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1st Jan %
KUWAIT FINANCE HOUSE K.S.C.P. KWD  0.9 End-of-day quote.27 03318.99%Islamic Banks
NATIONAL BANK OF KUWAIT S.A.K.P. KWD  1.02 End-of-day quote.25 1317.42%Other Banks
BOUBYAN BANK K.S.C.P. KWD  0.85 End-of-day quote.10 36612.97%Islamic Banks
MOBILE TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPAN.. KWD  0.642 End-of-day quote.9 0637.90%Other Wireless Telecommunications Services
AGILITY PUBLIC WAREHOUSING COMPA.. KWD  1.13 End-of-day quote.7 76019.58%Other Air Freight & Logistics
GULF BANK K.S.C.P. KWD  0.373 End-of-day quote.3 84740.38%Commercial Banks
COMMERCIAL BANK OF KUWAIT K.P.S... KWD  0.5 End-of-day quote.3 328-0.20%Other Banks
MABANEE COMPANY K.P.S.C. KWD  0.776 End-of-day quote.3 1433.73%Other Real Estate Development & Operations
BURGAN BANK K.P.S.C. KWD  0.272 End-of-day quote.2 91313.79%Commercial Banks
KUWAIT TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPAN.. KWD  0.696 End-of-day quote.2 26862.81%Other Wireless Telecommunications Services
AHLI UNITED BANK K.S.C.P. KWD  0.3 End-of-day quote.2 2041.94%Commercial Banks
NATIONAL INDUSTRIES GROUP HOLDIN.. KWD  0.291 End-of-day quote.1 8932.83%Consumer Goods Conglomerates
AL AHLI BANK OF KUWAIT K.S.C.P. KWD  0.316 End-of-day quote.1 82530.63%Other Banks
BOUBYAN PETROCHEMICAL COMPANY K... KWD  1.039 End-of-day quote.1 76721.95%Other Commodity Chemicals
WARBA BANK K.S.C.P. KWD  0.268 End-of-day quote.1 749-2.19%Islamic Banks
BOURSA KUWAIT SECURITIES COMPANY.. KWD  2.51 End-of-day quote.1 64424.26%Securities & Commodity Exchanges
NATIONAL MOBILE TELECOMMUNICATIO.. KWD  0.989 End-of-day quote.1 61758.49%Wireless Telecom
KUWAIT PROJECTS COMPANY HOLDING .. KWD  0.169 End-of-day quote.1 34319.01%Commercial Banks
JAZEERA AIRWAYS K.S.C.P. KWD  1.844 End-of-day quote.1 32342.95%Other Airlines
QURAIN PETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRIES .. KWD  0.37 End-of-day quote.1 2966.63%Other Commodity Chemicals
HUMANSOFT HOLDING COMPANY K.S.C... KWD  3.145 End-of-day quote.1 248-2.45%Miscellaneous Educational Service Providers
NATIONAL REAL ESTATE COMPANY - K.. KWD  0.226 End-of-day quote.1 1532.26%Other Real Estate Development & Operations
GULF CABLE AND ELECTRICAL INDUST.. KWD  1.643 End-of-day quote.1 12088.63%Wires & Cables
GFH FINANCIAL GROUP BSC KWD  0.0928 End-of-day quote.1 084-5.62%Islamic Investment Banking & Brokerage Services
NATIONAL INVESTMENTS COMPANY K.S.. KWD  0.403 End-of-day quote.1 04984.02%Other Holding Companies
GULF INSURANCE GROUP K.S.C.P. KWD  1.01 End-of-day quote.935-5.61%Other Multiline Insurance & Brokers
KUWAIT INTERNATIONAL BANK K.S.C... KWD  0.229 End-of-day quote.7929.25%Other Banks
SHAMAL AZ-ZOUR AL-OULA POWER AND.. KWD  0.215 End-of-day quote.772-5.70%Other Multiline Utilities
SALHIA REAL ESTATE COMPANY K.S.C.. KWD  0.443 End-of-day quote.745-12.07%Other Real Estate Development & Operations
COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE COMPANY K.. KWD  0.116 End-of-day quote.681-7.20%Other Real Estate Development & Operations
ALAFCO AVIATION LEASE AND FINANC.. KWD  0.2 End-of-day quote.621-8.26%Commercial Leasing
MEZZAN HOLDING COMPANY K.S.C.P. KWD  0.546 End-of-day quote.554-7.30%Other Food Processing
KUWAIT CEMENT COMPANY K.P.S.C. KWD  0.229 End-of-day quote.533-0.87%Cement & Concrete Manufacturing
AL-MAIDAN CLINIC FOR ORAL HEALTH.. KWD  0.615 End-of-day quote.502-50.40%Hospitals, Clinics & Primary Care Services
KUWAIT REAL ESTATE COMPANY K.P.S.. KWD  0.164 End-of-day quote.484-8.38%Other Real Estate Development & Operations
TAMDEEN REAL ESTATE COMPANY - KP.. KWD  0.336 End-of-day quote.458-0.88%Other Real Estate Development & Operations
TAMDEEN INVESTMENT COMPANY - KSC.. KWD  0.408 End-of-day quote.4537.65%Diversified Investment Services
HEAVY ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES AND.. KWD  0.73 End-of-day quote.42943.42%Other Construction & Engineering
ARZAN FINANCIAL GROUP FOR FINANC.. KWD  0.168 End-of-day quote.4274.35%Diversified Investment Services
NOOR FINANCIAL INVESTMENT COMPAN.. KWD  0.25 End-of-day quote.416-1.73%Diversified Investment Services
AL IMTIAZ INVESTMENT GROUP COMPA.. KWD  0.112 End-of-day quote.388-5.08%Generic Pharmaceuticals
AL-AHLEIA INSURANCE COMPANY S.A... KWD  0.52 End-of-day quote.3682.97%Other Multiline Insurance & Brokers
INTEGRATED HOLDING COMPANY K.S.C.. KWD  0.438 End-of-day quote.36218.38%Other Holding Companies
A'AYAN LEASING AND INVESTMENT CO.. KWD  0.161 End-of-day quote.349-6.42%Commercial Leasing
KUWAIT PORTLAND CEMENT CO. K.P.S.. KWD  1.055 End-of-day quote.3457.65%Cement & Concrete Manufacturing
KUWAIT INVESTMENT COMPANY K.S.C... KWD  0.19 End-of-day quote.340-32.38%Diversified Investment Services
COMMERCIAL FACILITIES COMPANY S... KWD  0.203 End-of-day quote.336-1.46%Other Consumer Lending
UNITED PROJECTS COMPANY FOR AVIA.. KWD  0.27 End-of-day quote.3338.87%Other Airport Services
GULF INVESTMENT HOUSE K.S.C.P. KWD  0.24 End-of-day quote.318-20.00%Islamic Investment Management & Fund Operators
UNITED REAL ESTATE COMPANY S.A.K.. KWD  0.082 End-of-day quote.2878.75%Other Real Estate Services
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