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DOPPLER S.A. EUR  0.31 Delayed Quote.99.8398.580.00%0.00%-4
VARVARESSOS S.A. EUROPEAN SPINNI.. EUR  0.44 Delayed Quote.99.8397.920.00%0.00%0,0003
DIONIC S.A. EUR  0.24 Delayed Quote.98.5090.160.00%0.00%0,0002
FLOUR MILLS C SARANTOPOULOS SA EUR  3 Delayed Quote.85.5484.820.00%8.70%0,00014
AUTOHELLAS S.A. EUR  6.88 Delayed Quote.91.1382.7811.69%6.57%0,920370
AKRITAS S.A. EUR  0.72 Delayed Quote.75.8779.8820.00%0.00%0,00010
FLOUR MILLS KEPENOS S.A. EUR  1.69 Delayed Quote.79.8978.940.00%0.00%0,00013
DAIOS PLASTICS S.A. EUR  2.9 Delayed Quote.84.6978.530.00%0.00%0,00048
ELASTRON S.A. EUR  1.57 Delayed Quote.84.5777.11-2.79%12.54%0,04332
ELTRAK S.A. EUR  3.3 Delayed Quote.84.0576.730.00%0.00%0,09051
ALPHA TRST MUTUAL FD& ALTV INV F.. EUR  17.4 Delayed Quote.80.4675.340.00%1.75%0,00114
SATO S.A. EUR  0.085 Delayed Quote.63.4970.716.25%11.11%0,0006
N. VARVERIS - MODA BAGNO S.A. EUR  0.63 Delayed Quote.68.3270.230.00%-8.70%0,01313
NBG PANGAEA REAL ESTATE INVESTME.. EUR  5.5 Delayed Quote.76.1969.370.00%0.00%0,0011 556
PAPERPACK PRNTG BX MNFCTG&PPR PC.. EUR  4.86 Delayed Quote.69.4168.170.00%1.25%0,00721
VIS CONTAINER MANUFACTURING CO. EUR  1 Delayed Quote.75.8967.940.00%0.00%0,0006
PG NIKAS SA EUR  0.43 Delayed Quote.77.5567.720.00%0.00%0,00057
CARS MOTORCYCLS&MRN ENGN TRD&IMP.. EUR  1.35 Delayed Quote.74.1867.66-2.17%6.98%0,02044
PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGIES SA EUR  3.54 Delayed Quote.75.2067.230.00%9.94%0,00415
SELECTED TEXTILE INDUSTRIES ASSO.. EUR  0.232 Delayed Quote.70.2667.020.87%2.68%0,00313
INTRACOM CONSTRUCTIONS SA (INTRA.. EUR  2.15 Delayed Quote.68.3866.801.90%0.00%0,09773
LAVIPHARM S.A. EUR  0.314 Delayed Quote.72.4365.52-4.85%33.06%0,00318
TRASTOR REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT C.. EUR  1.1 Delayed Quote.65.0762.700.92%-0.91%0,016133
IASO SA EUR  1.45 Delayed Quote.66.6962.440.00%0.00%0,012196
ELINOIL HELLENIC PETROLEUM COMPA.. EUR  1.89 Delayed Quote.65.4161.780.00%-1.56%0,00650
CRETA FARM SA EUR  1.085 Delayed Quote.60.2361.560.00%0.00%-38
REDS S.A. EUR  1.21 Delayed Quote.68.4061.382.11%1.72%0,02277
TITAN CEMENT COMPANY EUR  19.64 Delayed Quote.58.2961.320.00%0.00%-1 678
REVOIL PETROLEUM COMPANY SA EUR  0.83 Delayed Quote.64.3060.880.00%-3.49%0,00520
NIREUS AQUACULTURE SA EUR  0.212 Delayed Quote.61.4460.830.47%-2.31%0,01169
CPI S.A. EUR  0.28 Delayed Quote.65.8460.560.00%10.24%0,0003
ALPHA BANK SA EUR  1.66 Delayed Quote.64.0159.430.79%-0.12%82 838
TECHNICAL OLYMPIC SA EUR  2.44 Delayed Quote.61.1959.32-0.81%-5.02%0,145110
BIOTER S.A. EUR  0.06 Delayed Quote.55.2159.000.00%-9.09%0,0031
EUROBANK ERGASIAS SA EUR  0.825 Delayed Quote.63.6758.961.23%0.62%73 385
ENTERSOFT S.A. EUR  6.75 Delayed Quote.57.6958.84-3.57%3.70%0,00533
NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE SA EUR  2.598 Delayed Quote.60.0758.820.62%-3.66%82 630
PIRAEUS BANK SA EUR  3.096 Delayed Quote.61.7258.802.52%-0.98%51 496
INTERWOOD - XYLEMBORIA ATENE EUR  0.131 Delayed Quote.66.3758.730.00%29.70%0,0005
ELVALHALCOR HELLENIC COPR &AL IN.. EUR  1.85 Delayed Quote.62.3457.03-2.12%1.72%0,153769
HELLENIC TELECOMMUNICATIONS ORGA.. EUR  12.36 Delayed Quote.61.0156.920.49%-1.13%106 475
VOGIATZOGLOU SYSTEMS SA EUR  2.36 Delayed Quote.60.1756.760.00%0.00%0,00117
FRIGOGLASS S.A. EUR  0.2 Delayed Quote.58.3256.75-0.99%1.00%0,07679
LIVANIS PUBLICATIONS SA EUR  0.0815 Delayed Quote.51.8556.3819.85%0.00%0,0000,698
PASAL REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT SA EUR  0.199 Delayed Quote.52.5356.30-13.48%-14.81%0,0023
JUMBO SA EUR  17.41 Delayed Quote.59.7856.291.69%1.78%32 623
HOUSE OF AGRICULTURE SPIROU S.A. EUR  0.288 Delayed Quote.59.4556.074.35%7.81%0,0019
VARANGIS AVEPE S.A. EUR  0.0665 Delayed Quote.54.5855.960.00%15.65%0,0000,349
ELGEKA TRADE DISTRIBUTIONS REP. .. EUR  0.338 Delayed Quote.52.3955.883.68%-12.37%0,01212
A.S. COMPANY S.A. EUR  3.05 Delayed Quote.58.5955.69-1.61%-0.32%0,03244
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