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ETF Var. 5days1st jan.RatingCurrencyGeographical ZonesCategory and Sector
ProShares UltraShort BLOOMBERG NATURAL GAS - Distributi...23.88%-92.61%-USDNCCommodities
ProShares UltraShort BLOOMBERG CRUDE OIL - Distributing...22.54%-53.62%-USDNCCommodities
Direxion Daily 20 Year Plus Treasury Bull 3X Shares ETF...21.07%-63.65%-USDUnited_StatesBonds
Breakwave Dry Bulk Shipping ETF 16.86%-69.45%USDNCCommodities
Direxion Daily Dow Jones Internet Bear 3X Shares ETF 16.13%103.55%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - web site
ProShares UltraShort OIL & GAS - Distributing 15.30%46.79%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Gas
Direxion Daily China Bull 3x Shares ETF 14.00%-70.58%-USDChinaEquities
ProShares Ultra 20+ YEAR TREASURY - Distributing 13.71%-46.23%-USDUnited_StatesBonds
Direxion Daily Cloud Computing Bear 2X Shares 13.63%88.17%-USDNCEquities
Direxion Daily Financial Bear 3x Shares ETF 12.81%-1.10%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Financial Services
Noble Absolute Return ETF 12.60%0.00%-USDNCNC
KraneShares CSI China Internet ETF 12.07%-13.76%-USDChinaEquities - web site
KraneShares Hang Seng TECH Index ETF 12.04%-22.51%-USDNCEquities
Direxion Daily S&P 500 High Beta Bear 3X Shares ETF 11.58%-19.49%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
PIMCO 25+ Year Zero Coupon U.S. Treasury Index Exchange...11.57%-33.21%-USDUnited_StatesBonds
Direxion Daily Small Cap Bear 3X Shares ETF 10.37%19.27%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
ProShares UltraPro Short RUSSELL2000 - Distributing 10.23%18.38%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
Direxion Daily Technology Bear 3X Shares ETF 10.15%25.71%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Technology
Global X MSCI China Communication Services ETF 9.49%-28.62%USDChinaEquities - Telecommunications Services
Direxion Daily Real Estate Bear 3X Shares ETF 9.32%60.58%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Real Estate
ProShares UltraShort FINANCIALS - Distributing 9.20%15.54%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Financial Services
ProShares Ultra FTSE China 50 - Distributing 9.13%-48.83%-USDChinaEquities
ProShares UltraPro Short DOW30 - Distributing 8.97%-0.04%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
ProShares UltraPro Short MidCap 400 ETF 8.85%-0.05%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
ProShares UltraPro Short S&P500 - Distributing 8.64%24.18%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
Direxion Daily S&P 500 Bear 3X Shares Acc 8.64%24.42%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
KraneShares European Carbon Allowance Strategy ETF 8.59%7.20%-USDNCNC
VanEck Vectors Egypt Index ETF 8.00%-24.44%USDNCEquities
Invesco China Technology ETF 7.97%-28.71%USDChinaEquities
ProShares UltraShort MIDCAP400 - Distributing 7.60%8.69%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
Global X MSCI China Consumer Discretionary ETF 7.54%-18.61%USDChinaEquities
ProShares UltraShort NASDAQ Biotechnology - Distributin...7.45%-3.68%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Biotechnology
ProShares UltraShort Consumer Services ETF 7.39%49.07%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Consumer Services
ProShares UltraShort QQQ - Distributing 6.99%47.76%-USDUnited_StatesEquities - Technology
ProShares UltraShort SMALLCAP600 - Distributing 6.86%12.48%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
ProShares UltraShort RUSSELL2000 - Distributing 6.84%20.79%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
John Hancock Multifactor Energy ETF 6.43%56.36%USDUnited_StatesEquities - Energy
KraneShares China Innovation ETF 6.15%-27.75%-USDNCNC
ProShares UltraShort DOW30 - Distributing 5.86%4.05%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
Direxion Daily CSI 300 China A Share Bull 2X Shares ETF...5.84%-46.56%-USDChinaEquities
ProShares UltraShort S&P500 - Distributing 5.81%22.69%-USDUnited_StatesEquities
PIMCO 15+ Year U.S. TIPS Index Exchange-Traded Fund 5.80%-29.87%-USDUnited_StatesBonds
ProShares UltraShort MSCI BRAZIL CAPPED - Distributing 5.65%-45.39%-USDBrazilEquities
Matthews China Active ETF 5.63%0.00%-USDNCNC
KraneShares MSCI China Clean Technology Index ETF 5.55%-35.27%USDChinaEquities
ProShares VIX Mid-Term Futures ETF 5.52%-11.39%-USDUnited_StatesAlternative
Franklin FTSE China ETF 5.44%-21.92%USDChinaEquities
KraneShares MSCI China ESG Leaders ETF 5.31%-26.09%-USDChinaEquities
IShares MSCI China ETF 5.23%-21.84%-USDChinaEquities
Vanguard Extended Duration Treasury ETF 5.22%-32.24%USDUnited_StatesBonds
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