Rankings Yield

VEON LTD. USD  0.451 Delayed Quote.57.18%
ZIM INTEGRATED SH.. USD  43.28 Delayed Quote.38.22%
STAR BULK CARRIER.. USD  23.4 Delayed Quote.27.22%
ARCH RESOURCES, I.. USD  143.8 Delayed Quote.24.75%
OFS CREDIT COMPAN.. USD  9.29 Delayed Quote.23.68%
INVESCO MORTGAGE .. USD  15.38 Delayed Quote.22.54%
GOLDEN OCEAN GROU.. USD  10.75 Delayed Quote.22.33%
MOBILE TELESYSTEM.. USD  5.5 Delayed Quote.21.36%
QIWI PLC USD  5.67 Delayed Quote.20.50%
GENCO SHIPPING & .. USD  18.1 Delayed Quote.19.59%
INOVALIS REAL EST.. CAD  7.27 Delayed Quote.11.42%
LABRADOR IRON ORE.. CAD  28.35 Delayed Quote.11.38%
TRUE NORTH COMMER.. CAD  6.28 Delayed Quote.9.39%
FIERA CAPITAL COR.. CAD  9.3 Delayed Quote.9.27%
CHINA GOLD INTERN.. CAD  3.59 Delayed Quote.9.00%
DOMAN BUILDING MA.. CAD  6.27 Delayed Quote.8.93%
CANACOL ENERGY LT.. CAD  2.52 Delayed Quote.8.88%
TIMBERCREEK FINAN.. CAD  7.95 Delayed Quote.8.68%
DIVERSIFIED ROYAL.. CAD  2.58 Delayed Quote.8.61%
SLATE OFFICE REIT CAD  4.65 Delayed Quote.8.60%
NOVOLIPETSK STEEL USD  0.3162 Delayed Quote.1 902.37
NOVATEK USD  0.6502 Delayed Quote.1 005.57
X5 RETAIL GROUP USD  0.5314 Delayed Quote.386.30%
ARIANA RESOURCES .. GBX  3.64 Delayed Quote.145.60%
MD MEDICAL GROUP .. USD  5.7 Delayed Quote.136.49%
GLOBALTRANS INVES.. USD  0.88 Delayed Quote.108.75%
ROSNEFT OIL COMPA.. USD  0.6018 Delayed Quote.94.88%
EVRAZ PLC GBX  80.89 Delayed Quote.94.33%
ETALON GROUP PLC USD  0.2025 Delayed Quote.79.01%
GLOBAL PORTS INVE.. USD  0.635 Delayed Quote.69.29%
HAPAG-LLOYD AG EUR  244.6 Delayed Quote.17.84%
RTL GROUP S.A. EUR  39.38 Delayed Quote.10.75%
MUTARES SE & CO. .. EUR  16.4 Delayed Quote.10.67%
KLÖCKNER & CO SE EUR  7.2 Delayed Quote.10.50%
DEUTSCHE PFANDBRI.. EUR  8.55 Delayed Quote.9.95%
HOCHTIEF AG EUR  47.22 Delayed Quote.9.04%
DWS GROUP GMBH & .. EUR  24.54 Delayed Quote.8.97%
PROSIEBENSAT.1 ME.. EUR  8.896 Delayed Quote.8.79%
TAG IMMOBILIEN AG EUR  11.07 Delayed Quote.8.73%
BMW AG EUR  73.76 Delayed Quote.8.66%
COFACE SA EUR  10.2 Real-time Quote.13.48%
MERCIALYS EUR  7.815 Real-time Quote.12.80%
ALD EUR  10.96 Real-time Quote.10.12%
NEXITY EUR  25.4 Real-time Quote.9.94%
KLÉPIERRE EUR  18.33 Real-time Quote.9.80%
ICADE EUR  46.24 Real-time Quote.9.47%
CRÉDIT AGRICOLE S.. EUR  8.73 Real-time Quote.9.09%
BNP PARIBAS EUR  45.31 Real-time Quote.9.01%
ENGIE EUR  11.194 Real-time Quote.8.99%
SCOR SE EUR  20.6 Real-time Quote.8.94%
METROVACESA S.A. EUR  6.74 Delayed Quote.15.37%
MERLIN PROPERTIES.. EUR  9.255 Delayed Quote.11.75%
ATRESMEDIA CORPOR.. EUR  3.32 Delayed Quote.10.67%
ACS, ACTIVIDADES .. EUR  21.59 Delayed Quote.9.23%
INMOBILIARIA DEL .. EUR  8 Delayed Quote.8.88%
MAPFRE S.A. EUR  1.698 Delayed Quote.8.44%
LAR ESPAÑA REAL E.. EUR  4.74 Delayed Quote.8.42%
MEDIASET ESPAÑA C.. EUR  3.928 Delayed Quote.8.35%
BBVA EUR  4.3135 Delayed Quote.8.21%
VOCENTO, S.A. EUR  0.7 Delayed Quote.8.09%
BFF BANK S.P.A. EUR  6.38 Delayed Quote.14.25%
INTERMONTE PARTNE.. EUR  2.4 Delayed Quote.10.83%
IMMOBILIARE GRAND.. EUR  3.475 Delayed Quote.10.65%
CAIRO COMMUNICATI.. EUR  1.716 Delayed Quote.10.49%
DOVALUE S.P.A. EUR  5.74 Delayed Quote.10.45%
STELLANTIS N.V. EUR  11.72 Delayed Quote.10.27%
MFE-MEDIAFOREUROP.. EUR  0.6825 Delayed Quote.9.92%
RCS MEDIAGROUP S... EUR  0.635 Delayed Quote.9.45%
EQUITA GROUP S.P... EUR  3.5 Delayed Quote.9.43%
MEDIOBANCA S.P.A. EUR  8.252 Delayed Quote.9.43%
VOLTA FINANCE LIM.. EUR  5.56 Real-time Quote.10.97%
FORFARMERS N.V. EUR  2.68 Real-time Quote.10.82%
OCI N.V. EUR  30.4 Real-time Quote.10.20%
HEIJMANS N.V. EUR  10.64 Real-time Quote.8.93%
POSTNL N.V. EUR  2.874 Real-time Quote.8.88%
SBM OFFSHORE N.V EUR  12.61 Real-time Quote.8.29%
WERELDHAVE N.V. EUR  14.32 Real-time Quote.8.10%
BE SEMICONDUCTOR .. EUR  42.82 Real-time Quote.7.84%
VASTNED RETAIL N... EUR  21.5 Real-time Quote.7.72%
EUROCOMMERCIAL PR.. EUR  20.22 Real-time Quote.7.70%
TELENET GROUP HOL.. EUR  19.95 Real-time Quote.13.75%
COMPAGNIE D'ENTRE.. EUR  8.45 Real-time Quote.11.16%
NEXTENSA SA EUR  54.2 Real-time Quote.9.83%
PROXIMUS SA EUR  14.025 Real-time Quote.8.56%
KBC GROUPE NV EUR  52.8 Real-time Quote.7.61%
EVS BROADCAST EQU.. EUR  21.6 Real-time Quote.7.41%
RETAIL ESTATES SA EUR  63.6 Real-time Quote.7.23%
ASCENCIO EUR  52.1 Real-time Quote.7.20%
AGEAS SA/NV EUR  42.14 Real-time Quote.6.88%
BPOST SA/NV EUR  5.62 Real-time Quote.6.15%
MPC CONTAINER SHI.. NOK  18.995 Real-time Quote.34.61%
BELSHIPS ASA NOK  18.94 Real-time Quote.25.16%
GOODBULK LTD. NOK  75 End-of-day quote.22.43%
2020 BULKERS LTD. NOK  107.8 Real-time Quote.21.19%
RANA GRUBER ASA NOK  44.4 Real-time Quote.18.82%
ELKEM ASA NOK  29.28 Real-time Quote.18.09%
ELMERA GROUP ASA NOK  20.4 Real-time Quote.17.16%
BW LPG LIMITED NOK  69.4 Real-time Quote.14.49%
HAFNIA LIMITED NOK  31.25 Real-time Quote.13.64%
KLAVENESS COMBINA.. NOK  67.4 Real-time Quote.13.11%
ORRÖN ENERGY AB (.. SEK  6.774 Delayed Quote.337.53%
SSAB AB SEK  44.26 Delayed Quote.16.49%
TETHYS OIL AB (PU.. SEK  62.4 Delayed Quote.13.04%
BONAVA AB (PUBL) SEK  30.46 Delayed Quote.12.04%
BE GROUP AB (PUBL.. SEK  100.6 Delayed Quote.11.93%
RESURS HOLDING AB.. SEK  20.73 Delayed Quote.10.35%
CLAS OHLSON AB (P.. SEK  105.9 Delayed Quote.9.68%
POOLIA AB (PUBL) SEK  12.7 Delayed Quote.9.45%
CATELLA AB (PUBL) SEK  32.05 Delayed Quote.8.92%
NOBIA AB (PUBL) SEK  28.04 Delayed Quote.8.77%
OUTOKUMPU OYJ EUR  3.876 Delayed Quote.8.88%
ALEXANDRIA PANKKI.. EUR  7.88 Delayed Quote.8.12%
FORTUM OYJ EUR  15.09 Delayed Quote.7.62%
TAALERI OYJ EUR  9.86 Delayed Quote.7.34%
CITYCON OYJ EUR  6.5 Delayed Quote.7.18%
TOKMANNI GROUP OY.. EUR  11.21 Delayed Quote.7.02%
TITANIUM OYJ EUR  12.7 Delayed Quote.6.54%
VERKKOKAUPPA.COM .. EUR  4.1 Delayed Quote.6.40%
METSÄ BOARD OYJ EUR  7.9 Delayed Quote.6.35%
KREATE GROUP OYJ EUR  7.96 Delayed Quote.6.28%
FRONTAGE HOLDINGS.. HKD  3.2 Delayed Quote.50.14%
LOGAN GROUP COMPA.. HKD  2.18 Delayed Quote.37.16%
SINIC HOLDINGS (G.. HKD  0.5 Delayed Quote.35.21%
CHINA AOYUAN GROU.. HKD  1.18 Delayed Quote.32.99%
ORIENT OVERSEAS (.. HKD  208.8 Delayed Quote.31.78%
HUISEN HOUSEHOLD .. HKD  0.51 Delayed Quote.30.94%
POWERLONG REAL ES.. HKD  1.28 Delayed Quote.30.10%
PACIFIC BASIN SHI.. HKD  2.99 Delayed Quote.26.02%
RONSHINE CHINA HO.. HKD  1.64 Delayed Quote.25.08%
SUNAC CHINA HOLDI.. HKD  4.58 Delayed Quote.23.51%
TELIX PHARMACEUTI.. AUD  4.75 Delayed Quote.58.18%
CORONADO GLOBAL R.. AUD  1.63 Delayed Quote.41.35%
NEW HOPE CORPORAT.. AUD  3.62 Delayed Quote.20.13%
JUPITER MINES LIM.. AUD  0.19 Delayed Quote.16.41%
KINA SECURITIES L.. AUD  0.825 Delayed Quote.15.73%
MAGELLAN FINANCIA.. AUD  11.91 Delayed Quote.14.62%
GENWORTH MORTGAGE.. AUD  2.39 Delayed Quote.13.01%
FORTESCUE METALS .. AUD  16.95 Delayed Quote.12.88%
BHP GROUP LIMITED AUD  39.7 Delayed Quote.12.45%
NAVIGATOR GLOBAL .. AUD  1.28 Delayed Quote.12.35%
NIPPON YUSEN KABU.. JPY  9160 Delayed Quote.12.79%
MITSUI O.S.K. LIN.. JPY  3070 Delayed Quote.11.95%
JFE HOLDINGS, INC.. JPY  1432 Delayed Quote.9.84%
NIPPON STEEL CORP.. JPY  1909 Delayed Quote.7.37%
TOKAI TOKYO FINAN.. JPY  373 Delayed Quote.7.08%
NORITSU KOKI CO.,.. JPY  2212 Delayed Quote.6.85%
KONICA MINOLTA, I.. JPY  448 Delayed Quote.6.74%
TOKYU CONSTRUCTIO.. JPY  631 Delayed Quote.6.37%
JAPAN TOBACCO, IN.. JPY  2321.5 Delayed Quote.6.36%
NIPPON STEEL TRAD.. JPY  5060 Delayed Quote.6.35%

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