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PORT ERIN BIOPHARMA INVESTMENTS .. GBp  5.5 Delayed Quote.29.41%37.50%59.42%0,0000,001-
AMPHION INNOVATIONS PLC GBp  0.525 Delayed Quote.23.53%-58.54%-26.09%-20,1101
BIGDISH PLC GBp  2.85 Delayed Quote.21.28%14.00%67.65%0,0000,185-
AUTINS GROUP PLC GBp  22.5 Delayed Quote.18.42%25.00%-2.17%10,0156
AUKETT SWANKE GROUP PLC GBp  1.75 Delayed Quote.16.67%40.00%34.62%10,0134
NOSTRA TERRA OIL AND GAS COMPANY.. GBp  2.8 Delayed Quote.16.67%14.29%14.29%0,0000,022-
UNION JACK OIL PLC GBp  0.1425 Delayed Quote.16.33%14.00%26.67%20,10816
EUROPA OIL & GAS (HOLDINGS) PLC GBp  2.95 Delayed Quote.15.69%19.19%0.00%30,06217
WISHBONE GOLD PLC GBp  0.12 Delayed Quote.14.29%9.09%-31.43%0,0000,032-
CHESTERFIELD RESOURCES PLC GBp  4 Delayed Quote.14.29%-15.79%-13.51%0,0000,008-
WANDISCO PLC GBp  768 Delayed Quote.11.30%54.84%59.34%1480,623419
INFRASTRATA PLC GBp  1.19 Delayed Quote.11.22%8.68%13.88%10,50819
PREMIER AFRICAN MINERALS LTD GBp  0.105 Delayed Quote.10.53%0.00%-4.55%0,0000,05310
PROTEOME SCIENCES PLC GBp  2.59 Delayed Quote.10.21%4.02%6.15%0,3810,00610
MAINTEL HOLDINGS PLC GBp  525 Delayed Quote.9.15%1.94%12.90%20,03796
SOCIETATEA ENERGETICA ELECTRICA .. USD  9.8 Delayed Quote.8.89%0.00%-6.25%0,0000,013-
ACACIA MINING GBp  216.3 Delayed Quote.8.50%3.67%8.76%4021 136
MICROSAIC SYSTEMS PLC GBp  1 Delayed Quote.8.11%-6.98%11.11%-0,4420,0046
MINOAN GROUP PLC GBp  2.7 Delayed Quote.8.00%17.39%-3.57%10,01110
PETRO MATAD LIMITED GBp  6.2 Delayed Quote.7.83%72.22%172.53%220,62953
ONCIMMUNE HOLDINGS PLC GBp  103.5 Delayed Quote.7.81%0.00%-16.52%0,0000,01082
NAUTILUS MARINE SERVICES PLC GBp  8.6 Delayed Quote.7.50%17.81%123.38%0,8100,0185
PREMIER TECHNICAL SERVICES GROUP.. GBp  116.5 Delayed Quote.7.37%-10.73%-16.19%-220,327185
TUNGSTEN CORP PLC GBp  30.05 Delayed Quote.7.32%32.38%10.07%120,20449
SAVANNAH RESOURCES PLC GBp  6.5 Delayed Quote.7.26%32.65%25.00%180,32774
BANGO PLC GBp  82 Delayed Quote.7.19%-1.80%-7.87%-10,09374
MANAGEMENT RESOURCE SOLUTIONS PL.. GBp  4.65 Delayed Quote.6.90%0.00%9.41%0,0000,109-
FFI HOLDINGS PLC GBp  23 Delayed Quote.6.48%12.20%-4.17%50,19147
NU-OIL AND GAS PLC GBp  0.75 Delayed Quote.6.38%21.95%-5.66%20,12112
ROSS GROUP PLC GBp  1.7 Delayed Quote.6.25%28.30%106.06%10,0125
DP POLAND PLC GBp  8.75 Delayed Quote.6.06%9.38%-32.69%10,07317
RENEWI PLC GBp  27.7 Delayed Quote.5.93%15.18%-15.93%370,864284
HARGREAVES SERVICES PLC GBp  310.5 Delayed Quote.5.61%5.25%10.11%61129
MELROSE INDUSTRIES GBp  170 Delayed Quote.5.59%8.45%3.75%8303610 649
MANAGEMENT CONSULTING GROUP PLC GBp  1.895 Delayed Quote.5.57%-1.91%-4.52%-0,7210,00537
HIGHLANDS NATURAL RESOURCES PLC GBp  13.3 Delayed Quote.5.56%23.72%22.02%0,0000,064-
ONTHEMARKET PLC GBp  104.5 Delayed Quote.5.56%6.09%14.21%50,07383
JANGADA MINES PLC GBp  2.4 Delayed Quote.5.49%-7.69%52.87%-0,6040,0517
INDIVIOR GBp  113.35 Delayed Quote.5.44%12.17%0.89%11551 058
TRICORN GROUP PLC GBp  19.5 Delayed Quote.5.41%5.41%11.43%0,4360,0028
BLUEBIRD MERCHANT VENTURES LTD GBp  2.95 Delayed Quote.5.36%7.27%59.46%0,0000,027-
BOKU INC GBp  89 Delayed Quote.5.33%2.89%26.24%80,391277
AORTECH INTERNATIONAL PLC GBp  49.5 Delayed Quote.5.32%11.24%0.00%0,9470,0139
ALLIED MINDS PLC GBp  56 Delayed Quote.5.26%-6.98%-20.23%-130,318172
THRUVISION GROUP PLC GBp  30.5 Delayed Quote.5.17%12.55%11.93%60,01957
DESTINY PHARMA PLC GBp  83 Delayed Quote.5.06%7.10%33.87%30,01947
WIDECELLS GROUP PLC GBp  0.21 Delayed Quote.5.00%-12.50%10.53%0,0000,005-
IMIMOBILE PLC GBp  214 Delayed Quote.4.90%-0.47%-9.70%-0,8690,500184
FLYBE GROUP PLC GBp  1.855 Delayed Quote.4.80%-26.97%-89.09%-20,3695
REDT ENERGY PLC GBp  4.4 Delayed Quote.4.76%-3.30%-13.73%-20,06345
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