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EXALENZ BIOSCIENCE LTD. ILa  850 Delayed Quote.7.21%-8.60%-41.83%0,0000,031-
YZ QUEENCO LTD ILa  744.8 Delayed Quote.6.40%-2.52%19.95%0,0000,016-
GOLAN PLASTIC PRODUCTS LTD. ILa  689 Delayed Quote.2.99%-1.62%-11.60%0,0000,005-
BIRMAN WOOD AND HARDWARE LTD. ILa  1555 Delayed Quote.2.37%-3.19%4.11%0,0000,001-
ALGOMAIZER LTD ILa  406.6 Delayed Quote.1.75%-1.53%18.15%0,0000,063-
MENDELSON INFRSTRCTR & INDSTRY ILa  759.9 Delayed Quote.1.58%-1.04%-35.23%0,0000,053-
ISRAEL LAND DEVELOPMENT CO LTD ILa  2802 Delayed Quote.1.49%-8.70%-16.81%0,0000,085-
ENLIGHT RENEWABLE ENERGY LTD ILa  185.1 Delayed Quote.1.42%-1.83%0.27%0,0000,482-
PLASSON INDUSTRIES LTD. ILa  16900 Delayed Quote.1.38%0.48%-4.74%0,0000,171-
SAFE-T GROUP LTD ILa  41.8 Delayed Quote.1.21%-24.36%0.00%0,0000,217-
AYALON HOLDINGS LTD. ILa  2295 Delayed Quote.1.15%-4.54%-36.41%0,0000,076-
YD MORE INVESTMENTS LTD ILa  531.9 Delayed Quote.1.14%-5.06%-6.34%0,0000,062-
INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS CORPORATION.. ILa  534 Delayed Quote.1.10%-2.09%-3.22%-130,323630
BABYLON LTD ILa  131.9 Delayed Quote.0.92%-0.23%-13.04%0,0000,015-
BANK LEUMI LE ISRAEL BM ILa  2329 Delayed Quote.0.82%-2.94%10.00%-281249 283
AIRPORT CITY LTD. ILa  4790 Delayed Quote.0.74%-0.71%9.87%-1231 669
TAMAR PETROLEUM LTD ILa  1634 Delayed Quote.0.74%-0.80%-18.53%0,0000,336-
NICE LTD ILa  42380 Delayed Quote.0.69%0.36%31.45%25127 041
RAPAC COMMUNICATION & INFRASTRUC.. ILa  949 Delayed Quote.0.68%-2.32%-0.50%0,0000,022-
AMIR MARKETING LTD. ILa  3399 Delayed Quote.0.65%7.27%22.89%0,0000,202-
NORSTAR HOLDINGS INC ILa  4800 Delayed Quote.0.63%-7.63%-34.04%0,0000,248-
BONUS BIOGROUP LTD ILa  48.5 Delayed Quote.0.62%-9.23%-12.36%0,0000,064-
FATTAL HOLDINGS 1998 LTD ILa  44600 Delayed Quote.0.59%-0.20%0.00%0,0001-
ALLIUM MEDICAL SOLUTIONS LTD ILa  70.2 Delayed Quote.0.57%-8.88%-41.93%-20,12819
STRAUSS GROUP LTD. ILa  8440 Delayed Quote.0.51%-0.85%11.38%-2232 574
TOWER SEMICONDUCTOR LTD. ILa  5590 Delayed Quote.0.50%-6.05%-52.98%-9751 512
ISRAEL DISCOUNT BANK LTD ILa  1230 Delayed Quote.0.49%-3.62%21.19%-146103 886
IDI INSURANCE COMPANY LTD ILa  20330 Delayed Quote.0.49%-2.74%-15.36%0,0000,957-
SHUFERSAL LTD. ILa  2501 Delayed Quote.0.48%2.26%8.17%3551 593
ISRAMCO NEGEV 2 LIMITED PARTNERS.. ILa  43 Delayed Quote.0.47%0.71%0.47%1131 494
SPACE-COMMUNICATION LTD. ILa  741 Delayed Quote.0.35%-31.94%-60.60%0,0000,050-
TELRAD NETWORKS LTD ILa  226 Delayed Quote.0.31%-2.34%-60.57%0,0000,025-
ISRAEL CORPORATION LIMITED ILa  101200 Delayed Quote.0.30%-4.09%73.07%-9242 159
HAREL INSURANCE INV. & FIN. SERV.. ILa  2655 Delayed Quote.0.30%-3.04%3.04%-4831 538
BIO VIEW LTD. ILa  272.6 Delayed Quote.0.29%-2.30%-27.94%0,0000,004-
VICTORY SUPERMARKET CHAIN LTD ILa  5199 Delayed Quote.0.29%6.06%15.84%110,494198
BET SHEMESH ENGINES HOLDINGS (19.. ILa  8110 Delayed Quote.0.28%-0.66%-0.60%0,0000,103-
GAZIT GLOBE LTD ILa  2819 Delayed Quote.0.25%-3.13%-23.08%-4921 513
SUMMIT REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS LTD ILa  3424 Delayed Quote.0.23%1.12%18.08%0,0000,274-
RATIO OIL EXPLORATION LTD. PARTN.. ILa  273 Delayed Quote.0.22%-2.44%21.17%-211837
BRAINSWAY LTD ILa  2390 Delayed Quote.0.21%-1.28%42.73%0,0000,231-
UNION BANK OF ISRAEL ILa  1570 Delayed Quote.0.19%0.45%-19.48%0,0000,188-
DELEK AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS LTD. ILa  1704 Delayed Quote.0.18%-7.45%-34.20%-340,359428
MELISRON LTD. ILa  15960 Delayed Quote.0.13%-1.91%-2.51%-3721 913
BANK HAPOALIM LTD. ILa  2463 Delayed Quote.0.12%0.70%-3.91%61238 803
ASHTROM GROUP LTD ILa  1733 Delayed Quote.0.12%0.87%11.82%0,0000,838-
DISCOUNT INVESTMENT CORP LTD ILa  1006 Delayed Quote.0.10%4.37%-25.50%160,160388
MIZRAHI TEFAHOT BANK LTD. ILa  6538 Delayed Quote.0.09%-1.37%1.76%-5784 111
ISRAS INVESTMENTS COMPANY LTD. ILa  40500 Delayed Quote.0.07%-2.88%-5.16%0,0000,106-
E & M COMPUTING LTD. ILa  1157 Delayed Quote.0.04%1.48%7.55%0,0000,184-
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