ACSL Ltd. announced that on July 28, 2023, entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SORA GROUP IND Indonesia (SORA GROUP) for a strategic distributorship partnership to provide sales, support, repair and service assistance for ACSL products in the ASEAN market in the areas of logistics, infrastructure inspection, disaster investigation, agriculture, and security. In the global drone market, there is a growing interest in economic security and security measures due to rising geopolitical risks and unstable global conditions. ACSL not only has domestically produced drones that guarantee security, but also possesses both hardware and software technologies for industrial drones and is developing application-specific drones for specific purposes, enabling to form a positioning with the keywords "enterprise-ready" and " application-specific".

ACSL expects demand for secure drones to grow in overseas markets. SORA GROUP has provided high-end technologies and solutions focusing on security and defense for public sectors through numerous projects in Indonesia. ACSL entered a MOU with SORA GROUP for a strategic distributorship partnership To provide sales, support, repair, service assistance for ACSL products In the future, ACSL and SORA GROUP will work together to strengthen sales promotion efforts in the ASEAN market, and ACSL will provide drones and parts to promote their expansion in the ASEAN market.