Rankings Unusual Volumes

NameLastRatio Vol.
OXBRIDGE ACQUISIT.. USD  10.015 Delayed Quote.120.97
SMARTKEM, INC. USD  2.5 Delayed Quote.100.00
SEMPER PARATUS AC.. USD  9.97 Delayed Quote.75.56
BAY COMMUNITY BAN.. USD  6.75 Delayed Quote.67.16
NOCTURNE ACQUISIT.. USD  10.17 Delayed Quote.51.33
HAMLIN BANK AND T.. USD  270 Delayed Quote.50.00
INDUSTRIAL HUMAN .. USD  10.01 Delayed Quote.46.54
TPG PACE BENEFICI.. USD  9.74 Delayed Quote.42.70
GENIUS BRANDS INT.. USD  0.7751 Delayed Quote.26.83
NATIONAL CINEMEDI.. USD  1.37 Delayed Quote.24.69
NameLastRatio Vol.
SAGICOR FINANCIAL.. CAD  6.53 Delayed Quote.74.10
THE INX DIGITAL C.. CAD  0.38 End-of-day quote.12.97
DOMINION LENDING .. CAD  3.3 Delayed Quote.12.95
E AUTOMOTIVE INC. CAD  8.175 Delayed Quote.10.27
CONIFEX TIMBER IN.. CAD  1.9 Delayed Quote.7.04
MAGELLAN AEROSPAC.. CAD  7.75 Delayed Quote.5.60
TERAGO INC. CAD  5.05 Delayed Quote.5.57
G MINING VENTURES.. CAD  0.75 Delayed Quote.4.94
PINE CLIFF ENERGY.. CAD  1.92 Delayed Quote.4.66
SPECTRAL MEDICAL .. CAD  0.28 Delayed Quote.4.58
NameLastRatio Vol.
DOWNING ONE VCT P.. GBX  58.5 Delayed Quote.417.00
ALBION ENTERPRISE.. GBX  122.5 Delayed Quote.70.59
OKYO PHARMA LIMIT.. GBX  4.45 Delayed Quote.34.49
ALBION DEVELOPMEN.. GBX  90 Delayed Quote.32.18
GAMA AVIATION PLC GBX  65.5 Delayed Quote.32.07
NORTHERN 2 VCT PL.. GBX  61.5 Delayed Quote.25.03
NORTHERN 3 VCT PL.. GBX  94.5 Delayed Quote.19.90
MOLTEN VENTURES V.. GBX  58 Delayed Quote.19.38
ALBION VENTURE CA.. GBX  48.6 End-of-day quote.14.53
UNICORN AIM VCT P.. GBX  163 Delayed Quote.13.76
NameLastRatio Vol.
LEWAG HOLDING AG EUR  16.5 Delayed Quote.50.00
GFJ ESG ACQUISITI.. EUR  10.1 Delayed Quote.18.66
PAION AG EUR  0.93 Delayed Quote.11.37
PREOS GLOBAL OFFI.. EUR  3.06 Delayed Quote.9.93
TRAUMHAUS AG EUR  12 Delayed Quote.8.55
BIOTEST AG EUR  35.5 Delayed Quote.7.98
PFERDEWETTEN.DE A.. EUR  14.25 Delayed Quote.7.00
HOMETOGO SE EUR  3.08 Delayed Quote.6.06
DERMAPHARM HOLDIN.. EUR  44.6 Delayed Quote.5.95
SYNLAB AG EUR  16.87 Delayed Quote.5.69
NameLastRatio Vol.
PRODWARE EUR  7.66 Real-time Quote.9.96
SOCIÉTÉ FONCIÈRE .. EUR  87.2 Real-time Quote.7.78
ORPEA EUR  27.19 Real-time Quote.7.14
DAMARTEX EUR  16.8 Real-time Quote.7.01
FREELANCE.COM EUR  7.22 Real-time Quote.6.92
LAURENT-PERRIER EUR  91 Real-time Quote.6.43
ELIOR GROUP EUR  3.03 Real-time Quote.5.32
CAISSE RÉGIONALE .. EUR  60.7 Real-time Quote.4.94
AÉROPORTS DE PARI.. EUR  141.95 Real-time Quote.4.63
UNION FINANCIÈRE .. EUR  20.1 Real-time Quote.4.55
NameLastRatio Vol.
ARTECHE LANTEGI E.. EUR  2.95 Delayed Quote.57.86
MILLENIUM HOTELS .. EUR  3.7 Delayed Quote.18.83
OPTIMUM III VALUE.. EUR  9.6 Delayed Quote.10.48
ATOM HOTELES SOCI.. EUR  10.2 Delayed Quote.4.71
SIEMENS GAMESA RE.. EUR  15.91 Delayed Quote.3.87
SOLTEC POWER HOLD.. EUR  3.734 Delayed Quote.3.41
ALANTRA PARTNERS,.. EUR  13.8 Delayed Quote.3.33
CLÍNICA BAVIERA, .. EUR  24.3 Delayed Quote.3.27
PARLEM TELECOM CO.. EUR  5.56 Delayed Quote.2.92
PROEDUCA ALTUS, S.. EUR  18.4 Delayed Quote.2.62
NameLastRatio Vol.
INDEL B S.P.A. EUR  24.8 Delayed Quote.18.23
AZIENDA BRESCIANA.. EUR  3.77 Delayed Quote.15.50
PHILOGEN S.P.A. EUR  14.18 Delayed Quote.7.21
AQUAFIL S.P.A. EUR  7.2 Delayed Quote.5.37
FARMAÈ S.P.A. EUR  13.38 Delayed Quote.3.11
COFLE S.P.A. EUR  16.44 Delayed Quote.3.09
ALKEMY S.P.A. EUR  13.8 Delayed Quote.2.98
TXT E-SOLUTIONS S.. EUR  10.4 Delayed Quote.2.95
VANTEA SMART S.P... EUR  6.65 Delayed Quote.2.63
GEFRAN S.P.A. EUR  9.61 Delayed Quote.2.38
NameLastRatio Vol.
ABN AMRO BANK N.V.. EUR  10.495 Real-time Quote.5.15
B&S GROUP S.A. EUR  5.91 Real-time Quote.2.40
HUNTER DOUGLAS N... EUR  174.2 Real-time Quote.2.12
HAL TRUST EUR  136.8 Real-time Quote.2.00
BENEVOLENTAI EUR  9.25 Real-time Quote.1.89
EBUSCO HOLDING N... EUR  23.32 Real-time Quote.1.64
AMSTERDAM COMMODI.. EUR  23.15 Real-time Quote.1.47
AFC AJAX NV EUR  12.25 Real-time Quote.1.45
AHOLD DELHAIZE N... EUR  26.145 Real-time Quote.1.39
PHARMING GROUP N... EUR  0.745 Real-time Quote.1.28
NameLastRatio Vol.
SOFINA SA EUR  257 Real-time Quote.4.89
WERELDHAVE BELGIU.. EUR  52.5 Real-time Quote.4.34
RETAIL ESTATES SA EUR  71.3 Real-time Quote.3.62
BANQUE NATIONALE .. EUR  1665 Real-time Quote.2.69
COLRUYT N.V. EUR  30.98 Real-time Quote.2.38
MONTEA NV EUR  103.4 Real-time Quote.1.92
FAGRON N.V. EUR  16.34 Real-time Quote.1.87
ABO-GROUP ENVIRON.. EUR  5.1 Real-time Quote.1.58
CARE PROPERTY INV.. EUR  24.35 Real-time Quote.1.48
BANIMMO SA EUR  4.48 Real-time Quote.1.38
NameLastRatio Vol.
AQUALISBRAEMAR LO.. NOK  13.65 Real-time Quote.9.24
RAK PETROLEUM PLC NOK  13.3 Real-time Quote.6.95
PROSAFE SE NOK  200.5 Real-time Quote.5.87
HIMALAYA SHIPPING.. NOK  58 Real-time Quote.5.49
DOF ASA NOK  2.61 Real-time Quote.4.87
KALERA AS NOK  5.49 Real-time Quote.4.47
MAGSEIS FAIRFIELD.. NOK  6.3 Real-time Quote.4.18
HUNTER GROUP ASA NOK  3.38 Real-time Quote.4.16
EIDESVIK OFFSHORE.. NOK  11.72 Real-time Quote.4.11
AMERICAN SHIPPING.. NOK  33.5 Real-time Quote.3.50
NameLastRatio Vol.
EXSITEC HOLDING A.. SEK  190 Delayed Quote.131.75
OSCAR PROPERTIES .. SEK  6.97 Delayed Quote.91.26
THUNDERFUL GROUP .. SEK  21.88 Delayed Quote.37.00
FLEXION MOBILE PL.. SEK  14.35 Delayed Quote.29.01
ALLIGO AB (PUBL) SEK  107 Delayed Quote.11.23
CONCENTRIC AB (PU.. SEK  204 Delayed Quote.11.00
BONESUPPORT HOLDI.. SEK  57.7 Delayed Quote.10.60
NORDIC WATERPROOF.. SEK  165.2 End-of-day quote.8.03
ABSOLENT AIR CARE.. SEK  379 Delayed Quote.7.32
M.O.B.A. NETWORK .. SEK  26.1 Delayed Quote.6.32
NameLastRatio Vol.
EFECTE OY EUR  10.9 Delayed Quote.12.43
MARIMEKKO OYJ EUR  13.36 Delayed Quote.3.14
ORTHEX OYJ EUR  6.28 Delayed Quote.3.13
EEZY OYJ EUR  5.08 Delayed Quote.2.45
ADMICOM OYJ EUR  52.5 Delayed Quote.2.18
PONSSE OYJ EUR  26.75 Delayed Quote.2.16
SPINNOVA OYJ EUR  7.56 Delayed Quote.2.14
TAALERI OYJ EUR  10.56 Delayed Quote.2.03
AIFORIA TECHNOLOG.. EUR  4.0995 Delayed Quote.1.85
KESKISUOMALAINEN .. EUR  14 Delayed Quote.1.55
NameLastRatio Vol.
JIAYUAN SERVICES .. HKD  0.67 Delayed Quote.146.76
JIANGXI BANK CO.,.. HKD  0.91 Delayed Quote.60.79
DATANG GROUP HOLD.. HKD  2.6 Delayed Quote.47.79
CHINA STRATEGIC H.. HKD  0.042 Delayed Quote.28.84
TIBET WATER RESOU.. HKD  0.51 Delayed Quote.12.71
JILIN PROVINCE CH.. HKD  1.71 Delayed Quote.12.19
JIAXING GAS GROUP.. HKD  7.2 Delayed Quote.11.44
HI SUN TECHNOLOGY.. HKD  0.95 Delayed Quote.11.39
YONGSHENG ADVANCE.. HKD  0.65 Delayed Quote.11.35
GRAND BAOXIN AUTO.. HKD  0.62 Delayed Quote.11.18
NameLastRatio Vol.
TOYS"R"US ANZ LIM.. AUD  0.095 Delayed Quote.113.59
RESAPP HEALTH LIM.. AUD  0.11 Delayed Quote.34.46
SCHAFFER CORPORAT.. AUD  18.01 Delayed Quote.20.95
SHRIRO HOLDINGS L.. AUD  0.95 Delayed Quote.14.71
GENUSPLUS GROUP L.. AUD  1.25 Delayed Quote.10.68
LIMEADE, INC. AUD  0.325 Delayed Quote.9.28
FSA GROUP LIMITED AUD  1.2 Delayed Quote.6.61
ANTEOTECH LIMITED AUD  0.13 Delayed Quote.6.36
BREAKER RESOURCES.. AUD  0.25 Delayed Quote.6.23
JUDO CAPITAL HOLD.. AUD  1.79 Delayed Quote.5.47
NameLastRatio Vol.
FAITH, INC. JPY  691 Delayed Quote.54.62
SANTEC CORPORATIO.. JPY  1525 Delayed Quote.25.27
SANKYO FRONTIER C.. JPY  4215 Delayed Quote.24.05
KINTETSU WORLD EX.. JPY  4170 Delayed Quote.19.50
MITANI CORPORATIO.. JPY  1567 Delayed Quote.17.51
INCLUSIVE INC. JPY  900 Delayed Quote.16.81
TECHNO RYOWA LTD. JPY  839 Delayed Quote.10.31
ARDEPRO CO., LTD. JPY  48 Delayed Quote.9.60
DAIDO SIGNAL CO.,.. JPY  584 Delayed Quote.9.45
SUMISEKI HOLDINGS.. JPY  197 Delayed Quote.9.07

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