2.13%-1.56%-14.66%959
LASALLE LOGIPORT REIT JPY Industrial REITs 180900 Delayed Quote.1.97%1.17%-10.71%2 525
HEMARAJ LEASEHOLD REAL ESTATE IN.. THB Industrial REITs 8.45 End-of-day quote.1.81%1.20%-6.63%206
INDUSTRIALS REIT LIMITED ZAR Industrial REITs 35.97 End-of-day quote.1.35%-2.78%-16.35%662
GOODMAN GROUP AUD Industrial REITs 19.37 Delayed Quote.1.15%-1.53%-26.91%25 429
FIRST INDUSTRIAL REALTY TRUST, I.. USD Industrial REITs 51.85 Delayed Quote.1.07%-1.31%-22.51%6 844
TICON FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD REA.. THB Industrial REITs 10.8 End-of-day quote.0.93%-1.82%-14.29%961
TRITAX BIG BOX REIT PLC GBX Industrial REITs 202 Delayed Quote.0.90%-0.98%-18.88%4 706
REXFORD INDUSTRIAL REALTY, INC. USD Industrial REITs 63.62 Delayed Quote.0.89%-7.10%-21.56%10 481
REYSAS GAYRIMENKUL YATIRIM ORTAK.. TRY Industrial REITs 3.53 End-of-day quote.0.86%-3.29%-5.87%110
CRE LOGISTICS REIT, INC. JPY Industrial REITs 201200 Delayed Quote.0.80%2.03%-11.05%889
AIM INDUSTRIAL GROWTH FREEHOLD A.. THB Industrial REITs 12.6 End-of-day quote.0.80%1.61%-5.97%218
SOSILA LOGISTICS REIT, INC. JPY Industrial REITs 155700 Delayed Quote.0.78%1.37%-11.53%626
INDUSTRIAL & INFRASTRUCTURE FUND.. JPY Industrial REITs 187100 Delayed Quote.0.75%-0.37%-15.76%3 029
AMATA SUMMIT GROWTH FREEHOLD AND.. THB Industrial REITs 7.55 End-of-day quote.0.67%3.42%-14.20%79
LONDONMETRIC PROPERTY PLC GBX Industrial REITs 246.6 Delayed Quote.0.65%1.07%-12.99%2 993
TERRENO REALTY CORPORATION USD Industrial REITs 60.05 Delayed Quote.0.62%-5.67%-29.59%4 581
MITSUBISHI ESTATE LOGISTICS REIT.. JPY Industrial REITs 461500 Delayed Quote.0.54%0.76%-11.93%1 624
DREAM INDUSTRIAL REAL ESTATE INV.. CAD Industrial REITs 13.86 Delayed Quote.0.36%-1.98%-19.51%2 746
EASTGROUP PROPERTIES, INC. USD Industrial REITs 155.85 Delayed Quote.0.35%-7.14%-31.60%6 483
STAG INDUSTRIAL, INC. USD Industrial REITs 32.35 Delayed Quote.0.31%-6.12%-32.55%5 798
JAPAN LOGISTICS FUND, INC. JPY Industrial REITs 319500 Delayed Quote.0.31%0.95%-10.38%2 334
GRANITE REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT T.. CAD Industrial REITs 87.01 Delayed Quote.0.25%-0.84%-17.45%4 464
GLP J-REIT JPY Industrial REITs 170100 Delayed Quote.0.18%0.12%-14.48%5 974
ESR-LOGOS REIT SGD Industrial REITs 0.385 Delayed Quote.0.00%2.67%-19.79%1 860
FRASERS LOGISTICS & COMMERCIAL T.. SGD Industrial REITs 1.35 Delayed Quote.0.00%0.00%-11.18%3 608
PROLOGIS, INC. USD Industrial REITs 119.72 Delayed Quote.0.00%-6.72%-28.89%88 625
WHA PREMIUM GROWTH FREEHOLD AND .. THB Industrial REITs 10.6 End-of-day quote.0.00%0.00%-16.54%944
ATRIUM REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TR.. MYR Industrial REITs 1.47 End-of-day quote.0.00%0.00%-2.00%69
SUMMIT INDUSTRIAL INCOME REIT CAD Industrial REITs 18.93 Delayed Quote.-0.11%1.61%-19.36%2 796
FIBRA PROLOGIS MXN Industrial REITs 51.97 End-of-day quote.-0.13%0.99%-8.55%2 240
ITOCHU ADVANCE LOGISTICS INVESTM.. JPY Industrial REITs 158500 Delayed Quote.-0.13%2.86%-13.44%744
TOKAIDO REIT, INC. JPY Industrial REITs 116600 Delayed Quote.-0.26%1.92%4.86%161
DUKE REALTY CORPORATION USD Industrial REITs 50.91 Delayed Quote.-0.31%-2.26%-22.20%19 573
FIBRA TERRAFINA MXN Industrial REITs 27.04 End-of-day quote.-0.33%3.09%-5.69%1 062
FIBRA MACQUARIE MÉXICO MXN Industrial REITs 23.34 End-of-day quote.-0.34%4.15%-11.02%894
INDUSTRIAL LOGISTICS PROPERTIES .. USD Industrial REITs 13.97 Delayed Quote.-0.43%-5.54%-44.23%914
ESR KENDALL SQUARE REIT CO., LTD.. KRW Industrial REITs 6790 End-of-day quote.-0.59%-1.88%7.27%1 136
DAIWA HOUSE LOGISTICS TRUST SGD Industrial REITs 0.775 Delayed Quote.-0.64%-1.90%-3.13%379
AMERICOLD REALTY TRUST USD Industrial REITs 24.97 Delayed Quote.-0.72%-4.84%-23.85%6 724
AIMS APAC REIT SGD Industrial REITs 1.35 Delayed Quote.-0.74%-0.74%-6.90%700
INDUS REALTY TRUST, INC. USD Industrial REITs 62.33 Delayed Quote.-1.06%-5.96%-23.11%635
CENTURIA INDUSTRIAL REIT AUD Industrial REITs 3.41 Delayed Quote.-1.16%-0.87%-18.62%1 519