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CNL HEALTHCARE PROPERTIES, INC. USD Healthcare REITs 5.38 Delayed Quote.22.55%0.00%0.00%943
STRAWBERRY FIELDS REIT LLC USD Healthcare REITs 10.3 Delayed Quote.3.00%3.00%0.00%62
VITAL HEALTHCARE PROPERTY TRUST NZD Healthcare REITs 2.53 End-of-day quote.1.20%2.22%-19.68%940
HEALTHCARE & MEDICAL INVESTMENT .. JPY Healthcare REITs 181400 Delayed Quote.0.22%4.35%12.67%454
ADRIANO CARE SOCIMI, S.A. EUR Healthcare REITs 10.8 Delayed Quote.0.00%0.93%3.85%129
FIRST REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRU.. SGD Healthcare REITs 0.26 Delayed Quote.0.00%-1.85%-13.11%382
HEALTHCO HEALTHCARE AND WELLNESS.. AUD Healthcare REITs 1.4925 Delayed Quote.-0.17%6.03%-33.26%300
LTC PROPERTIES, INC. USD Healthcare REITs 37.58 Delayed Quote.-1.05%1.08%10.08%1 538
OMEGA HEALTHCARE INVESTORS, INC. USD Healthcare REITs 30.21 Delayed Quote.-1.34%6.91%3.48%7 168
PARKWAY LIFE REAL ESTATE INVESTM.. SGD Healthcare REITs 4.27 Delayed Quote.-1.61%3.11%-15.98%1 830
CARETRUST REIT, INC. USD Healthcare REITs 18.04 Delayed Quote.-1.85%-0.93%-20.98%1 783
HEALTHCARE REALTY TRUST INCORPOR.. USD Healthcare REITs 20.97 End-of-day quote.-2.01%1.90%-33.72%8 144
SENIORESIDENZ AG CHF Healthcare REITs 42 Delayed Quote.-2.33%0.00%-22.08%110
VENTAS USD Healthcare REITs 39.86 Delayed Quote.-2.42%-3.37%-22.03%16 328
HEALTHPEAK PROPERTIES, INC. USD Healthcare REITs 23.29 Delayed Quote.-2.47%-0.21%-35.47%12 885
PHYSICIANS REALTY TRUST USD Healthcare REITs 14.58 Delayed Quote.-2.86%-4.27%-22.57%3 393
COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE TRUST INCOR.. USD Healthcare REITs 32.31 Delayed Quote.-2.94%2.41%-31.65%788
GLOBAL MEDICAL REIT INC. USD Healthcare REITs 8.57 Delayed Quote.-2.94%-1.95%-51.72%579
NORTHWEST HEALTHCARE PROPERTIES .. CAD Healthcare REITs 10.5 Delayed Quote.-2.96%2.46%-21.65%1 911
WELLTOWER INC. USD Healthcare REITs 62.32 Delayed Quote.-3.20%0.11%-24.94%29 832
AEDIFICA SA EUR Healthcare REITs 76.15 Real-time Quote.-3.24%-1.04%-33.73%3 083
SABRA HEALTH CARE REIT, INC. USD Healthcare REITs 13.16 Delayed Quote.-3.31%-0.30%-2.81%3 143
CHARTWELL RETIREMENT RESIDENCES CAD Healthcare REITs 9.17 Delayed Quote.-3.47%3.49%-19.63%1 648
UNIVERSAL HEALTH REALTY INCOME T.. USD Healthcare REITs 42.57 Delayed Quote.-3.64%6.95%-25.71%610
NATIONAL HEALTH INVESTORS, INC. USD Healthcare REITs 54.3 Delayed Quote.-3.74%0.39%-1.84%2 519
PRIMARY HEALTH PROPERTIES PLC GBX Healthcare REITs 106.3 Delayed Quote.-4.41%-6.34%-29.79%1 700
MEDICAL PROPERTIES TRUST, INC. USD Healthcare REITs 11.4 Delayed Quote.-4.92%-5.24%-51.76%7 180
ASSURA PLC GBX Healthcare REITs 51.05 Delayed Quote.-5.11%-1.35%-26.86%1 821
DIVERSIFIED HEALTHCARE TRUST USD Healthcare REITs 0.9801 Delayed Quote.-5.76%0.97%-66.34%249
AMERICAN HEALTHCARE REIT, INC. USD Healthcare REITs 7.51 Delayed Quote.-6.48%0.00%0.00%1 557