Zoomlion QAY2000 all-terrain crane passes extreme test to show dominance
Author: Zoomlion ?Date:?2013-11-15
QAY2000 all-terrain crane of Zoomlion Mobile Crane Branch Company passed a 7,500t?m overload test on November 4 after a successful test with a maximum rated load moment of 6,000t?m. The success marks that QAY2000 has passed extreme assessment, shows its carrying systems including structural components, hydraulic system and braking system have withstood the test safe and sound, and demonstrates its industrial dominance by tremendous strength.

Reviewing the test process, we find QAY2000 can always surprise us and work miracles of the world!

In March 2013, QAY2000 wrapped up a two-month road and type test in the test field of the China National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision Testing Center in Xibozi, Beijing. Various systems showed their outstanding reliability under severe road conditions. The success of QAY2000 chassis test shows Zoomlion has played an industrially leading role in the chassis design of super-tonnage all-terrain crane.

In August, on the testing ground in Zoomlion Quantang Industrial Park, QAY2000 completed the acquisition of heavy-load operating status data, putting an end to the chassis test. The colossal nine-axle all-terrain crane with a three-axle auxiliary unit has a heavy-load weight of 325 t. While breaking the world records of lifting capacity and lifting height, it has created a world record of heavy-load drive of all-terrain cranes.

On October 24, QAY2000 successfully passed a test with a maximum rated load momentum of 6,000t?m!

A load momentum of 6,000t?m has been a limit in the industry. This time, QAY2000 pushed the limit again. 750 t were added to the giant at an altitude of 10 m, equivalent to a load momentum of 7,500t?m. QAY2000's performance remained outstanding, showing its dominance in the industry.

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