The Digital Development Group Corp. (OTCBB: DIDG) ("DigiDev"or the "Company"), a content licensing and technology company offering a wide array of content for television and other Internet enabled devices, today announced an agreement with Media Blasters Inc.

John Sirabella, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Media Blasters says "I am delighted to be working with The Digital Development Group as they are true innovators in this rapidly growing market. Our commitment to them is that we will continuously supply them with great genre product from our expanding library. DigiDev is our bet on the future".

"Our agreement with John and his team at Media Blasters is indicative of our desire to provide content to a global audience," said Martin W. Greenwald., CEO, DigiDev. "We look forward to delivering programming from their deep catalog as well as an exciting pipeline of new entertainment."

Greenwald credits Bruce Venezia, VP of Acquisitions, who successfully negotiated the agreement as an indication of his deep connections in the industry.

DigiDev is targeting the rapidly expanding and revolutionary "OTT" technology arena to facilitate the video delivery of movies, games & apps to millions of desktops, mobile and smart/Internet enabled TV devices around the World. "OTT" or Over The Top devices piggyback on existing network services in consumers' homes or offices; pull content from the Internet and deliver it to their TV or Internet enabled device.

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About The Digital Development Group Corp. (OTCBB: DIDG). The Company's founders, CEO Martin W. Greenwald and President Joe Q. Bretz who have extensive experience in the entertainment industry. As CEO, Mr. Greenwald, oversaw Image Entertainment Inc. growth to over $120 million in revenues. Given Greenwald's focus in content licensing and Bretz's technological know-how, the Company is well positioned to be a leader in the Internet television revolution. For more information please visit our website

About Media Blasters, Inc. Founded in 1997, New York City based Media Blasters was created to give sub-culture media the treatment and distribution usually only afforded to pop-culture offerings. Some of Media Blasters' most well known labels include Animeworks, specializing in Japanese animation, Tokyo Shock, specializing in Asian film, and Shriek Show, specializing in horror. Engaging in licensing, production, localizing and distribution, Media Blasters has handled groundbreaking titles like the perennial blockbuster "Beserk", Adult Swim's "Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit", action hit "Versus", cult classic "Ichi The Killer" and the legendary original "Voltron: Defender of the Universe".

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