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BEYOND TIME HOLDINGS LTD ILa  82960 Delayed Quote.173.89%-93.75%0.00%0,0000,003-
BGI INVESTMENTS 1961 LTD ILa  62 Delayed Quote.8.77%-5.78%0.00%0,0000,003-
OPTIBASE LTD ILa  3768 Delayed Quote.6.74%-3.70%4.84%0,0000,003-
MIN HAGOREN DEVELOPMENT LTD ILa  1877 Delayed Quote.6.53%0.43%21.65%0,0000,001-
ICB BIOTECHNOLOGY INVESTMENTS LT.. ILa  70.9 Delayed Quote.6.46%21.79%44.19%0,0000,016-
ELDAV INVESTMENTS LTD ILa  169.1 Delayed Quote.6.09%8.05%29.78%0,0000,020-
SHEFA YAMIM LTD ILa  47.9 Delayed Quote.5.74%-13.38%34.17%0,0000,015-
POALIM IBI MANAGING & UNDERWRITI.. ILa  975.5 Delayed Quote.5.27%3.52%38.08%0,0000,018-
INTELICANNA LTD ILa  906.2 Delayed Quote.4.63%-12.88%32.06%0,0000,270-
OPHECTRA REAL ESTATE & INVESTMEN.. ILa  268.9 Delayed Quote.3.98%1.89%17.89%0,0000,064-
EXALENZ BIOSCIENCE LTD. ILa  633 Delayed Quote.3.79%-1.35%-12.79%0,0000,010-
ALLIUM MEDICAL SOLUTIONS LTD ILa  66.8 Delayed Quote.3.57%5.53%19.50%10,06220
NETANEL GROUP LTD ILa  477.2 Delayed Quote.3.47%-2.49%3.47%0,0000,012-
INTER-GAMMA INVESTMENT LTD. ILa  6174 Delayed Quote.3.30%7.40%31.42%0,0000,011-
NEXTGEN BIOMED LTD ILa  42.8 Delayed Quote.3.13%1.66%46.08%0,0000,013-
AUDIOCODES LTD. (ISRAEL) ILa  5648 Delayed Quote.3.05%-3.05%50.71%-150,616465
KADIMASTEM LTD ILa  104.6 Delayed Quote.2.95%13.57%36.02%0,0000,046-
HAGAG GROUP REAL ESTATE ENTRPRNR.. ILa  845.2 Delayed Quote.2.91%3.11%22.87%0,0000,027-
TIV TAAM HOLDINGS 1 LTD ILa  222.1 Delayed Quote.2.87%0.95%10.50%0,0000,083-
NEXTCOM LTD. ILa  586.2 Delayed Quote.2.84%0.87%12.83%0,0000,009-
ISRAEL CORPORATION LIMITED ILa  92080 Delayed Quote.2.36%7.14%-8.10%13231 987
APOLLO POWER LTD ILa  123.4 Delayed Quote.2.32%1.87%114.19%0,0000,019-
BONUS BIOGROUP LTD ILa  51.5 Delayed Quote.2.18%-2.47%38.27%0,0000,044-
NICE LTD ILa  47210 Delayed Quote.2.12%6.05%18.05%469118 228
A.L.D. ADVANCED LOGISTICS DEVELO.. ILa  309.3 Delayed Quote.2.11%12.07%46.52%0,0000,004-
EL-MOR ELECTRIC INSTLTN&SRVC 198.. ILa  697 Delayed Quote.2.09%4.70%38.49%0,0000,025-
CARMIT CANDY INDUSTRIES LTD. ILa  1045 Delayed Quote.2.05%0.97%22.34%0,0000,001-
DUNIEC BROS. LTD. ILa  8169 Delayed Quote.2.04%2.63%42.47%0,0000,058-
KLIL INDUSTRIES LTD. ILa  29840 Delayed Quote.1.98%5.93%27.90%0,0000,102-
RANI ZIM SHOPPING CENTERS LTD ILa  227.5 Delayed Quote.1.97%7.11%16.73%0,0000,012-
LODZIA-ROTEX INVESTMENT LTD. ILa  2602 Delayed Quote.1.92%-0.04%-4.93%0,0000,000-
NOVA MEASURING INSTRUMENTS LTD. ILa  10460 Delayed Quote.1.85%3.87%23.79%300,958794
TADIRAN HOLDINGS LTD ILa  10390 Delayed Quote.1.76%3.49%29.20%80,153246
TOP RAMDOR SYSTEMS AND COMP CO 1.. ILa  348 Delayed Quote.1.75%-3.68%24.46%0,0000,007-
APOSENSE LTD ILa  71.2 Delayed Quote.1.71%7.49%-2.18%0,0000,013-
R.S.L. ELECTRONICS LTD. ILa  205.7 Delayed Quote.1.68%-0.05%30.48%0,0000,007-
BANK OF JERUSALEM LTD ILa  803.9 Delayed Quote.1.63%7.23%28.87%0,0000,010-
BIOLIGHT LIFE SCIENCES LTD ILa  1429 Delayed Quote.1.49%0.00%9.69%0,0000,00818
SR ACCORD LTD ILS  2327 Delayed Quote.1.48%-0.50%4.13%0,0001-
INTER INDUSTRIES LTD ILa  591.5 Delayed Quote.1.46%9.24%34.77%0,0000,015-
MEDICAL COMPRESSION SYSTEM (D.B... ILa  456.5 Delayed Quote.1.44%-4.50%133.86%0,0000,094-
ENDYMED LTD ILa  304.8 Delayed Quote.1.43%4.73%41.22%0,0000,012-
SHANIV PAPER INDUSTRIES LTD. ILa  360.2 Delayed Quote.1.32%2.97%27.55%0,0000,007-
RAVAD LTD. ILa  691.6 Delayed Quote.1.26%5.04%6.58%0,0000,012-
MEITAV DASH INVESTMENTS LTD ILa  1141 Delayed Quote.1.24%1.60%13.99%0,0000,112-
ADO GROUP LTD ILa  7658 Delayed Quote.1.22%0.82%8.06%50,549587
A LIBENTAL HOLDINGS LTD ILa  734.9 Delayed Quote.1.18%4.96%12.61%0,0000,014-
SAPIR CORP LTD ILa  676.4 Delayed Quote.1.11%-0.46%14.86%0,0000,002-
BIO VIEW LTD. ILa  315.6 Delayed Quote.1.06%-0.35%41.22%0,0000,009-
LAHAV LR REAL ESTATE LTD ILa  181.9 Delayed Quote.1.06%1.11%9.23%0,0000,004-
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