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RSI 14
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GLOBAL STAR ACQUISITION, INC. USD  10 Delayed Quote.99.6499.690.10%0.20%7106
ATLIS MOTOR VEHICLES, INC. USD  33.95 Delayed Quote.91.2891.63-54.82%0.00%-243
COREBRIDGE FINANCIAL, INC. USD  19.56 Delayed Quote.88.4590.50-4.26%-6.19%10812 616
THEGLOBE.COM, INC. USD  0.62 Delayed Quote.92.0688.07-1.27%164.42%0,259274
FINTECH ACQUISITION CORP. V USD  9.95 Delayed Quote.92.3286.780.00%0.10%0,203340
FORMA THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC.. USD  19.95 Delayed Quote.88.3386.670.05%0.15%25955
PROTHENA CORPORATION PLC USD  59.47 Delayed Quote.89.6485.352.53%97.97%772 791
GLOBAL TECH INDUSTRIES GROUP, IN.. USD  3.05 Delayed Quote.87.3883.3713.81%147.97%7785
CHANGE HEALTHCARE INC. USD  27.42 Delayed Quote.87.5183.16-0.11%0.59%3109 002
THIRD HARMONIC BIO, INC. USD  18.84 Delayed Quote.81.1382.81-0.69%12.48%8791
FINGERMOTION, INC. USD  1.85 Delayed Quote.89.2682.178.82%198.39%0,84079
LAVA THERAPEUTICS N.V. USD  4.73 Delayed Quote.84.8281.16-0.42%100.08%16122
BIOGEN INC. USD  264.28 Delayed Quote.86.4280.91-4.46%31.73%54638 350
CHANNELADVISOR CORPORATION USD  22.66 Delayed Quote.80.4880.03-0.18%-0.53%32655
GLOBAL DEVELOPMENTS, INC. USD  0.023 Delayed Quote.78.6979.337.98%24.32%-81
HILL INTERNATIONAL, INC. USD  3.32 Delayed Quote.69.5079.17-0.60%-1.48%2190
CHEMOCENTRYX, INC. USD  51.66 Delayed Quote.71.6278.84-0.04%-0.23%763 715
PINE ISLAND ACQUISITION CORP. USD  9.98 Delayed Quote.85.6677.830.10%0.10%0,398272
ACUMEN PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. USD  10.48 Delayed Quote.82.1876.709.39%120.63%46424
BTRS HOLDINGS INC. USD  9.28 Delayed Quote.81.5976.010.00%57.56%511 527
BIOHAVEN PHARMACEUTICAL HOLDING .. USD  151.53 Delayed Quote.74.6175.44-0.26%0.22%18210 834
GLOBAL BLOOD THERAPEUTICS, INC. USD  68.07 Delayed Quote.65.9375.39-0.06%0.15%1894 593
EVI INDUSTRIES, INC. USD  17.34 Delayed Quote.80.9375.212.97%28.06%0,277217
AKERO THERAPEUTICS, INC. USD  29.8 Delayed Quote.77.4675.133.15%13.83%1341 383
COMPUTER SERVICES, INC. USD  55.85 Delayed Quote.56.9574.20-0.45%-1.37%81 536
CRICUT, INC. USD  9.44 Delayed Quote.79.5274.10-0.84%10.41%22 097
AERIE PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. USD  15.12 Delayed Quote.70.4173.790.00%-0.13%16747
ALTUS POWER, INC. USD  10.86 Delayed Quote.76.9273.76-23.68%-11.71%141 681
NATURALSHRIMP INCORPORATED USD  0.1621 Delayed Quote.81.9072.8720.08%94.93%0,272121
SIGNIFY HEALTH, INC. USD  29.21 Delayed Quote.67.4572.700.21%-0.03%1905 199
CRUCIBLE ACQUISITION CORPORATION USD  9.97 Delayed Quote.79.1572.580.20%0.71%2322
WESTROCK COFFEE COMPANY, LLC USD  10.74 Delayed Quote.68.3472.582.29%5.81%2784
NATIONAL RESEARCH CORPORATION USD  40.35 Delayed Quote.78.0571.91-0.76%4.13%2999
SPRAGUE RESOURCES LP USD  19.84 Delayed Quote.70.9671.82-0.25%-0.20%1521
HARMONIC INC. USD  12.68 Delayed Quote.75.3471.27-2.46%10.65%191 332
STRIDE, INC. USD  42.37 Delayed Quote.79.1571.10-0.31%3.53%241 764
CYBEROPTICS CORPORATION USD  53.75 Delayed Quote.64.1571.030.17%0.09%9399
CANO HEALTH, INC. USD  8.67 Delayed Quote.75.4470.90-1.92%3.96%612 011
INNOVAGE HOLDING CORP. USD  6.09 Delayed Quote.71.7870.63-0.49%-4.25%1826
PROSPECTOR CAPITAL CORP. USD  9.955 Delayed Quote.73.1270.490.10%0.20%0,992404
ALPHA ENERGY, INC. USD  7.05 Delayed Quote.81.7470.270.00%0.00%0,004133
AMERICAN REALTY INVESTORS, INC. USD  15.56 Delayed Quote.80.4370.22-3.41%8.66%0,082251
CX NETWORK GROUP, INC. USD  1.4 Delayed Quote.66.2569.90-3.45%-23.08%0,01156
AKOUOS, INC. USD  6.3 Delayed Quote.74.0669.7316.88%38.16%0,858232
STORE CAPITAL CORPORATION USD  31.29 Delayed Quote.72.5369.69-1.91%-1.36%3478 831
HORIZON BANCORP, INC. (LAKE HAVA.. USD  18.88 Delayed Quote.68.7069.602.33%2.61%0,07681
ASPEN TECHNOLOGY, INC. USD  239.65 End-of-day quote.73.9069.233.00%7.32%5815 082
SPERO THERAPEUTICS, INC. USD  1.97 Delayed Quote.71.5069.12-3.90%-10.45%4269
MODEL N, INC. USD  33.21 Delayed Quote.74.0769.01-1.66%2.82%61 230
FTAC HERA ACQUISITION CORP. USD  9.93 Delayed Quote.69.8168.940.10%0.20%41 081
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