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ETFVar. 5days 1st jan.RatingCurrencyGeographical ZonesCategory and Sector
Franklin FTSE Brazil - Acc -6.52%8.74%-USDBrazilEquities
Franklin FTSE Canada All Cap Index ETF - Distributing 0.00%5.15%CADCanadaEquities
Franklin FTSE Brazil ETF -7.74%2.10%USDBrazilEquities
Franklin FTSE Europe ex U.K. Index ETF - Distributing 0.45%2.07%CADEuropeEquities
Franklin FTSE U.S. Index ETF - Distributing -1.86%1.10%CADUnited_StatesEquities
Franklin FTSE Japan Index ETF - Distributing -2.12%0.08%CADJapanEquities
Franklin Metaverse -7.04%0.00%-USDNCEquities
Franklin MSCI China Paris Aligned Climate -4.86%0.00%-USDNCEquities
Franklin FTSE Taiwan -6.04%0.00%-USDNCNC
Franklin Catholic Principles Emerging Markets Sovereign...-4.21%0.00%-USDNCFixed Income
Franklin Western Asset Core Plus Bond Active ETF -1.60%0.00%-CADNCNC
Franklin FTSE Russia ETF Dist 0.00%0.00%-USDRussiaEquities
Franklin Liberty Core Balanced ETF - Distributing 0.00%0.00%-CADNCNC
Franklin Liberty Risk Managed Canadian Equity ETF - Dis...-5.23%0.00%-CADNCNC
Franklin Bissett Ultra Short Bond Active ETF 0.10%0.00%-CADNCNC
Franklin Responsibly Sourced Gold ETF -2.24%0.00%-USDNCCommodities
Franklin Innovation Active ETF 0.00%0.00%-CADNCNC
Franklin FTSE Saudi Arabia ETF -3.39%-0.03%USDSaudi ArabiaEquities
Franklin Systematic Style Premia ETF 0.77%-0.07%-USDNCNC
Franklin Liberty Euro Short Maturity - Distributing -0.14%-0.44%-EURNCNC
Franklin Ultra Short Bond ETF -0.08%-1.53%-USDNCNC
Franklin FTSE Latin America ETF -7.21%-2.41%USDLatin AmericaEquities
Franklin Short Duration U.S. Government ETF Dist -0.68%-4.68%-USDNCNC
Franklin Liberty Short Duration Bond ETF - Distributing...-0.16%-6.67%-CADNCNC
Franklin ClearBridge Sustainable Global Infrastructure ...-5.67%-7.03%-CADNCNC
Franklin FTSE Japan Hedged ETF -3.60%-7.64%USDJapanEquities
Franklin Brandywine Global Sustainable Income Optimiser...0.69%-10.15%-CADNCNC
Western Asset Short Duration Income ETF -1.58%-10.70%-USDNCNC
Franklin FTSE India - Acc -6.11%-10.80%-USDIndiaEquities
Franklin FTSE India ETF Dist -6.55%-10.91%USDIndiaEquities
Franklin FTSE Mexico ETF -5.95%-11.53%USDMexicoEquities
Franklin LibertyQ European Dividend -3.51%-12.23%EUREuropeEquities
Franklin LibertyQ European Dividend -3.61%-12.46%EUREuropeEquities
Franklin LibertyQT Global Dividend Index ETF - Distribu...-0.50%-12.53%CADWorldEquities
Franklin Liberty Canadian Investment Grade Corporate ET...-0.29%-12.80%-CADNCNC
Franklin Liberty Global Aggregate Bond ETF (CAD-Hedged)...-1.85%-13.34%-CADNCNC
Franklin U.S. Treasury Bond ETF -1.90%-13.47%-USDNCNC
Franklin Liberty Core Plus Bond ETF - Distributing 0.00%-14.04%-CADNCNC
Franklin LibertyQT U.S. Equity Index ETF -2.09%-14.69%CADUnited_StatesEquities
Franklin Dynamic Municipal Bond ETF -1.83%-14.88%-USDNCNC
Franklin U.S. Core Bond ETF Dist -2.41%-17.02%-USDNCNC
Franklin FTSE Europe Hedged ETF -3.22%-17.32%USDEuropeEquities
Franklin Municipal Green Bond ETF -1.90%-17.44%-USDNCNC
Franklin LibertyQ U.S. Equity -3.93%-17.51%-USDNCNC
Franklin LibertyQ U.S. Equity -3.76%-17.54%-USDNCNC
Franklin U.S. Low Volatility ETF Dist -5.06%-18.08%-USDNCNC
Franklin LibertyQ European Equity -2.86%-18.62%EUREuropeEquities
Franklin FTSE Canada ETF -7.77%-18.90%USDCanadaEquities
Franklin Liberty Euro Green Bond - Acc -2.67%-18.91%-EURNCNC
Franklin STOXX Europe 600 Paris Aligned Climate -3.68%-19.09%-EUREuropeEquities
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