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UTRON LTD ILa  1690 Delayed Quote.99.5999.64-1.86%0.00%0,208-
AVIV ARLON LTD ILa  263 Delayed Quote.98.6395.395.12%7.53%0,005-
ISRAEL LAND DEVELOPMENT URBAN RE.. ILa  143.9 Delayed Quote.93.0994.82-0.21%-2.53%0,003-
SHEFA YAMIM LTD ILa  71 Delayed Quote.96.4292.86-1.53%52.40%0,091-
HACHSHARAT HAYISHUV HOTELS LTD. ILa  599 Delayed Quote.97.5691.890.00%0.00%0,000-
SUNFLOWER SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENT.. ILa  722.1 Delayed Quote.91.5787.44-4.31%24.81%0,009-
LACHISH INDUSTRIES LTD. ILa  482 Delayed Quote.90.5886.523.48%4.09%0,001-
FOX WIZEL LTD ILa  11620 Delayed Quote.89.8085.402.92%14.60%0,944437
MORDECHAI AVIV TAASIOT BENIYAH 1.. ILa  1274 Delayed Quote.89.6384.46-1.92%10.26%0,009-
INTER INDUSTRIES LTD ILa  531 Delayed Quote.91.8284.35-0.97%5.76%0,002-
MYDAS REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS LT.. ILa  49.4 Delayed Quote.91.4582.172.28%13.75%0,003-
TOP RAMDOR SYSTEMS AND COMP CO 1.. ILa  328 Delayed Quote.86.7281.93-0.43%4.90%0,003-
SAPIR CORP LTD ILa  695 Delayed Quote.89.3181.19-3.20%-1.03%0,011-
AZORIM INVESTMENT DEV. & CONSTR... ILa  430.1 Delayed Quote.84.7379.902.48%8.42%0,141-
ISRAEL LAND DEVELOPMENT CO LTD ILa  3033 Delayed Quote.85.4179.53-3.93%-0.36%0,111-
TEFRON LTD. (ISRAEL) ILa  449 Delayed Quote.84.0278.553.10%11.30%0,012-
VITANIA LTD ILa  1430 Delayed Quote.84.6178.060.07%2.88%0,037-
E & M COMPUTING LTD. ILa  1300 Delayed Quote.82.0878.03-1.14%2.60%0,038-
OPAL BALANCE INVESTMENTS LTD ILa  280.4 Delayed Quote.80.9277.961.23%4.93%0,070-
N.R. SPUNTECH INDUSTRIES LTD. ILa  1160 Delayed Quote.79.1875.88-11.25%-8.97%0,189-
ENERGIX RENEWABLE ENERGIES LTD ILa  583.9 Delayed Quote.81.1575.80-0.02%3.97%0,796-
ILEX MEDICAL LTD ILa  6251 Delayed Quote.80.4175.701.26%7.29%0,038-
BIG SHOPPING CENTERS LTD ILa  24420 Delayed Quote.82.1175.69-0.57%2.32%1-
MISHORIM REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS.. ILa  706.9 Delayed Quote.80.0775.682.43%4.40%0,025-
MIVTACH SHAMIR HOLDINGS LTD ILa  6968 Delayed Quote.78.3074.55-3.21%1.66%0,084-
KARDAN REAL ESTATE ENTPRS & DVLP.. ILa  198.3 Delayed Quote.78.9774.47-5.03%4.34%0,039-
ASPEN GROUP LTD ILa  687.9 Delayed Quote.82.2774.350.48%11.00%0,036-
NAWI BROTHERS GROUP LTD ILa  2154 Delayed Quote.81.6674.10-1.10%2.63%0,184-
TADIRAN HOLDINGS LTD ILa  9514 Delayed Quote.77.7273.971.26%4.95%0,402225
HANAN MOR GROUP HOLDINGS LTD ILa  1796 Delayed Quote.80.6373.55-0.55%9.71%0,021-
ASHTROM GROUP LTD ILa  1925 Delayed Quote.79.4573.37-1.58%3.11%0,224-
ISRAS INVESTMENTS COMPANY LTD. ILa  49840 Delayed Quote.76.0773.303.38%6.91%0,155-
STG INTERNATIONAL LTD. ILa  906 Delayed Quote.75.2673.060.00%0.91%0,001-
ENLIGHT RENEWABLE ENERGY LTD ILa  221.3 Delayed Quote.75.9372.69-1.56%1.55%0,439-
GIBUI HOLDINGS LTD ILa  1182 Delayed Quote.76.8772.640.00%0.25%0,000-
ADO GROUP LTD ILa  7999 Delayed Quote.77.3072.39-3.56%-2.14%0,707612
MALAM TEAM LTD ILa  38800 Delayed Quote.78.3171.94-0.51%4.13%0,179-
MAYTRONICS LTD. ILa  2422 Delayed Quote.76.6971.940.92%2.37%0,464-
TRENDLINE INFO & COMMUNICATION S.. ILa  1525 Delayed Quote.81.4971.73-0.07%10.96%0,017-
ARENA STAR GROUP LTD ILa  2.8 Delayed Quote.77.7771.71-3.45%21.74%0,015-
UNION BANK OF ISRAEL ILa  1787 Delayed Quote.70.3771.49-1.71%-1.48%0,542-
SKYLINE INVESTMENTS INC ILa  2937 Delayed Quote.75.1171.22-0.24%2.94%0,095-
FORMULA SYSTEMS (1985) LTD ILa  15730 Delayed Quote.75.4071.160.00%1.69%1-
INTER-GAMMA INVESTMENT LTD. ILa  4740 Delayed Quote.87.2571.020.00%0.00%0,000-
SHEMEN INDUSTRIES LTD. ILa  615.2 Delayed Quote.77.3370.794.01%8.74%0,001-
MIZRAHI TEFAHOT BANK LTD. ILa  7376 Delayed Quote.72.6070.27-0.42%1.98%94 796
ITAMAR MEDICAL LTD ILa  146.1 Delayed Quote.74.7870.14-3.37%10.00%0,124-
MEDITERRANEAN TOWERS LTD ILa  693 Delayed Quote.74.0069.81-0.10%0.23%0,269-
NISSAN MEDICAL INDUSTRIES LTD. ILa  3120 Delayed Quote.77.1169.68-5.02%-0.54%0,209-
AVROT INDUSTRIES LTD. ILa  29.5 Delayed Quote.75.1869.420.00%-0.34%0,001-
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