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ARENA STAR GROUP LTD ILa  3.3 Delayed Quote.90.1986.043.13%6.67%0,01213
QUALITAU LTD. ILa  2052 Delayed Quote.89.1583.13-2.79%8.85%0,04725
BONEI HATIHON LTD. ILa  350 Delayed Quote.85.3680.600.00%1.74%0,00315
HANAN MOR GROUP HOLDINGS LTD ILa  2677 Delayed Quote.80.9079.330.71%2.12%0,12096
FMS ENTERPRISES MIGUN LTD. ILa  13370 Delayed Quote.79.9078.28-1.04%5.06%0,490352
TELSYS LTD. ILa  7616 Delayed Quote.81.0478.062.39%9.74%0,185134
LAPIDOTH CAPITAL LTD ILa  1860 Delayed Quote.80.5877.721.64%32.00%0,037213
SUNFLOWER SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENT.. ILa  618 Delayed Quote.85.0476.170.32%9.86%0,02258
MISHORIM REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS.. ILa  893.5 Delayed Quote.81.5775.613.16%14.52%0,05474
TALDOR COMPUTER SYSTEMS 1986 LTD ILa  1895 Delayed Quote.78.1475.570.32%3.27%0,02259
FRESHMARKET LTD ILa  779.6 Delayed Quote.84.3575.190.23%5.69%0,093253
ELCO LTD ILa  9865 Delayed Quote.75.1574.690.53%1.92%1762
DOR ALON ENERGY IN ISRAEL 1988 L.. ILa  7016 Delayed Quote.75.7674.631.34%0.99%0,207311
IMCO INDUSTRIES LTD. ILa  1072 Delayed Quote.74.8272.990.56%7.73%0,00715
ELDAV INVESTMENTS LTD ILa  194.9 Delayed Quote.80.9772.933.62%13.05%0,04719
ZVI SARFATI & SONS INV & CNSTN 1.. ILa  1689 Delayed Quote.75.4772.892.30%6.08%0,01681
CARASSO MOTORS LTD ILa  1891 Delayed Quote.76.7972.211.83%9.76%0,184409
AZORIM INVESTMENT DEV. & CONSTR... ILa  657 Delayed Quote.74.2671.440.26%10.05%0,367391
ROTSHTEIN REALESTATE LTD ILa  2099 Delayed Quote.71.5770.764.27%7.05%0,00876
ELECTRA LTD ILa  114800 Delayed Quote.71.8770.56-0.95%0.96%11 187
LEVINSKI OFER LTD ILa  52.5 Delayed Quote.78.7270.520.00%9.38%0,01029
ZUR SHAMIR HOLDINGS LTD ILa  1184 Delayed Quote.75.4770.370.00%7.93%0,323218
RAPAC COMMUNICATION & INFRASTRUC.. ILa  1516 Delayed Quote.73.7869.744.12%3.10%0,04758
RAMI LEVI CHAIN STORES LTD ILa  19200 Delayed Quote.76.1969.73-0.26%1.96%1751
ALTSHULER SHAHM PRVDNT FNDS AND .. ILa  867.5 Delayed Quote.63.7368.830.54%-1.39%0,602468
STG INTERNATIONAL LTD. ILa  1419 Delayed Quote.63.9568.570.00%0.00%0,01017
SELLA CAPTIAL REAL ESTATE LTD ILa  890.2 Delayed Quote.69.7568.17-0.20%1.56%1485
SUMMIT REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS LTD ILa  3820 Delayed Quote.74.8168.150.53%6.11%0,609669
GOLF & CO GROUP LTD ILa  248.9 Delayed Quote.74.4167.630.32%3.08%0,07138
LAHAV LR REAL ESTATE LTD ILa  193.4 Delayed Quote.76.3867.591.31%5.47%0,00332
PLASSON INDUSTRIES LTD. ILa  14640 Delayed Quote.76.9367.41-0.75%7.13%0,188399
ELBIT IMAGING LTD ILa  185 Delayed Quote.70.6266.70-1.44%0.16%0,0075
TADIR-GAN (PRECISION PRODUCTS) 1.. ILa  15.2 Delayed Quote.74.0166.51-0.65%6.25%0,00218
PENINSULA GROUP LTD ILS  319.9 Delayed Quote.66.8665.980.60%-0.05%10-
ADGAR INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT.. ILa  718.7 Delayed Quote.65.5764.95-0.39%0.97%0,266270
KMN CAPITAL LTD ILa  395 Delayed Quote.78.2864.8523.51%9.37%0,001-
TEVA PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES L.. ILa  2832 Delayed Quote.73.0964.20-2.11%22.07%328 670
AUTOMATIC BANK SERVICES LTD ILa  767.9 Delayed Quote.58.3264.180.63%-1.43%0,13486
ISRAS INVESTMENTS COMPANY LTD. ILa  65220 Delayed Quote.66.9564.07-0.34%4.11%0,6661 002
KARDAN REAL ESTATE ENTPRS & DVLP.. ILa  216.5 Delayed Quote.62.3763.86-2.91%-3.30%0,046116
G1 SECURE SOLUTIONS LTD ILa  691 Delayed Quote.66.9363.850.12%2.10%0,023156
AYALON HOLDINGS LTD. ILa  2159 Delayed Quote.64.0663.770.14%-1.46%0,032111
GOLDEN HOUSE LTD. ILa  1454 Delayed Quote.69.3463.620.97%4.80%0,02964
MAYTRONICS LTD. ILa  2841 Delayed Quote.62.4463.370.04%0.28%0,859866
REDHILL BIOPHARMA LTD ILa  272.2 Delayed Quote.65.5763.33-5.12%-0.31%0,157231
AVGOL INDUSTRIES LTD. ILa  350.6 Delayed Quote.70.9762.80-0.48%8.40%0,149296
REIT 1 LTD ILa  2038 Delayed Quote.62.5162.22-0.63%2.28%21 035
EL-MOR ELECTRIC INSTLTN&SRVC 198.. ILa  709.9 Delayed Quote.65.9861.740.44%5.15%0,02461
PRASHKOVSKY INVT AND CONSTR LTD ILa  5795 Delayed Quote.59.8061.572.01%0.25%0,190269
SCOPE METALS GROUP LTD ILa  8222 Delayed Quote.70.5461.55-0.65%7.06%0,229255
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