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EXODUS MOVEMENT, INC. USD Other Software 6 Delayed Quote.185.71%0.00%-69.23%151
CRANK MEDIA INC USD Application Software 2.5 Delayed Quote.150.00%0.00%0.00%158
LEADER CAPITAL HOLDINGS CORP. USD Other IT Services & Consulting 1 Delayed Quote.96.08%0.00%-50.00%95
GOLOGIQ, INC. USD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 3.61 Delayed Quote.44.40%0.00%0.00%129
FAST RADIUS, INC. USD Other IT Services & Consulting 0.8887 End-of-day quote.41.15%72.56%-90.99%65
KANGE CORP. USD Mobile Application Software 1.4 Delayed Quote.40.00%0.00%723.53%125
APPGATE, INC. USD Security Software 9.7 Delayed Quote.29.33%7.14%-42.31%988
UXIN LIMITED USD E-commerce & Auction Services 0.5593 Delayed Quote.24.29%-11.61%-71.52%179
EALIXIR, INC. USD Other IT Services & Consulting 9 Delayed Quote.24.14%-1.00%18.67%412
AULT GLOBAL HOLDINGS USD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency (NEC) 0.342 End-of-day quote.23.11%30.43%-71.26%87
CHEE CORP. USD Computer Peripherals 12.75 Delayed Quote.21.43%0.00%0.00%92
SYMBOTIC INC. USD Other Software 14.36 Delayed Quote.20.77%-14.52%0.00%602
SOUNDHOUND AI, INC. USD Other Software 3.07 Delayed Quote.18.53%-19.06%0.00%509
AFFIRM HOLDINGS, INC. USD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 19.83 Delayed Quote.15.36%-26.16%-82.91%4 924
CIPHER MINING INC. USD Cryptocurrency Mining 1.52 Delayed Quote.15.15%-15.92%-71.49%327
INTEGRATED MEDIA TECHNOLOGY LIMI.. USD Other Electronic Equipment & Parts ... 4.52 Delayed Quote.15.01%42.91%-12.08%58
ROCKLEY PHOTONICS HOLDINGS LIMIT.. USD Other Semiconductors 2.41 Delayed Quote.14.76%-21.05%-51.72%271
THE ARENA GROUP HOLDINGS, INC. USD Other Internet Services 10.95 Delayed Quote.14.66%-13.18%0.00%168
RIGETTI COMPUTING, INC. USD Other Semiconductors 4.27 Delayed Quote.14.17%-6.27%-63.65%430
ROBLOX CORPORATION USD Other Software 39.99 Delayed Quote.14.03%-3.71%-66.00%20 803
GRAB HOLDINGS LIMITED USD Application Software 2.71 Delayed Quote.13.87%-17.65%-66.62%9 138
VROOM, INC. USD Other Internet Services 1.43 Delayed Quote.13.49%-13.70%-88.32%174
KORE GROUP HOLDINGS, INC. USD Other Computer Hardware 3.31 Delayed Quote.13.36%-21.51%-56.68%223
CORE SCIENTIFIC, INC. USD Blockchain Technology (Software) 1.71 Delayed Quote.13.25%-27.75%-86.21%491
MONGODB, INC. USD Server & Database Software 304.43 Delayed Quote.13.17%-11.24%-49.18%18 324
COINBASE GLOBAL, INC. USD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency (NEC) 55.41 Delayed Quote.12.99%-21.80%-80.57%10 888
DUCK CREEK TECHNOLOGIES, INC. USD Other Software 16.2 Delayed Quote.12.81%-23.78%-52.31%1 904
UNITY SOFTWARE INC. USD Other Software 42.33 Delayed Quote.12.76%-19.80%-73.75%11 112
ASANA, INC. USD Application Software 20.15 Delayed Quote.12.70%-17.83%-76.02%3 402
MICROSTRATEGY INCORPORATED USD Enterprise Software 187.68 Delayed Quote.12.54%-18.82%-69.37%1 884
LYTUS TECHNOLOGIES HOLDINGS PTV... USD Other Internet Services 5.74 Delayed Quote.12.11%-87.20%0.00%207
QUANTUM-SI INCORPORATED USD Other Semiconductors 2.69 Delayed Quote.12.08%-16.96%-69.50%334
CASTELLUM INC. USD Other IT Services & Consulting 0.2575 Delayed Quote.11.96%27.78%39.39%114
THE BEACHBODY COMPANY, INC. USD Other Internet Services 1.33 Delayed Quote.11.76%-14.39%-49.79%370
1STDIBS.COM, INC. USD E-commerce & Auction Services 6.41 Delayed Quote.11.67%-13.94%-54.12%219
USERTESTING, INC. USD Other Software 5.77 Delayed Quote.11.61%-4.61%-38.60%739
RIOT BLOCKCHAIN, INC. USD Cryptocurrency Mining 4.73 Delayed Quote.11.56%-18.30%-81.01%574
MISSFRESH LIMITED USD E-commerce & Auction Services 0.308 Delayed Quote.11.43%1.62%-94.48%65
ADTHEORENT HOLDING COMPANY, INC. USD Other Software 3.365 Delayed Quote.11.42%16.15%-48.55%259
IRONNET, INC. USD Security Software 2.35 Delayed Quote.11.37%-23.55%-49.76%213
BILL.COM HOLDINGS, INC. USD Other Software 126.45 Delayed Quote.11.22%-12.87%-54.37%11 854
MICROVISION, INC. USD Display Screens 4.39 Delayed Quote.11.14%-7.06%-21.16%653
RINGCENTRAL, INC. USD Enterprise Software 61.33 Delayed Quote.11.04%-10.63%-70.52%5 241
CONFLUENT, INC. USD Application Software 27.25 Delayed Quote.11.04%-2.93%-67.81%6 831
BRAZE, INC. USD Other Software 43.35 Delayed Quote.10.87%-1.98%-49.33%3 676
SCHRÖDINGER, INC. USD Other Software 30.71 Delayed Quote.10.71%-8.78%-20.36%1 973
DIGITAL TURBINE, INC. USD Other Software 18.98 Delayed Quote.10.41%-0.87%-71.82%1 691
SKILLZ INC. USD Other Internet Services 1.39 Delayed Quote.10.32%-17.11%-83.06%516
BIT DIGITAL, INC. USD Cryptocurrency Mining 1.5 Delayed Quote.10.29%-17.58%-77.63%112
DOORDASH, INC. USD Other Internet Services 74.9 Delayed Quote.10.23%-8.31%-54.37%27 008
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