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BGI INVESTMENTS 1961 LTD ILa  63.9 Delayed Quote.11.71%9.37%0.00%0,5740,0017
BET SHEMESH ENGINES HOLDINGS (19.. ILa  12120 Delayed Quote.11.29%14.49%39.93%370,530292
ALLOT LTD ILa  2810 Delayed Quote.8.79%12.02%24.32%290,497270
MAYTRONICS LTD. ILa  2697 Delayed Quote.8.40%10.36%25.70%781827
SPACE-COMMUNICATION LTD. ILa  1445 Delayed Quote.7.92%21.98%131.78%15286
ADIKA STYLE LTD ILa  469.5 Delayed Quote.7.27%17.32%-38.02%40,00525
RAVAL ICS LTD ILa  697.1 Delayed Quote.6.80%7.01%21.26%110,106167
SAFE-T GROUP LTD ILa  9.5 Delayed Quote.5.56%-1.10%-72.39%-0,0320,0333
DELEK AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS LTD. ILa  1575 Delayed Quote.5.00%14.01%5.64%510,312418
INTERCURE LTD ILS  555 Delayed Quote.4.91%3.42%126.92%6129169
ENLIGHT RENEWABLE ENERGY LTD ILa  381.5 Delayed Quote.4.81%19.09%116.47%1162724
APOLLO POWER LTD ILa  150 Delayed Quote.4.53%11.19%156.41%0,5290,0415
MEDITERRANEAN TOWERS LTD ILa  876.5 Delayed Quote.4.48%0.21%38.25%0,7520,507359
FORMULA SYSTEMS (1985) LTD ILa  23070 Delayed Quote.4.44%15.97%65.01%1380,6301 005
ZVI SARFATI & SONS INV & CNSTN 1.. ILa  1622 Delayed Quote.4.24%13.16%107.03%90,02580
MERCHAVIA HOLDINGS AND INVESTMEN.. ILS  30.3 Delayed Quote.4.12%-4.39%14.62%-0,24865
VONETIZE PLC ILa  17.7 Delayed Quote.4.12%-1.67%-55.19%-0,0380,0062
LUDAN ENGINEERING CO. LTD. ILa  561 Delayed Quote.3.95%4.01%59.08%0,7100,06518
CARMIT CANDY INDUSTRIES LTD. ILa  1263 Delayed Quote.3.87%0.88%47.86%0,1750,00220
ORBIT TECHNOLOGIES LTD ILa  994 Delayed Quote.3.58%7.95%1.10%30,01846
HOD ASSAF INDUSTRIES LTD ILa  1296 Delayed Quote.3.43%0.64%-15.11%0,2890,01145
ILEX MEDICAL LTD ILa  7614 Delayed Quote.3.25%23.94%45.04%420,199218
AVERBUCH FORMICA CENTER LTD. ILa  2604 Delayed Quote.3.21%3.18%37.08%20,00852
AFI PROPERTIES LTD ILa  11920 Delayed Quote.3.20%7.24%39.92%650,580968
GALILEO TECH LTD ILa  47.8 Delayed Quote.3.02%-2.83%20.60%-0,0860,0073
ICB BIOTECHNOLOGY INVESTMENTS LT.. ILa  59.1 Delayed Quote.2.96%3.23%21.78%0,1390,0054
TADIR-GAN (PRECISION PRODUCTS) 1.. ILa  13.9 Delayed Quote.2.96%0.00%37.62%0,0000,00116
BIG SHOPPING CENTERS LTD ILa  30600 Delayed Quote.2.93%11.72%45.99%13511 283
PRIORTECH LTD ILa  3297 Delayed Quote.2.93%8.45%11.45%80,090107
CHIRON REFINERIES LTD ILS  171.7 Delayed Quote.2.88%2.66%58.82%0,025310,973
TRENDLINE INFO & COMMUNICATION S.. ILa  1555 Delayed Quote.2.84%8.43%7.32%30,01436
ANALYST I.M.S. LTD ILa  1895 Delayed Quote.2.77%7.89%-2.01%40,10360
MALAM TEAM LTD ILa  56610 Delayed Quote.2.74%26.05%67.80%730,826353
COHEN DEVELOPMENT GAZ & OIL LTD ILa  8831 Delayed Quote.2.71%11.37%1.95%170,033162
LEVINSTEIN PROPERTIES LTD ILa  8205 Delayed Quote.2.69%5.63%32.29%180,086337
CARASSO MOTORS LTD ILa  1562 Delayed Quote.2.63%13.63%9.81%410,141346
OPHECTRA REAL ESTATE & INVESTMEN.. ILa  172.5 Delayed Quote.2.56%2.99%-24.38%0,2840,01310
PROPERTY AND BUILDING CORPORATIO.. ILa  35410 Delayed Quote.2.55%10.83%26.54%620,318635
HILAN LTD ILa  14350 Delayed Quote.2.50%12.56%63.20%1032919
BONEI HATIHON LTD. ILa  333 Delayed Quote.2.46%0.00%23.01%0,0000,00114
WILLY-FOOD INVESTMENTS LTD ILa  2659 Delayed Quote.2.27%4.47%45.55%40,014100
NOVOLOG PHARM UP 1966 LTD ILa  142.3 Delayed Quote.2.23%1.28%27.28%20,030142
GOLF & CO GROUP LTD ILa  221.3 Delayed Quote.2.22%0.65%-38.30%0,2200,01534
DANEL (ADIR YEOSHUA) LTD. ILa  24700 Delayed Quote.2.19%4.31%35.42%150,532371
ALONY-HETZ PROPERTIES & INVESTME.. ILa  5108 Delayed Quote.2.16%3.66%44.40%8842 505
REKAH PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY LT.. ILa  2316 Delayed Quote.2.16%1.36%-10.06%10,00575
ORT TECHNOLOGIES LTD ILa  2994 Delayed Quote.2.15%-5.03%0.74%-20,00542
REDHILL BIOPHARMA LTD ILa  256.5 Delayed Quote.2.15%11.87%28.95%220,094207
STG INTERNATIONAL LTD. ILa  1425 Delayed Quote.2.15%23.48%73.78%30,01518
TEVA PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES L.. ILa  2580 Delayed Quote.2.14%19.77%-55.48%1 271137 698
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