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ELECTREON WIRELESS LTD ILa  9600 Delayed Quote.38.13%70.19%372.00%0,0001-
YAACOBI BROTHERS GROUP (YSB) LTD ILa  73 Delayed Quote.12.48%13.55%10.87%0,0000,008-
ELDAV INVESTMENTS LTD ILa  177 Delayed Quote.11.32%31.64%35.07%0,0000,004-
BRENMILLER ENERGY LTD ILa  517 Delayed Quote.7.11%15.77%32.82%0,0000,026-
AFRICA ISRAEL RESIDENCES LTD. ILa  6381 Delayed Quote.6.97%7.45%19.24%0,0000,018-
ENDYMED LTD ILa  246 Delayed Quote.6.59%0.88%10.50%0,0000,008-
MY SIZE INC ILa  285.8 Delayed Quote.4.46%-2.84%-4.15%0,0000,027-
DAN HOTELS LTD ILa  2282 Delayed Quote.4.44%4.09%5.07%0,0000,008-
LEVINSTEIN PROPERTIES LTD ILa  6469 Delayed Quote.4.24%7.05%2.98%0,0000,035-
KARDAN REAL ESTATE ENTPRS & DVLP.. ILa  177.1 Delayed Quote.4.18%7.33%3.33%0,0000,017-
SOLEGREEN LTD ILa  1000 Delayed Quote.3.87%-0.89%9.65%0,0000,012-
EVOGENE LTD ILa  859.2 Delayed Quote.3.86%5.34%11.07%30,10361
YZ QUEENCO LTD ILa  920 Delayed Quote.3.58%-2.57%31.64%0,0000,029-
AFRICA ISRAEL INVESTMENTS LTD ILa  11.8 Delayed Quote.3.51%0.84%-5.51%0,0560,0117
ROTSHTEIN REALESTATE LTD ILa  1550 Delayed Quote.3.33%3.85%9.79%0,0000,001-
GOLF & CO GROUP LTD ILa  356 Delayed Quote.3.31%0.56%1.45%0,2540,01746
NICE LTD ILa  42550 Delayed Quote.3.20%3.58%4.97%24997 219
ELSPEC ENGINEERING LTD. ILa  222.8 Delayed Quote.3.01%-1.76%31.12%0,0000,009-
SAFE-T GROUP LTD ILa  21.2 Delayed Quote.2.91%2.88%-34.36%0,0000,180-
KARDAN ISRAEL LTD ILa  171.5 Delayed Quote.2.76%6.88%22.32%0,0000,004-
PRIORTECH LTD ILa  3491 Delayed Quote.2.68%10.19%19.38%0,0000,187-
B YAIR BUILDING CORPORATION 1988.. ILa  2830 Delayed Quote.2.54%10.94%25.39%0,0000,006-
REKAH PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY LT.. ILa  2611 Delayed Quote.2.51%5.33%0.58%0,0000,049-
HADASIT BIO HOLDING LTD. ILa  491 Delayed Quote.2.51%0.88%-0.16%0,0000,004-
ORT TECHNOLOGIES LTD ILa  3188 Delayed Quote.2.41%2.61%6.98%0,0000,006-
NOVA MEASURING INSTRUMENTS LTD. ILa  9125 Delayed Quote.2.39%0.53%6.12%42689
KADIMASTEM LTD ILa  113.9 Delayed Quote.2.24%-2.98%43.82%0,0000,403-
SHEFA YAMIM LTD ILa  37.7 Delayed Quote.2.17%-2.64%3.36%0,0000,007-
Y.H. DIMRI BUILDING & DEVELOPMEN.. ILa  5685 Delayed Quote.2.10%3.99%12.51%0,0000,092-
CARMIT CANDY INDUSTRIES LTD. ILa  990 Delayed Quote.2.04%-0.24%15.90%0,0000,003-
AFRICA ISRAEL PROPERTIES LTD. ILa  9383 Delayed Quote.1.99%5.20%11.96%370,740739
ENLIGHT RENEWABLE ENERGY LTD ILa  205.7 Delayed Quote.1.98%4.68%16.92%0,0001-
BIG SHOPPING CENTERS LTD ILa  22800 Delayed Quote.1.97%4.90%8.35%0,0000,825-
NETANEL GROUP LTD ILa  527.7 Delayed Quote.1.89%1.35%12.39%0,0000,006-
TAMAR PETROLEUM LTD ILa  1560 Delayed Quote.1.83%-0.45%2.23%0,0000,479-
INROM CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRIES LT.. ILa  1216 Delayed Quote.1.76%3.50%11.19%0,0000,591-
ELRON ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIES LTD ILa  1059 Delayed Quote.1.73%1.24%27.27%0,0000,032-
DNA BIOMEDICAL SOLUTIONS LTD ILa  25.6 Delayed Quote.1.59%6.67%13.78%0,0000,062-
A.L.D. ADVANCED LOGISTICS DEVELO.. ILa  355.5 Delayed Quote.1.51%5.12%68.31%0,0000,007-
MENIVIM THE NEW REIT LTD ILa  169 Delayed Quote.1.44%2.92%15.99%0,0000,065-
ASHOT ASHKELON INDUSTRIES LIMITE.. ILa  886.6 Delayed Quote.1.43%-6.57%-7.75%0,0000,010-
HAM-LET (ISRAEL-CANADA) LTD. ILa  7119 Delayed Quote.1.41%1.96%5.98%0,0000,628-
NETO ME HOLDINGS LTD ILa  32920 Delayed Quote.1.39%1.61%4.41%50,120337
GOLDEN HOUSE LTD. ILa  1384 Delayed Quote.1.32%0.36%8.81%0,0000,011-
DANEL (ADIR YEOSHUA) LTD. ILa  20050 Delayed Quote.1.31%1.06%10.05%30,548292
MELISRON LTD. ILa  17440 Delayed Quote.1.28%4.90%11.36%10122 154
E SCHNAPP AND CO WORKS LTD ILa  1760 Delayed Quote.1.27%3.53%18.84%0,0000,042-
NORSTAR HOLDINGS INC ILa  4499 Delayed Quote.1.26%1.42%23.32%0,0000,276-
LAHAV LR REAL ESTATE LTD ILa  176.9 Delayed Quote.1.20%3.39%6.06%0,0000,006-
FORMULA SYSTEMS (1985) LTD ILa  14720 Delayed Quote.1.17%3.88%6.35%0,0000,474-
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