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ETFVar. 5days 1st jan.RatingCurrencyGeographical ZonesCategory and Sector
Direxion Daily S&P Biotech Bear 3X Shares ETF -23.32%136.21%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Biotechnology
Direxion Daily Energy Bull 2x Shares ETF 18.51%115.11%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Energy
WisdomTree NASDAQ 100 3x Daily Leveraged 3.80%115.04%-USDUnited_StatesAlternative
WisdomTree S&P 500 3x Daily Leveraged 2.65%101.96%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
ProShares Ultra Oil & Gas ETF -7.07%96.04%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Gas
Direxion Daily S&P Oil & Gas Exp. & Prod. Bull 2X Share...14.81%90.19%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Commodities Related
Direxion Daily 20 Year Plus Treasury Bear 3X Shares ETF...-3.64%88.41%-USDUnited_StatesBonds
ProShares UltraPro Short 20+ YEAR TREASURY - Distributi...-3.56%88.39%-USDUnited_StatesBonds
Direxion Daily Technology Bear 3X Shares ETF -0.68%66.54%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Technology
Direxion Daily Small Cap Bear 3X Shares ETF -4.71%64.46%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
ProShares UltraShort Consumer Services ETF -1.09%63.25%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Consumer Services
CSOP Leveraged and Inverse Series - CSOP NASDAQ -100 Da...8.00%57.95%-HKDUnited_StatesEquities - Technology
ChinaAMC Direxion NASDAQ-100 Index Daily (-2x) Inverse ...7.53%57.52%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Technology
Horizons BetaPro NASDAQ-100 -2x Daily Bear ETF -1.50%56.23%-CADUnited_StatesEquities - Technology
ProShares UltraShort QQQ - Distributing -1.58%55.69%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Technology
Invesco Dynamic Energy Exploration & Production ETF 8.94%55.55%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Energy
ProShares UltraShort 20+ YEAR TREASURY - Distributing -2.32%54.88%-USDUnited_StatesBonds
Invesco S&P 500« Equal Weight Energy ETF 9.08%51.33%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Energy
ProShares UltraShort NASDAQ Biotechnology - Distributin...-11.90%51.28%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Biotechnology
John Hancock Multifactor Energy ETF 8.60%51.01%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Energy
SPDR S&P U.S. Energy Select Sector 6.52%50.84%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Energy
IShares S&P 500 Energy Sector 6.40%50.64%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Energy
Invesco Energy S&P US Select Sector Acc 6.38%50.52%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Energy
Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund 9.01%49.39%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Energy
Direxion Daily Real Estate Bear 3X Shares ETF -0.69%48.13%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Real Estate
Vanguard Energy ETF 8.44%47.25%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Energy
Fidelity MSCI Energy Index ETF 8.45%47.17%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Energy
VanEck Vectors Oil Services ETF 9.99%47.09%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Energy
Direxion Daily S&P 500 Bear 3X Shares Acc -1.76%46.83%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
ProShares UltraPro Short S&P500 - Distributing -1.94%46.51%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
IShares U.S. Oil Equipment & Services ETF 10.33%45.77%USDUnited_StatesEquities
Lyxor S&P 500 Daily (-2x) Inverse - Acc 1.56%44.97%-USDUnited_StatesAlternative
ProShares UltraShort Semiconductors ETF -6.17%44.66%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Semiconductor
ProShares UltraShort RUSSELL2000 - Distributing -3.13%43.28%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
Invesco DWA Energy Momentum ETF 8.24%42.89%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Energy
SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF 7.42%42.57%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Commodities Related
First Trust Nasdaq Oil & Gas ETF 8.48%41.41%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Gas
Invesco S&P SmallCap Energy ETF 6.32%39.73%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Energy
ProShares UltraPro Short MidCap 400 ETF -3.42%39.44%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ETF -6.08%39.17%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Commodities Related
Invesco Dynamic Oil & Gas Services ETF 9.73%38.36%USDUnited_StatesEquities
ProShares UltraShort REAL ESTATE - Distributing -1.34%36.74%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Real Estate
First Trust Energy AlphaDEX Fund -3.83%34.65%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Energy
Direxion Daily 7-10 Year Treasury Bear 3X Shares ETF -3.49%34.00%-USDUnited_StatesBonds
Xtrackers S&P 500 2x Inverse Daily Swap 1C 0.18%32.78%-USDUnited_StatesAlternative
Teucrium Agricultural Fund 7.04%32.55%-USDUnited_StatesCommodities
Horizons BetaPro S&P 500 -2x Daily Bear ETF -1.02%32.11%-CADUnited_StatesEquities
ProShares Short VIX Short-Term Futures ETF - Distributi...-5.41%31.76%-USDUnited_StatesAlternative
ProShares UltraPro Short DOW30 - Distributing -0.21%30.14%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
Lyxor 10Y US Treasury Daily (-2x) Inverse - Acc -1.28%28.14%-USDUnited_StatesAlternative
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