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ETFVar. 5days 1st jan.RatingCurrencyGeographical ZonesCategory and Sector
IShares North American Tech-Multimedia Networking ETF -0.85%-26.65%USDNorth AmericaEquities - Information Technology
Invesco Dynamic Networking ETF 1.07%-27.35%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Information Technology
Lyxor MSCI Digital Economy ESG Filtered (DR) - Acc -0.02%-27.45%-USDWorldEquities
Lyxor STOXX Europe 600 Technology - Acc -3.62%-27.78%EUREuropeEquities - Technology
IShares Healthcare Innovation -1.91%-27.92%USDWorldEquities - Healthcare
Evolve Cyber Security Index ETF -1.20%-28.01%-USDWorldEquities
Premia CSI Caixin China New Economy ETF 4.21%-28.08%-CNYChinaEquities
Lyxor STOXX Europe 600 Technology - Dist -3.64%-28.14%-EUREuropeEquities - Technology
CSOP SZSE ChiNext ETF 3.62%-28.23%-CNYChinaEquities
IShares STOXX Europe 600 Technology (DE) -3.70%-28.34%EUREuropeEquities - Technology
Invesco STOXX Europe 600 Optimised Technology Acc -4.13%-28.39%EUREuropeEquities - Technology
ROBO Global Robotics and Automation ETF -1.61%-28.45%-AUDWorldEquities - Technology
SPDR S&P Software & Services ETF 2.32%-28.46%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Technology
KraneShares MSCI All China Health Care Index ETF 3.32%-28.47%USDChinaEquities
First Trust Nasdaq Semiconductor ETF -7.62%-28.55%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Semiconductor
Renaissance International IPO ETF 3.28%-29.00%-USDWorldEquities
IShares U.S. Tech Breakthrough Multisector ETF Dist 0.59%-29.19%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Technology
Invesco WilderHill Clean Energy ETF 7.78%-29.38%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Energy
SPDR S&P Semiconductor ETF 1.30%-29.38%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Semiconductor
IShares S&P 500 Communication Sector Accumulating -5.97%-29.85%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Telecommunications Services
IShares Expanded Tech Sector ETF -3.55%-29.88%USDNorth AmericaEquities - Technology
ROBO Global Robotics & Automation ETF 2.12%-30.05%USDWorldEquities - Technology
BetaShares S&P/ASX Australian Technology ETF Dist 0.93%-30.17%-AUDAustraliaEquities - Technology
The 3D Printing ETF 0.42%-30.61%USDWorldEquities - Technology
Deka STOXX Europe Strong Growth 20 -2.08%-30.75%EUREuropeEquities
SPDR S&P Kensho Smart Mobility ETF 2.29%-30.79%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Transport
CSOP SZSE ChiNext ETF 5.36%-31.03%-CNYChinaEquities
SPDR S&P Homebuilders ETF -2.51%-31.06%USDUnited_StatesEquities
Global X Artificial Intelligence & Technology ETF -0.50%-31.48%USDWorldEquities
L&G ROBO Global Robotics and Automation -2.35%-31.51%USDWorldEquities - Technology
Robo Global Healthcare Technology and Innovation ETF 2.80%-31.66%-USDWorldEquities
IShares Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Multisecto...1.97%-31.75%USDWorldEquities
Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF -1.82%-32.08%CADNorth AmericaEquities
KraneShares MSCI All China Health Care Index -2.20%-32.16%-USDChinaEquities
SPDR S&P Retail ETF -8.58%-32.24%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Retail
The Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce ETF 3.95%-32.49%USDNCEquities - Technology
ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF -4.73%-32.67%-USDWorldEquities
IShares Automation & Robotics -4.29%-32.76%USDWorldEquities - Technology
Wedbush ETFMG Global Cloud Technology ETF 0.90%-32.99%-USDWorldEquities - Technology
ProShares Ultra Telecommunications - Distributing -4.30%-33.07%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Telecommunications Services
IShares Digitalisation -2.83%-33.26%USDWorldEquities - Technology
IShares Genomics Immunology and Healthcare ETF -D 3.36%-33.26%-USDWorldEquities - Biotechnology
Evolve Automobile Innovation Index ETF -2.71%-33.29%-USDWorldEquities - Automotive
Lyxor STOXX Europe 600 Retail - Dist -5.76%-33.29%-EUREuropeEquities - Retail
Lyxor STOXX Europe 600 Retail - Acc -5.72%-33.33%EUREuropeEquities - Retail
INNOVATOR IBD 50 ETF - Distributing -0.29%-33.34%USDUnited_StatesEquities
L&G Healthcare Breakthrough - Acc -1.45%-33.38%-USDWorldEquities
Direxion Daily Pharmaceutical & Medical Bull 3X Shares ...3.42%-33.44%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Healthcare
Horizons Industry 4.0 Index ETF -0.77%-33.72%CADWorldEquities
IShares STOXX Europe 600 Retail (DE) -5.76%-34.20%EUREuropeEquities - Retail
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