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GOLOGIQ, INC. USD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 3.61 Delayed Quote.44.40%0.00%0.00%129
ITEYES INC. KRW Business to Business 11650 End-of-day quote.28.30%23.28%-52.06%52
THE INX DIGITAL COMPANY, INC. CAD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency (NEC) 0.47 End-of-day quote.23.68%67.86%0.00%73
AULT GLOBAL HOLDINGS USD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency (NEC) 0.342 End-of-day quote.23.11%30.43%-71.26%107
AFFIRM HOLDINGS, INC. USD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 19.83 Delayed Quote.15.36%-3.46%-80.28%5 680
CIPHER MINING INC. USD Cryptocurrency Mining 1.52 Delayed Quote.15.15%-15.92%-71.49%376
HIVE BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGIES LTD.. CAD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency (NEC) 4.4 Delayed Quote.13.70%-12.44%-76.62%277
CORE SCIENTIFIC, INC. USD Blockchain Technology (Software) 1.71 Delayed Quote.13.25%-27.75%-86.21%556
COINBASE GLOBAL, INC. USD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency (NEC) 55.41 Delayed Quote.12.99%8.26%-78.04%12 302
HUT 8 MINING CORP. CAD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 1.92 Delayed Quote.12.28%-17.79%-82.78%257
RIOT BLOCKCHAIN, INC. USD Cryptocurrency Mining 4.73 Delayed Quote.11.56%-18.30%-81.01%640
BITFARMS LTD. CAD Cryptocurrency Mining 1.63 Delayed Quote.10.88%-18.78%-76.96%253
BIT DIGITAL, INC. USD Cryptocurrency Mining 1.5 Delayed Quote.10.29%-17.58%-77.63%124
TENET FINTECH GROUP INC. CAD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 1.61 Delayed Quote.10.27%-2.67%-79.58%122
PAYSAFE LIMITED USD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 2.14 Delayed Quote.9.74%0.47%-45.27%1 552
MARATHON DIGITAL HOLDINGS, INC. USD Cryptocurrency Mining 6.07 Delayed Quote.9.57%-25.34%-83.14%645
CLEANSPARK, INC. USD Cryptocurrency Mining 4.32 Delayed Quote.9.37%2.61%-54.62%178
GRAYSCALE ETHEREUM TRUST USD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency (NEC) 7.89 Delayed Quote.9.28%-0.13%-75.62%2 447
STONECO LTD. USD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 8.28 Delayed Quote.6.56%0.49%-50.89%2 582
BAKKT HOLDINGS, INC. USD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency (NEC) 2.31 Delayed Quote.6.45%-12.85%-74.50%174
FUTU HOLDINGS LIMITED USD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 56.08 Delayed Quote.6.31%6.23%29.52%8 243
APPLIED BLOCKCHAIN, INC. USD Cryptocurrency Mining 1.02 Delayed Quote.5.70%-11.30%-95.94%101
TERAWULF INC. USD Cryptocurrency Mining 1.32 Delayed Quote.5.60%-9.59%-91.23%138
MARQETA, INC. USD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 8.9 Delayed Quote.5.58%-2.84%-48.17%4 846
GRAYSCALE BITCOIN TRUST (BTC) USD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency (NEC) 12.93 Delayed Quote.5.55%-11.55%-64.23%3 785
THE BITCOIN FUND CAD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency (NEC) 26.98 Delayed Quote.5.10%-6.01%-57.93%168
KAKAO PAY CORP. KRW Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 63900 End-of-day quote.5.10%3.06%-63.38%6 446
GREENIDGE GENERATION HOLDINGS IN.. USD Cryptocurrency Mining 2.68 Delayed Quote.4.69%-10.37%-83.30%111
IDEANOMICS, INC. USD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 0.6575 Delayed Quote.4.61%-8.07%-45.21%327
MONEYLION INC. USD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 1.41 Delayed Quote.4.44%-17.68%-66.50%332
WEALTHNAVI INC. JPY Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 1916 Delayed Quote.4.30%0.44%-10.08%642
ALFA FINANCIAL SOFTWARE HOLDINGS.. GBX Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 154 Delayed Quote.3.70%-5.81%-22.96%543
PAYMENTUS HOLDINGS, INC. USD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 14.16 Delayed Quote.3.66%2.53%-59.52%1 719
BIT MINING LIMITED USD Cryptocurrency Mining 0.6771 Delayed Quote.3.26%9.28%-89.32%57
BITCOIN TRUST CAD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency (NEC) 7.93 End-of-day quote.3.12%1.80%-54.08%112
INTUIT INC. USD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 400.22 Delayed Quote.3.07%3.61%-37.78%112 893
ROBINHOOD MARKETS, INC. USD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 8.4 Delayed Quote.2.69%2.25%-53.94%7 323
SILVERLAKE AXIS LTD SGD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 0.39 Delayed Quote.2.63%6.49%49.09%678
CAPITAL APPRECIATION LIMITED ZAR Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 1.75 End-of-day quote.2.34%1.74%2.94%130
SHANGHAI GUAO ELECTRONIC TECHNOL.. CNY Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 9.02 End-of-day quote.2.27%2.04%-46.34%467
SINQIA S.A. BRL Business to Business 16.24 Delayed Quote.2.20%-2.03%-0.85%258
PRIORITY TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS, IN.. USD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 3.47 Delayed Quote.2.06%8.44%-50.99%267
WEBCASH CORPORATION KRW Business to Business 15850 End-of-day quote.1.93%2.59%-40.75%163
POSABIT SYSTEMS CORPORATION CAD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 0.62 Delayed Quote.1.64%-6.15%-63.69%66
FIDELITY NATIONAL INFORMATION SE.. USD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 95 Delayed Quote.1.52%0.77%-12.96%57 755
BITMINE IMMERSION TECHNOLOGIES, .. USD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency (NEC) 2.06 End-of-day quote.1.48%-4.19%-31.10%90
WINDWARD LTD. GBX Business to Business 104 Delayed Quote.1.46%1.46%-50.94%104
ACI WORLDWIDE, INC. USD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 26.23 Delayed Quote.1.39%0.46%-24.41%3 011
MCAP INC. USD Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 10.13 Delayed Quote.1.30%0.00%0.00%235
MATRIKS BILGI DAGITIM HIZMETLERI.. TRY Financial Technology (Fintech) (NEC... 58.75 End-of-day quote.1.29%3.07%188.56%91
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