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DOPPLER S.A. EUR  0.256 Delayed Quote.100.0099.580.00%0.00%0,000-
ALPHA TRST MUTUAL FD& ALTV INV F.. EUR  17.1 Delayed Quote.99.8898.490.00%0.00%0,000-
ALPHA TRUST-ANDROMEDA INVESTMENT.. EUR  22.2 Delayed Quote.99.5197.330.00%0.00%0,000-
DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS S.A. EUR  1.4 Delayed Quote.97.9394.280.00%0.00%0,007-
REVOIL PETROLEUM COMPANY SA EUR  0.5 Delayed Quote.93.3786.78-9.09%17.92%0,00212
AUDIOVISUAL ENTERPRISES S.A. EUR  0.222 Delayed Quote.76.2180.31-2.63%-6.72%0,00326
ALUMIL ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY SA EUR  0.3 Delayed Quote.85.2680.22-2.28%19.52%0,005-
I.KLOUKINAS - I.LAPPAS S.A. (K.L.. EUR  0.68 Delayed Quote.86.3179.934.29%9.68%0,008-
LOULIS MILLS S.A. EUR  2.28 Delayed Quote.84.4179.65-2.56%3.64%0,010-
KRITON ARTOS S.A. EUR  0.67 Delayed Quote.85.7778.160.00%0.00%0,000-
DIAGNOSTIC & THRPTC CNTR OF ATHN.. EUR  0.95 Delayed Quote.82.9275.570.00%0.00%0,232330
NBG PANGAEA REAL ESTATE INVESTME.. EUR  4.86 Delayed Quote.83.4875.470.00%0.00%0,000-
NAFPAKTOS TEXTILE INDUSTRY SA EUR  0.56 Delayed Quote.80.5275.180.00%2.75%0,001-
ELGEKA TRADE DISTRIBUTIONS REP. .. EUR  0.154 Delayed Quote.78.9874.060.00%0.00%0,000-
DROMEAS SA EUR  0.242 Delayed Quote.76.4173.262.54%5.22%0,002-
PROFILE SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE SA EUR  1.44 Delayed Quote.77.6072.992.49%8.27%0,018-
PETROS PETROPOULOS S.A. EUR  6.84 Delayed Quote.71.8772.540.00%0.29%0,018-
PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGIES SA EUR  2.24 Delayed Quote.85.5770.330.00%0.00%--
LANAKAM S.A. EUR  0.384 Delayed Quote.74.0869.900.00%17.79%0,000-
INTERCONTNTL INTL REAL ESTATE IN.. EUR  5.7 Delayed Quote.69.5167.750.00%0.00%0,003-
IASO SA EUR  1.28 Delayed Quote.66.6366.770.00%7.11%0,156178
PROODEFTIKI TECHNICAL COMPANY EUR  0.14 Delayed Quote.75.9365.640.00%0.00%0,000-
ELTON SA EUR  1.31 Delayed Quote.68.9064.250.00%3.56%0,006-
ATTICA HOLDINGS S.A. EUR  1.25 Delayed Quote.67.7864.05-1.57%1.63%0,011-
PAPERPACK PRNTG BX MNFCTG&PPR PC.. EUR  3.48 Delayed Quote.66.2563.45-0.57%-0.57%0,003-
TECHNICAL OLYMPIC SA EUR  1.76 Delayed Quote.61.4163.113.53%-1.12%0,028-
EUROPEAN RELIANCE GEN. INS. CO. .. EUR  3.56 Delayed Quote.66.2462.490.00%2.59%0,011-
FLOUR MILLS KEPENOS S.A. EUR  1.32 Delayed Quote.66.9062.350.00%0.00%0,000-
TRIA ALFA S.A. EUR  2.8 Delayed Quote.59.3261.790.00%0.00%0,000-
IKTINOS HELLAS S.A. MARBLE INDUS.. EUR  5.12 Delayed Quote.69.1661.452.40%8.94%0,019-
JUMBO SA EUR  14.1 Delayed Quote.67.0661.402.47%3.52%32 179
INTRACOM CONSTRUCTIONS SA (INTRA.. EUR  1.14 Delayed Quote.64.3761.32-0.44%-3.39%0,597-
SELECTED TEXTILE INDUSTRIES ASSO.. EUR  0.158 Delayed Quote.58.9660.940.00%0.00%0,000-
DIONIC S.A. EUR  0.67 Delayed Quote.69.9360.200.00%0.00%0,000-
CENTRIC HOLDINGS SA EUR  0.1405 Delayed Quote.58.5959.75-3.77%-5.39%0,007-
HELLENIC TELECOMMUNICATIONS ORGA.. EUR  10.7 Delayed Quote.61.6558.77-0.83%-0.93%55 958
CRETA FARM SA EUR  0.8 Delayed Quote.56.4058.7413.31%19.76%0,039-
MERMEREN KOMBINAT AD PRILEP EUR  53.8 Delayed Quote.63.2758.420.00%0.75%0,004-
CARS MOTORCYCLS&MRN ENGN TRD&IMP.. EUR  0.9 Delayed Quote.61.9958.414.05%5.26%0,007-
ELTRAK S.A. EUR  2.24 Delayed Quote.58.3758.29-2.61%-5.88%0,000-
MEDICON HELLAS S.A. EUR  1.27 Delayed Quote.57.8858.000.00%0.79%0,001-
SFAKIANAKIS SA EUR  0.348 Delayed Quote.72.9157.860.00%5.45%0,000-
PHILIPPOS NAKAS S.A. EUR  1.5 Delayed Quote.65.6757.57-3.23%5.63%0,000-
INFORM P. LYKOS SA EUR  0.818 Delayed Quote.57.1956.89-0.24%6.23%0,001-
TITAN CEMENT COMPANY EUR  20.35 Delayed Quote.56.1156.580.74%-0.25%21 782
THRACE PLASTICS HOLDG&COMSOCIETE.. EUR  1.96 Delayed Quote.62.1056.231.29%2.89%0,03397
PG NIKAS SA EUR  0.35 Delayed Quote.53.7855.930.00%0.00%--
EPSILON NET SA EUR  1.22 Delayed Quote.56.1955.80-0.01%-2.40%0,002-
KARATZIS SA EUR  6.25 Delayed Quote.56.9455.56-0.79%1.63%0,004104
THESSALONIKI WATER AND SEWAGE CO.. EUR  4.2 Delayed Quote.57.9055.29-2.33%0.48%0,020173
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