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ETFVar. 5days 1st jan.RatingCurrencyGeographical ZonesCategory and Sector
GraniteShares Platinum Trust -1.15%2.26%-USDNCCommodities
AltShares Merger Arbitrage ETF -0.02%2.14%-USDNCEquities
Direxion Daily Semiconductor Bear 3X Shares ETF -9.59%2.05%-USDNCEquities
ProShares UltraPro Short MidCap 400 ETF 4.09%2.00%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
Robinson Alternative Yield Pre-Merger SPAC ETF 0.12%1.91%-USDNCNC
Horizon Kinetics Inflation Beneficiaries ETF -2.15%1.86%-USDNCNC
First Trust RBA American Industrial Renaissance ETF 0.07%1.83%USDUnited_StatesEquities
ProShares UltraShort DOW30 - Distributing -1.03%1.83%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
Sound Equity Income ETF -0.85%1.61%-USDNCNC
Innovator Russell 2000 Power Buffer ETF - July -1.28%1.45%-USDNCNC
CrossingBridge Pre-Merger SPAC ETF 0.22%1.44%-USDNCNC
ProShares DECLINE OF THE RETAIL STORE ETF - Distributin...2.04%1.36%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
TrueShares Low Volatility Equity Income ETF -0.89%1.32%-USDNCNC
First Trust Indxx Global Natural Resources Income ETF -0.92%1.19%USDWorldEquities - Natural Resources
VanEck Vectors Uranium+Nuclear Energy ETF 0.17%1.19%USDWorldEquities - Energy
AllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Oct ETF 0.13%1.18%-USDNCNC
VanEck Vectors Pharmaceutical ETF 2.50%1.18%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Healthcare
VanEck Inflation Allocation ETF -1.22%1.17%-USDNCNC
Teucrium Sugar Fund -1.06%1.09%-USDNCNC
Virtus LifeSci Biotech Products ETF 1.65%0.66%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Biotechnology
Formidable ETF 1.10%0.44%-USDNCNC
IShares Select Dividend ETF -0.05%0.40%USDUnited_StatesEquities
Invesco High Yield Equity Dividend AchieversÂÖ ETF -0.19%0.33%USDUnited_StatesEquities
IShares Currency Hedged JPX-Nikkei 400 ETF -0.07%0.32%USDJapanEquities
Invesco VRDO Tax-Free ETF 0.14%0.30%-USDNCNC
IShares Treasury Floating Rate Bond ETF -0.24%0.29%USDUnited_StatesBonds
Teucrium Wheat Fund -6.44%0.27%-USDNCCommodities - Farming
WisdomTree Bloomberg Floating Rate Treasury Fund 0.08%0.24%-USDUnited_StatesBonds
IShares 0-3 Month Treasury Bond ETF -0.17%0.17%-USDNCFixed Income
ARK Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF -6.89%0.16%-USDNCNC
ClearShares Ultra-Short Maturity ETF - Distributing 0.05%0.15%-USDNCNC
Global X MSCI Argentina ETF -3.42%0.06%USDArgentinaEquities
SPDR Bloomberg 1-3 Month T-Bill ETF -0.21%0.02%USDNCFixed Income
BondBloxx Bloomberg Seven Year Target Duration US Treas...1.29%0.00%-USDNCNC
BondBloxx Bloomberg Five Year Target Duration US Treasu...0.77%0.00%-USDNCNC
BondBloxx Bloomberg Two Year Target Duration US Treasur...-0.02%0.00%-USDNCNC
Capital Group Municipal Income ETF 0.67%0.00%-USDNCNC
Global X Russell 2000 Covered Call & Growth ETF -0.82%0.00%-USDNCEquities
IQ MacKay Multi-Sector Income ETF 1.35%0.00%-USDNCNC
THOR Low Volatility ETF -0.88%0.00%-USDNCEquities
AB Ultra Short Income ETF -0.21%0.00%-USDNCNC
AB Tax-Aware Short Duration Municipal ETF -USD0.24%0.00%-USDNCNC
ALPS Intermediate Municipal Bond ETF 0.97%0.00%-USDNCNC
AdvisorShares MSOS 2X Daily ETF -1.92%0.00%-USDNCNC
AdvisorShares Drone Technology ETF -1.02%0.00%-USDNCNC
AdvisorShares Managed Bitcoin Strategy ETF 1.35%0.00%-USDNCNC
AdvisorShares Let Bob AI Powered Momentum ETF 0.20%0.00%-USDNCNC
AdvisorShares Dorsey Wright FSM All Cap World ETF -1.34%0.00%-USDNCNC
AdvisorShares Dorsey Wright FSM US Core ETF 0.10%0.00%-USDNCNC
Logan Capital Broad Innovative Growth ETF 0.65%0.00%-USDNCNC
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