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TIGER RESOURCE PLC GBp  0.5 Delayed Quote.33.33%0.00%-25.00%0,0000,000-
VELOCYS PLC GBp  5 Delayed Quote.31.58%-19.83%-87.94%-50,03920
RURELEC PLC GBp  0.9 Delayed Quote.28.57%7.69%-20.00%0,3690,0025
PRIMORUS INVESTMENTS PLC GBp  0.1275 Delayed Quote.21.41%-12.50%-41.67%0,0000,007-
METALS EXPLORATION PLC GBp  1.5 Delayed Quote.20.00%-28.57%-65.52%-140,00834
ACTIVE ENERGY GROUP PLC GBp  2.28 Delayed Quote.20.00%-20.83%-17.39%-70,10126
CORERO NETWORK SECURITY PLC GBp  12.375 Delayed Quote.17.86%-15.32%55.56%-100,04853
PREMIER VETERINARY GROUP PLC GBp  96 Delayed Quote.17.79%-4.12%120.27%-0,7070,02716
URU METALS LTD GBp  0.38 Delayed Quote.16.92%-23.53%-62.86%-10,0123
FEEDBACK PLC GBp  1.75 Delayed Quote.14.75%-6.15%-20.37%0,0000,014-
LONMIN PLC GBp  61.665 Delayed Quote.14.19%16.13%-35.33%280,343202
SHOE ZONE PLC GBp  185 Delayed Quote.12.46%-7.32%2.81%-90,064108
NCONDEZI ENERGY LTD GBp  6.68 Delayed Quote.11.33%-6.98%65.52%-20,06922
PHSC PLC GBp  12.75 Delayed Quote.10.87%-4.17%-11.54%-0,0970,0012
MANAGEMENT CONSULTING GROUP PLC GBp  1.85 Delayed Quote.10.78%-0.30%-73.80%-0,1000,00433
C4X DISCOVERY HOLDINGS PLC GBp  89 Delayed Quote.10.56%-7.47%1.90%-50,02661
PROTON POWER SYSTEMS PLC GBp  6.2 Delayed Quote.10.22%5.63%36.36%30,01448
BARON OIL PLC GBp  0.495 Delayed Quote.10.00%-18.18%50.00%-20,0248
CAKE BOX HOLDINGS PLC GBp  176 Delayed Quote.7.65%-13.72%0.00%0,0000,118-
FIRST DERIVATIVES GBp  3130 Delayed Quote.7.56%-9.63%-30.33%-1066994
PATERNOSTER RESOURCES PLC GBp  0.11 Delayed Quote.7.32%-2.38%-21.15%0,0000,018-
APPLIED GRAPHENE MATERIALS PLC GBp  44 Delayed Quote.7.32%-7.87%-2.38%-20,02327
MOSMAN OIL AND GAS LTD GBp  0.535 Delayed Quote.7.00%-4.76%-28.57%-0,2500,0125
CATENAE INNOVATION PLC GBp  0.08 Delayed Quote.6.67%0.00%0.00%0,0000,004-
CAP-XX LIMITED GBp  12 Delayed Quote.6.67%4.65%-23.73%20,55545
BANGO PLC GBp  125.111 Delayed Quote.6.48%-22.70%-54.89%-320,376109
WESTMINSTER GROUP PLC GBp  10.6 Delayed Quote.6.27%-7.21%-58.44%-10,05517
ALBA MINERAL RESOURCES PLC GBp  0.4618 Delayed Quote.6.16%2.35%4.82%0,0000,081-
SPECTRA SYSTEMS CORP GBp  113 Delayed Quote.6.10%-5.33%27.54%-40,13964
IDE GROUP HOLDINGS PLC GBp  2.65 Delayed Quote.6.00%6.38%-91.30%0,7900,08313
AMERISUR RESOURCES PLC GBp  11.98 Delayed Quote.5.83%-10.16%-38.81%-210,895182
YELLOW CAKE PLC GBp  239 Delayed Quote.5.73%-4.01%0.00%0,0000,494-
ANGLO ASIAN MINING PLC GBp  74 Delayed Quote.5.71%-2.78%118.75%-30,600106
AFC ENERGY PLC GBp  6.18 Delayed Quote.5.64%-11.23%-45.58%-40,05730
AFRITIN MINING LTD GBp  3.38 Delayed Quote.5.63%0.00%33.33%0,0000,052-
IQE PLC GBp  85.264 Delayed Quote.5.52%-0.25%-41.02%-25813
ETHERNITY NETWORKS LTD GBp  19.5 Delayed Quote.5.41%-13.95%-85.77%-20,00514
BLUE PLANET INVESTMENT TRUST PLC GBp  39.5 Delayed Quote.5.33%-1.32%-24.24%0,0000,012-
ONLINE BLOCKCHAIN PLC GBp  21.5928 Delayed Quote.5.33%-14.58%-77.84%0,0000,008-
HARDIDE PLC GBp  1.58 Delayed Quote.5.33%-14.29%-21.05%-60,01033
THE KELLAN GROUP PLC GBp  0.3948 Delayed Quote.5.28%0.00%-25.00%0,0000,006-
TLA WORLDWIDE PLC GBp  5 Delayed Quote.5.26%-20.83%-69.35%-50,00619
DIRECTA PLUS PLC GBp  54 Delayed Quote.5.26%-15.90%2.60%-60,07430
STARCOM PLC GBp  2.735 Delayed Quote.5.19%-5.45%6.12%-0,5390,0269
EVE SLEEP PLC GBp  18.4 Delayed Quote.5.14%2.94%-86.59%0,9160,01832
AMUR MINERALS CORPORATION GBp  4.2 Delayed Quote.5.00%1.91%-43.94%0,6690,03936
PRODUCE INVESTMENTS LTD GBp  190 Delayed Quote.4.97%-3.98%5.23%-30,23165
AVINGTRANS PLC GBp  224.5 Delayed Quote.4.91%-6.96%19.55%-70,18587
BLANCCO TECHNOLOGY GROUP PLC GBp  106.9999 Delayed Quote.4.90%-6.64%40.69%-60,26686
NEX GROUP PLC GBp  1053 Delayed Quote.4.78%-3.37%65.70%-175185 019
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