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1st Jan %
ECOPETROL S.A. COP  2800 End-of-day quote.28 4674.09%Other Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
BANCOLOMBIA S.A. COP  35000 End-of-day quote.8 3010.86%Other Banks
GRUPO DE INVERSIONES SURAMERICAN.. COP  46200 End-of-day quote.5 91454.00%Life Insurance
GRUPO ENERGÍA BOGOTÁ S.A. E.S.P. COP  2310 End-of-day quote.5 244-7.60%Natural Gas Distribution
INTERCONEXIÓN ELÉCTRICA S.A. E.S.. COP  18270 End-of-day quote.5 004-18.44%Other Electric Utilities
GRUPO AVAL ACCIONES Y VALORES S... COP  835 End-of-day quote.4 584-20.78%Other Banks
GRUPO NUTRESA S. A. COP  39900 End-of-day quote.4 51639.32%Other Food Processing
BANCO DE BOGOTÁ S.A. COP  51000 End-of-day quote.4 178-27.35%Commercial Banks
BANCO DAVIVIENDA S.A. COP  31180 End-of-day quote.3 482-1.95%Commercial Banks
BAC HOLDING INTERNATIONAL CORP. COP  284 End-of-day quote.3 0350.00%Other Corporate Financial Services
GRUPO ARGOS S.A. COP  13540 End-of-day quote.2 615-0.07%Cement & Concrete Manufacturing
CORPORACIÓN FINANCIERA COLOMBIAN.. COP  24500 End-of-day quote.2 046-14.34%Investment Management
PROMIGAS S.A. E.S.P. COP  6900 End-of-day quote.1 936-2.82%Natural Gas Distribution
COLOMBIA TELECOMUNICACIONES S.A... COP  2075 End-of-day quote.1 7500.00%Other Integrated Telecommunications Services
CELSIA COLOMBIA S.A. E.S.P. COP  18900 End-of-day quote.1 7400.00%Hydroelectric & Tidal Utilities
GRUPO BOLÍVAR S.A. COP  82600 End-of-day quote.1 6157.62%Other Banks
CEMENTOS ARGOS S.A. COP  4700 End-of-day quote.1 533-23.08%Cement & Concrete Manufacturing
ALMACENES ÉXITO S.A. COP  13150 End-of-day quote.1 45514.45%Supermarkets & Convenience Stores
PRODUCTOS FAMILIA S.A. COP  5230 End-of-day quote.1 4360.58%Other Personal Products
BANCO BILBAO VIZCAYA ARGENTARIA .. COP  370 End-of-day quote.1 31915.63%Commercial Banks
CELSIA S.A. E.S.P. COP  4160 End-of-day quote.1 101-0.57%Renewable IPPs
BANCO DE OCCIDENTE S.A. COP  24020 End-of-day quote.926-12.65%Commercial Banks
RCN TELEVISIÓN S.A. COP  49100 End-of-day quote.5170.00%Television Broadcasting
BANCO POPULAR S.A. COP  261 End-of-day quote.499-12.94%Commercial Banks
CEMEX LATAM HOLDINGS, S.A. COP  3200 End-of-day quote.44311.89%Other Construction Materials
ORGANIZACIÓN TERPEL S.A. COP  8870 End-of-day quote.398-14.22%Other Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
BANCO COMERCIAL AV VILLAS S.A. COP  4600 End-of-day quote.2582.22%Other Banks
MINEROS S.A. COP  2667 End-of-day quote.198-26.63%Gold Mining
MAYAGÜEZ S.A. COP  14600 End-of-day quote.1780.00%Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners
EMPRESA DE TELECOMUNICACIONES DE.. COP  169 End-of-day quote.148-11.05%Other Integrated Telecommunications Services
CARVAJAL EMPAQUES S.A. COP  5300 End-of-day quote.1420.00%Other Non-Paper Containers & Packaging
BOLSA DE VALORES DE COLOMBIA S.A.. COP  9250 End-of-day quote.138-6.33%Securities & Commodity Exchanges
VALORES INDUSTRIALES S.A. COP  7540 End-of-day quote.1040.00%Malt Producers
INGENIO CENTRAL CASTILLA S.A. COP  21180 End-of-day quote.1030.00%Other Fishing & Farming
CONSTRUCCIONES EL CONDOR S.A. COP  700 End-of-day quote.99-13.58%Other Construction & Engineering
RIOPAILA AGRÍCOLA S.A. COP  11260 End-of-day quote.940.00%Other Food Processing
CONSTRUCTORA CONCONCRETO S.A. COP  294 End-of-day quote.821.38%Other Construction & Engineering
GRUPO ORBIS S.A. COP  26470 End-of-day quote.760.00%Other Commodity Chemicals
COMPAÑÍA DE EMPAQUES S.A. COP  23290 End-of-day quote.710.00%Other Non-Paper Containers & Packaging
ENKA DE COLOMBIA S.A. COP  21.01 End-of-day quote.612.89%Cellular Fiber
ACERÍAS PAZ DEL RÍO S. A. COP  9.3 End-of-day quote.57-33.52%Iron, Steel Mills & Foundries