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US SOLAR FUND PLC GBP  0.81 Delayed Quote.99.0999.360.00%0.00%0,022-
CIRCLE PROPERTY PLC GBp  204 Delayed Quote.99.9198.860.00%0.00%0,01974
LIFE SETTLEMENT ASSETS PLC USD  3.8 Delayed Quote.99.7198.800.00%0.00%--
TRANSCONTAINER PAO - GDR USD  9.65 Delayed Quote.96.5297.630.00%0.00%--
AUGMENTUM FINTECH PLC GBp  113 Delayed Quote.99.1797.520.00%2.73%0,139-
HONYE FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD GBp  22.5 Delayed Quote.98.7097.310.00%0.00%--
DODS GROUP PLC GBp  9 Delayed Quote.99.4196.992.86%20.00%0,00332
VENN LIFE SCIENCES HOLDINGS GBp  6.2 Delayed Quote.98.8096.5413.76%0.00%-2
REAL GOOD FOOD PLC GBp  7.75 Delayed Quote.99.0696.426.90%25.51%0,0157
WYG PLC GBp  54.25 Delayed Quote.97.4496.050.00%0.00%0,15050
LIMITLESS EARTH PLC GBp  8.75 Delayed Quote.98.8896.050.00%2.94%0,004-
MILLENNIUM & COPTHORNE HOTELS PL.. GBp  680 Delayed Quote.98.3695.810.00%0.74%0,4822 008
MENHADEN PLC GBp  83 Delayed Quote.97.3694.070.00%0.00%0,032-
ATTRAQT GROUP PLC GBp  35 Delayed Quote.94.8492.150.00%0.00%0,10180
PENNPETRO ENERGY PLC GBp  81.5 Delayed Quote.96.6192.150.00%0.00%--
SCHIEHALLION FUND LTD USD  1.175 Delayed Quote.86.9292.080.00%0.00%0,001-
MANX FINANCIAL GROUP PLC GBp  9.85 Delayed Quote.97.7291.960.00%0.00%0,002-
COHORT PLC GBp  440 Delayed Quote.95.2891.58-0.79%2.56%0,205215
ABERDEEN SMALLER COMS HIGH INCM .. GBp  288.5 Delayed Quote.89.5391.400.17%0.52%0,05680
HIGHCROFT INVESTMENTS PLC GBp  940 Delayed Quote.97.5391.050.00%6.21%0,010-
WATCHES OF SWITZERLAND GROUP LTD GBP  2.975 Delayed Quote.87.8290.520.00%-1.82%12-
KINGS ARMS YARD VCT PLC GBp  21.9 Delayed Quote.97.2190.030.00%4.29%0,006-
STRIDE GAMING PLC GBp  148 Delayed Quote.93.6889.650.00%0.00%0,219141
OAKLEY CAPITAL INVESTMENTS LIMIT.. GBp  220 Delayed Quote.93.4489.490.00%2.99%1563
INVESCO ENHANCED INCOME LTD GBp  74.8 Delayed Quote.93.8889.310.13%0.67%0,168-
BRIGHTON PIER GROUP PLC GBp  66.5 Delayed Quote.90.4388.420.00%0.76%0,00030
NWF GROUP PLC GBp  177.5 Delayed Quote.93.7188.39-1.11%5.65%0,049104
JPMORGAN BRAZIL INVESTMENT TRUST.. GBp  68.25 Delayed Quote.95.4288.140.00%3.02%0,031-
ONE MEDIA IP GROUP PLC GBp  6 Delayed Quote.96.4088.090.00%9.09%0,0039
EAGLE EYE SOLUTIONS GROUP PLC GBp  187.5 Delayed Quote.91.9087.87-3.35%17.92%0,02351
MURGITROYD GROUP PLC GBp  665 Delayed Quote.91.1287.620.00%2.31%0,02266
WORLDSEC LIMITED GBp  3.5 Delayed Quote.96.2787.480.00%0.00%0,000-
AUCTUS GROWTH PLC GBp  32 Delayed Quote.95.5287.050.00%0.00%--
EMPRESARIA GROUP PLC GBp  75 Delayed Quote.94.3886.920.00%0.00%0,17647
FINDEL PLC GBp  248 Delayed Quote.90.7386.420.00%6.90%0,307207
SURFACE TRANSFORMS PLC GBp  15.75 Delayed Quote.94.7085.90-1.56%28.57%0,00521
HAYNES PUBLISHING GROUP PLC GBp  226 Delayed Quote.90.4885.55-0.44%3.67%0,00315
STARCREST EDUCATION THE BELT & R.. GBp  30.5 Delayed Quote.92.5085.290.00%0.00%0,001-
KCOM GROUP PLC GBp  109.8 Delayed Quote.86.7785.16-0.18%-0.18%4720
ROTALA PLC GBp  60 Delayed Quote.85.7084.620.00%0.00%0,00436
EU SUPPLY PLC GBp  18.05 Delayed Quote.86.3684.420.00%1.40%0,08516
DOTDIGITAL GROUP PLC GBp  111.52 Delayed Quote.89.6983.581.84%12.00%0,359379
TARSUS GROUP PLC GBp  431 Delayed Quote.84.9183.44-0.46%0.00%2673
SWALLOWFIELD PLC GBp  192.5 Delayed Quote.95.7383.200.00%1.32%0,10441
LUCECO PLC GBp  130 Delayed Quote.83.5283.080.15%0.78%1244
600 GROUP PLC GBp  17.85 Delayed Quote.81.5382.890.00%0.56%0,02824
IQ-AI LTD GBp  2.45 Delayed Quote.89.3082.7218.07%104.17%0,0172
TRACKWISE DESIGNS PLC GBp  140 Delayed Quote.88.4582.70-0.71%8.53%0,01324
FRENKEL TOPPING GROUP PLC GBp  38.5 Delayed Quote.80.7982.690.00%0.00%0,01037
GOLDEN PROSPECT PRECIOUS METALS .. GBp  21.6 Delayed Quote.90.3782.072.86%4.35%0,015-
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