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MEDITERRA S.A. EUR  0.9 Delayed Quote.100.0099.940.00%0.00%0,001-
NBG PANGAEA REAL ESTATE INVESTME.. EUR  5.25 Delayed Quote.99.9899.800.00%0.00%33-
FLOUR MILLS C SARANTOPOULOS SA EUR  0.865 Delayed Quote.99.7998.560.00%20.14%0,000-
MINERVA KNITWEAR S.A. EUR  0.234 Delayed Quote.97.9992.949.35%21.24%0,000-
BYTE COMPUTER S.A. EUR  1.17 Delayed Quote.89.2088.05-1.68%0.00%0,009-
ATTICA BANK SA EUR  0.436 Delayed Quote.90.3886.7414.59%42.95%0,219156
PASAL REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT SA EUR  0.13 Delayed Quote.93.6086.550.00%18.18%0,000-
STELIOS KANAKIS S.A. EUR  4.4 Delayed Quote.93.9182.770.00%0.92%0,003-
NEWSPHONE HELLAS S.A. EUR  0.47 Delayed Quote.87.2981.030.00%8.29%0,001-
ALPHA TRUST-ANDROMEDA INVESTMENT.. EUR  24.6 Delayed Quote.89.5280.340.00%4.24%0,000-
ALUMIL ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY SA EUR  0.844 Delayed Quote.79.5279.77-0.47%5.50%0,020-
BITROS HOLDINGS S.A. EUR  0.125 Delayed Quote.82.4979.380.00%12.61%0,000-
LAMDA DEVELOPMENT EUR  8.1 Delayed Quote.82.6279.010.50%8.87%0,898677
KTIMA KOSTAS LAZARIDIS S.A. EUR  1.42 Delayed Quote.82.0377.871.43%8.40%0,007-
KEKROPS S.A. EUR  2.78 Delayed Quote.79.9677.68-0.71%33.01%0,025-
EVROFARMA S.A. EUR  0.972 Delayed Quote.82.9076.46-0.61%18.54%0,003-
ELVALHALCOR HELLENIC COPR &AL IN.. EUR  1.83 Delayed Quote.83.8376.21-1.08%5.78%0,129722
ILYDA S.A. EUR  0.406 Delayed Quote.80.8776.123.57%45.00%0,001-
INFORM P. LYKOS SA EUR  0.908 Delayed Quote.83.8675.59-3.40%0.67%0,004-
VIOHALCO EUR  3.95 Delayed Quote.81.9575.112.33%17.73%0,593-
PIRAEUS BANK SA EUR  3.178 Delayed Quote.77.0974.97-0.06%20.84%141 466
NIREUS AQUACULTURE SA EUR  0.208 Delayed Quote.82.8474.551.46%18.52%0,00958
VIS CONTAINER MANUFACTURING CO. EUR  1.04 Delayed Quote.81.9274.420.00%30.00%0,000-
FRIGOGLASS S.A. EUR  0.135 Delayed Quote.82.1474.171.50%39.18%0,00541
EKTER S.A. EUR  1.615 Delayed Quote.81.6373.812.22%12.15%0,032-
ADMIE (IPTO) HOLDINGS EUR  2.01 Delayed Quote.77.1273.78-1.47%6.12%0,921488
FLOUR MILLS KEPENOS S.A. EUR  1.51 Delayed Quote.86.0273.760.00%9.42%0,001-
LANAKAM S.A. EUR  0.74 Delayed Quote.71.9873.049.63%29.82%0,000-
ATHENS WATER SUPPLY & SEWAGE COM.. EUR  6.95 Delayed Quote.76.2572.980.29%7.09%0,431799
REVOIL PETROLEUM COMPANY SA EUR  0.915 Delayed Quote.78.5772.118.93%31.65%0,00518
EL. D. MOUZAKIS S.A. EUR  0.54 Delayed Quote.75.5971.560.93%33.00%0,012-
EUROCONSULTANTS S.A. EUR  0.181 Delayed Quote.80.6471.280.00%13.13%0,000-
SELECTED TEXTILE INDUSTRIES ASSO.. EUR  0.202 Delayed Quote.73.6170.472.54%9.78%0,001-
I.KLOUKINAS - I.LAPPAS S.A. (K.L.. EUR  0.94 Delayed Quote.72.4470.120.21%4.44%0,005-
REDS S.A. EUR  1.11 Delayed Quote.76.7869.992.78%19.10%0,010-
INTERWOOD - XYLEMBORIA ATENE EUR  0.111 Delayed Quote.84.1069.879.90%32.14%0,000-
GREEK ORGANISATION OF FOOTBALL P.. EUR  9.84 Delayed Quote.73.4869.51-1.16%3.36%83 423
ELLINIKI TECHNODOMIKI ANEMOS SA EUR  2.35 Delayed Quote.73.9869.28-2.08%1.73%0,064219
ELASTRON S.A. EUR  1.43 Delayed Quote.75.3169.270.70%6.72%0,012-
ENTERSOFT S.A. EUR  6.15 Delayed Quote.68.2069.050.00%0.00%0,002-
NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE SA EUR  2.48 Delayed Quote.70.9868.831.27%7.83%302 470
PAPOUTSANIS INDL & COMML CONSMR .. EUR  1.635 Delayed Quote.68.8667.460.62%0.62%0,020-
IDEAL GROUP S.A. EUR  0.92 Delayed Quote.73.0567.230.00%8.88%0,000-
PUBLIC POWER CORPORATION EUR  2.13 Delayed Quote.67.3366.74-0.28%9.12%2581
ELINOIL HELLENIC PETROLEUM COMPA.. EUR  1.88 Delayed Quote.73.0566.711.62%10.59%0,002-
CARS MOTORCYCLS&MRN ENGN TRD&IMP.. EUR  1.28 Delayed Quote.64.0666.683.23%4.07%0,118-
AEGEK S.A. EUR  0.0505 Delayed Quote.75.0665.829.78%26.25%0,000-
BIOKARPET S.A. EUR  0.74 Delayed Quote.64.7265.79-1.33%5.71%0,002-
ALPHA BANK SA EUR  1.67 Delayed Quote.66.5065.60-0.89%4.70%202 988
FOURLIS HOLDINGS EUR  5.2 Delayed Quote.72.0465.26-3.17%2.56%0,397296
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