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INTER-GAMMA INVESTMENT LTD. ILa  7460 Delayed Quote.97.0193.672.12%7.51%0,025-
GLOBAL KNAFAIM LEASING LTD ILa  190 Delayed Quote.94.5688.13-0.42%3.25%0,005-
SPRING VENTURES LTD ILa  681.7 Delayed Quote.90.2987.270.00%0.21%0,004-
TALDOR COMPUTER SYSTEMS 1986 LTD ILa  1577 Delayed Quote.84.4579.02-1.99%3.21%0,041-
VITANIA LTD ILa  1670 Delayed Quote.82.8276.280.00%1.27%0,074-
CHAM FOODS ISRAEL LTD ILa  186.6 Delayed Quote.77.1676.142.64%0.00%0,001-
APOSENSE LTD ILa  139.1 Delayed Quote.73.7475.99-1.90%0.64%0,070-
LEADER HOLDINGS AND INVESTMENTS .. ILa  39 Delayed Quote.79.3075.77-2.50%3.09%0,008-
JERUSALEM ECONOMY LTD ILa  1312 Delayed Quote.77.6675.650.00%3.31%21 026
SHIKUN & BINUI LTD ILa  1066 Delayed Quote.79.0874.52-2.65%4.29%21 119
DORSEL (B.A.Z.) LTD. ILa  1128 Delayed Quote.81.0672.77-0.09%0.89%0,008-
UNITRONICS (1989) (RG) LTD ILa  1340 Delayed Quote.83.4772.58-0.22%-0.52%0,026-
INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS CORPORATION.. ILa  683 Delayed Quote.74.9572.380.38%3.88%0,264799
AMOT INVESTMENTS LTD ILa  2266 Delayed Quote.74.9070.960.67%1.63%2-
SYNEL MLL PAYWAY LTD ILa  3605 Delayed Quote.75.1270.36-0.06%1.92%0,006-
STRAUSS GROUP LTD. ILa  9820 Delayed Quote.73.7270.15-0.10%0.87%33 031
SANO BRUNO'S ENTERPRISES LTD. ILa  19210 Delayed Quote.71.4168.810.00%1.05%0,033-
UTRON LTD ILa  1700 Delayed Quote.70.9968.62-0.53%2.40%0,015-
SATCOM SYSTEMS LTD ILa  83.1 Delayed Quote.80.4768.260.00%0.73%0,003-
KNAFAIM HOLDINGS LTD ILa  1353 Delayed Quote.75.1567.53-2.45%1.24%0,006-
GAN SHMUEL FOODS LTD. ILa  4048 Delayed Quote.70.5767.411.38%2.81%0,021-
SOLEGREEN LTD ILa  1143 Delayed Quote.68.0067.092.42%-2.28%0,011-
POLYGON REAL ESTATE LTD ILa  2444 Delayed Quote.67.9966.820.21%-0.25%0,016-
MEDITERRANEAN TOWERS LTD ILa  728.9 Delayed Quote.64.8666.610.76%-1.16%0,746-
TADIRAN HOLDINGS LTD ILa  11080 Delayed Quote.69.1065.890.45%1.01%0,274242
ENLIGHT RENEWABLE ENERGY LTD ILa  262.6 Delayed Quote.66.4765.570.23%2.91%1-
BRILL SHOE INDUSTRIES LTD. ILa  673 Delayed Quote.73.7565.01-1.75%2.81%0,000-
MEGA OR HOLDINGS LTD ILa  5481 Delayed Quote.64.0164.882.20%3.27%0,567-
XENIA VENTURE CAPITAL ORD SHS ILa  133.2 Delayed Quote.71.9964.66-1.99%2.10%0,002-
MESHULAM LEVINSTEIN CONTRACTING .. ILa  14700 Delayed Quote.70.5364.570.14%1.52%0,019-
NAPHTHA ISRAEL PETROLEUM CORPORA.. ILa  2388 Delayed Quote.70.5064.19-0.91%2.38%0,431-
CAPITAL POINT LTD ILa  50.3 Delayed Quote.62.3563.800.40%-9.07%0,005-
AZRIELI GROUP LTD ILa  22110 Delayed Quote.66.7563.30-0.67%-0.54%67 377
EL-MOR ELECTRIC INSTLTN&SRVC 198.. ILa  697 Delayed Quote.66.9763.040.24%3.85%0,012-
ELBIT SYSTEMS LTD ILa  55910 Delayed Quote.64.3562.931.43%5.29%66 208
SHAPIR ENGINEERING AND INDUSTRY .. ILa  1357 Delayed Quote.67.0662.830.30%1.65%0,915-
PRASHKOVSKY INVT AND CONSTR LTD ILa  3729 Delayed Quote.65.2162.500.08%-0.24%0,033-
MENORA MIVTACHIM HOLDINGS LTD ILa  5181 Delayed Quote.60.8062.16-0.56%-3.46%0,556918
IES HOLDINGS LTD ILa  19240 Delayed Quote.65.7660.930.37%2.24%0,083-
GINEGAR PLASTIC PRODUCTS LTD. ILa  1750 Delayed Quote.63.4060.510.00%1.21%0,031-
ILEX MEDICAL LTD ILa  6602 Delayed Quote.63.4160.46-0.74%2.56%0,044-
AVERBUCH FORMICA CENTER LTD. ILa  2280 Delayed Quote.61.7460.372.24%5.19%0,001-
ISRAS INVESTMENTS COMPANY LTD. ILa  52130 Delayed Quote.62.1660.26-1.27%2.54%0,295-
ENERGIX RENEWABLE ENERGIES LTD ILa  679.7 Delayed Quote.59.4960.210.85%-0.43%1-
EL AL ISRAEL AIRLINES LTD. ILa  92.6 Delayed Quote.64.0260.15-1.49%-3.98%0,250159
SELLA CAPTIAL REAL ESTATE LTD ILa  738.3 Delayed Quote.58.7659.940.86%2.18%0,666-
ROTSHTEIN REALESTATE LTD ILa  1555 Delayed Quote.57.3459.80-1.52%0.70%0,009-
ELECTRA REAL ESTATE LTD. ILa  1279 Delayed Quote.58.0259.59-0.31%3.30%0,071-
ONE SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES LTD ILa  19080 Delayed Quote.55.4459.480.26%-0.37%0,441-
WILLY-FOOD INVESTMENTS LTD ILa  2410 Delayed Quote.60.5159.47-0.37%5.82%0,02067
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