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G1 SECURE SOLUTIONS LTD ILa  650 Delayed Quote.94.8295.880.14%2.62%0,008-
MAABAROT PRODUCTS LTD. ILa  4834 Delayed Quote.90.2785.441.15%6.67%0,216-
SOMOTO LTD ILa  248.7 Delayed Quote.91.0183.450.04%10.84%0,129-
KITOV PHARMA LTD ILa  579 Delayed Quote.88.5182.42-27.63%51.23%0,449-
INSULINE MEDICAL LTD ILa  2687 Delayed Quote.89.7982.33-6.73%43.39%0,063-
TELSYS LTD. ILa  4600 Delayed Quote.90.6181.50-0.95%5.89%0,022-
TEUZA A FAIRCHILD TECHNOLOGY VEN.. ILa  52.1 Delayed Quote.89.6880.87-1.14%8.54%0,004-
BRAND INDUSTRIES LTD. ILa  650 Delayed Quote.87.2880.170.37%4.37%0,015-
E SCHNAPP AND CO WORKS LTD ILa  1944 Delayed Quote.85.4978.28-0.46%3.24%0,069-
EXPORT INVESTMENT COMPANY LTD. ILa  1958 Delayed Quote.85.4077.831.93%10.50%0,008-
ARYT INDUSTRIES LTD ILa  182.4 Delayed Quote.85.9377.114.29%11.25%0,064-
GLOBAL KNAFAIM LEASING LTD ILa  172.3 Delayed Quote.85.4377.021.00%2.93%0,015-
HIRON TRADE INVESTMENTS & IND BL.. ILa  156400 Delayed Quote.86.2476.950.19%3.79%0,006-
VILLAR INTERNATIONAL LTD ILa  9799 Delayed Quote.85.7176.321.07%3.94%0,015-
BARAN GROUP LTD. ILa  899 Delayed Quote.79.1075.624.16%7.23%0,112-
AMANET MANAGEMENT & SYSTEMS LTD. ILa  2112 Delayed Quote.83.3375.260.00%5.60%0,006-
MEDICAL COMPRESSION SYSTEM (D.B... ILa  2530 Delayed Quote.79.6574.743.27%5.59%0,036-
BANK OF JERUSALEM LTD ILa  694 Delayed Quote.83.4874.681.77%8.10%0,007-
MIN HAGOREN DEVELOPMENT LTD ILa  1890 Delayed Quote.78.8373.930.00%6.66%0,001-
IBI INVESTMENT HOUSE LTD ILa  3430 Delayed Quote.83.0373.600.00%3.50%0,008-
HOLMES PLACE INTERNATIONAL LTD ILa  386.7 Delayed Quote.84.4373.340.08%4.71%0,009-
AUDIOCODES LTD. (ISRAEL) ILa  4765 Delayed Quote.78.9072.960.13%10.10%0,528360
RAPAC COMMUNICATION & INFRASTRUC.. ILa  1014 Delayed Quote.82.9171.61-1.65%0.60%0,029-
ZVI SARFATI & SONS INV & CNSTN 1.. ILa  971.8 Delayed Quote.83.0271.030.69%4.45%0,025-
AFRICA ISRAEL RESIDENCES LTD. ILa  6109 Delayed Quote.80.1770.861.77%10.89%0,020-
NEXTCOM LTD. ILa  623.2 Delayed Quote.81.6070.780.73%5.14%0,008-
QUALITAU LTD. ILa  1800 Delayed Quote.81.5170.672.27%6.07%0,010-
AZORIM INVESTMENT DEV. & CONSTR... ILa  354.1 Delayed Quote.77.0969.810.97%8.29%0,159-
SHEMEN INDUSTRIES LTD. ILa  560.2 Delayed Quote.79.2469.510.54%2.73%0,001-
ZMH HAMMERMAN LTD ILa  1003 Delayed Quote.80.1869.401.68%7.15%0,016-
R.S.L. ELECTRONICS LTD. ILa  161 Delayed Quote.72.3769.30-1.41%2.13%0,003-
GAN SHMUEL FOODS LTD. ILa  3812 Delayed Quote.75.6568.910.32%0.82%0,062-
SANO BRUNO'S ENTERPRISES LTD. ILa  18000 Delayed Quote.78.2768.84-0.55%0.78%0,028-
TEDEA DEVELOPMENT AND AUTOMATION.. ILa  1479 Delayed Quote.77.0268.750.68%3.67%0,006-
MEGUREIT ISRAEL LTD ILa  88.1 Delayed Quote.79.3468.48-2.00%2.46%0,028-
PRASHKOVSKY INVT AND CONSTR LTD ILa  2990 Delayed Quote.78.5668.001.77%6.25%0,020-
TALDOR COMPUTER SYSTEMS 1986 LTD ILa  1560 Delayed Quote.75.6867.960.78%8.39%0,024-
TAYA INVESTMENT COMPANY LTD ILa  6297 Delayed Quote.76.0067.960.00%0.21%0,007-
KARDAN REAL ESTATE ENTPRS & DVLP.. ILa  175.9 Delayed Quote.73.6567.58-0.23%5.76%0,022-
RAVAL ICS LTD ILa  649.4 Delayed Quote.74.0367.51-0.29%1.16%0,063137
LUDAN ENGINEERING CO. LTD. ILa  424.5 Delayed Quote.80.1865.970.00%6.87%0,018-
ADIKA STYLE LTD ILa  829.9 Delayed Quote.71.8465.881.23%2.70%0,020-
AVGOL INDUSTRIES LTD. ILa  409.7 Delayed Quote.69.9965.310.27%3.69%0,116-
IMCO INDUSTRIES LTD. ILa  1024 Delayed Quote.75.9365.172.40%6.63%0,001-
ARAD INVESTMENT & INDUSTRIAL DEV.. ILa  18720 Delayed Quote.71.8564.591.19%0.49%0,010-
ASPEN GROUP LTD ILa  645.3 Delayed Quote.74.7364.582.56%4.76%0,055-
BIOLIGHT LIFE SCIENCES LTD ILa  1418 Delayed Quote.71.0764.48-3.67%1.38%0,00418
SHANIV PAPER INDUSTRIES LTD. ILa  335.7 Delayed Quote.66.2464.403.80%1.84%0,008-
MAMAN-CARGO TERMINALS & HANDLING.. ILa  679.8 Delayed Quote.76.3364.220.13%4.11%0,006-
EL-MOR ELECTRIC INSTLTN&SRVC 198.. ILa  579 Delayed Quote.73.3564.162.15%3.52%0,008-
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