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INVITAE CORPORATION USD  8.63 Delayed Quote.276.86%333.67%-43.48%1 522921 979
GRAPHENE & SOLAR TECHNOLOGIES LI.. USD  0.3 Delayed Quote.149.79%0.00%-51.61%0,0000,002109
BIOATLA, INC. USD  6.61 Delayed Quote.83.10%81.59%-66.33%1112247
VERTICALSCOPE HOLDINGS INC. CAD  12.27 Delayed Quote.65.81%-1.46%-75.75%-30,156205
ALLEGO N.V. USD  5.83 Delayed Quote.57.14%46.12%-40.93%4920,6721 558
EWORLD COMPANIES, INC. USD  0.005 Delayed Quote.51.52%28.21%2.04%12-55
LIXIANG EDUCATION HOLDING CO., L.. USD  4.62 Delayed Quote.48.55%22.22%-53.52%110,00762
INDUSTRIAL NANOTECH, INC. USD  0.0155 Delayed Quote.43.52%65.78%6.90%210,07552
VELO3D, INC. USD  5.07 Delayed Quote.42.02%32.72%-35.08%23110937
AMYRIS, INC. USD  3.25 Delayed Quote.41.92%20.53%-57.67%177231 039
INFINITY PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. USD  1.03 Delayed Quote.39.19%45.89%-54.22%290,29792
VELODYNE LIDAR, INC. USD  1.59 Delayed Quote.38.26%30.33%-65.73%817349
LIBERTY TRIPADVISOR HOLDINGS, IN.. USD  1.27 Delayed Quote.37.94%89.52%-41.47%853181
THE TRADE DESK, INC. USD  74.24 Delayed Quote.36.22%48.39%-18.99%11 82150736 248
V2X, INC. USD  39.71 Delayed Quote.33.21%21.44%-13.24%21311 209
BIONANO GENOMICS, INC. USD  3 Delayed Quote.32.74%32.74%0.33%21520870
ORASURE TECHNOLOGIES, INC. USD  4.22 Delayed Quote.32.29%30.65%-51.44%723306
BIORA THERAPEUTICS, INC. USD  1.01 Delayed Quote.31.17%42.13%-51.67%551186
PLX PHARMA INC. USD  2.57 Delayed Quote.31.12%25.06%-67.92%140,43271
NUBEVA TECHNOLOGIES LTD. CAD  1.03 Delayed Quote.30.38%-29.46%-62.20%-230,06155
CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL ENTERT.. USD  14.75 Delayed Quote.29.96%31.11%6.58%521220
SEER, INC. USD  13.31 Delayed Quote.29.60%31.26%-41.65%1983833
MODEL N, INC. USD  33.78 Delayed Quote.28.98%28.69%12.49%27731 244
ARRAY TECHNOLOGIES, INC. USD  23.58 Delayed Quote.28.92%40.86%50.29%1 0281113 545
GEMINI THERAPEUTICS, INC. USD  2.01 Delayed Quote.28.85%25.63%-30.93%180,15087
CLEANSPARK, INC. USD  5.98 Delayed Quote.27.78%28.88%-37.18%5512247
LIVEVOX HOLDINGS, INC. USD  2.51 Delayed Quote.27.41%25.50%-51.26%470,288230
HYDROFARM HOLDINGS GROUP, INC. USD  3.37 Delayed Quote.25.28%18.25%-88.09%233152
CIELO WASTE SOLUTIONS CORP. CAD  0.1 Delayed Quote.25.00%23.08%-60.00%120,16863
DOMA HOLDINGS INC. USD  0.8751 Delayed Quote.25.00%14.33%-82.77%360,591285
SUNWORKS, INC. USD  3.83 Delayed Quote.24.35%25.71%0.33%269126
CATALYST PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. USD  13.13 Delayed Quote.23.87%0.19%56.57%3291 350
INOVIO PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. USD  2.6 Delayed Quote.23.81%18.18%-47.90%10016648
REVANCE THERAPEUTICS, INC. USD  21.57 Delayed Quote.23.47%19.83%32.17%261141 577
CLOVIS ONCOLOGY, INC. USD  1.56 Delayed Quote.22.83%-5.45%-42.44%-136225
GULF ISLAND FABRICATION, INC. USD  3.98 Delayed Quote.22.46%24.38%-0.75%120,08263
PRELUDE THERAPEUTICS INCORPORATE.. USD  7.97 Delayed Quote.22.43%45.44%-35.98%1180,761378
TANGO THERAPEUTICS, INC. USD  4.97 Delayed Quote.22.41%0.25%-62.89%12437
IMMUNOCELLULAR THERAPEUTICS, LTD.. USD  0.66 Delayed Quote.22.22%20.00%57.14%120,00675
GROVE COLLABORATIVE HOLDINGS, IN.. USD  5.2 Delayed Quote.21.78%-3.61%-56.74%-352931
EVERBRIDGE, INC. USD  36.03 Delayed Quote.21.64%10.28%-46.49%133231 425
BITECH TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION USD  0.1946 Delayed Quote.21.63%22.54%94.60%180,002100
SPARK POWER GROUP INC. CAD  0.91 Delayed Quote.21.33%10.29%-40.00%60,01164
SHARECARE, INC. USD  1.83 Delayed Quote.21.19%16.56%-59.24%913644
EMERALD HOLDING, INC. USD  3.99 Delayed Quote.20.91%27.07%0.50%590,490276
BARK, INC. USD  2.14 Delayed Quote.20.90%33.75%-49.29%953377
BLUE APRON HOLDINGS, INC. USD  3.71 Delayed Quote.20.85%18.53%-44.87%206129
LINDBLAD EXPEDITIONS HOLDINGS, I.. USD  10.33 Delayed Quote.20.82%21.67%-33.78%985548
URBAN ONE, INC. USD  5.06 Delayed Quote.20.76%28.10%49.26%590,275269
SEMA4 HOLDINGS CORP. USD  2.22 Delayed Quote.20.65%2.79%-58.74%232837
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