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ENEL AMÉRICAS S.A. CLP  97.5 End-of-day quote.11 8714.84%Other Electric Utilities
EMPRESAS COPEC S.A. CLP  7470 End-of-day quote.10 99013.42%Other Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
BANCO DE CHILE CLP  86.5 End-of-day quote.10 03129.96%Other Banks
BANCO SANTANDER-CHILE CLP  36.7 End-of-day quote.7 9137.15%Other Banks
FALABELLA S.A. CLP  1995 End-of-day quote.5 686-28.21%Retail - Department Stores
COMPAÑÍA SUD AMERICANA DE VAPORE.. CLP  94.55 End-of-day quote.5 60929.17%Deep Sea Freight
BANCO DE CRÉDITO E INVERSIONES CLP  27396 End-of-day quote.4 90010.07%Other Banks
EMPRESAS CMPC S.A. CLP  1734 End-of-day quote.4 78121.43%Other Paper Products
QUIÑENCO S.A. CLP  2401 End-of-day quote.4 55545.52%Other Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
SCOTIABANK CHILE S.A. CLP  309.97 End-of-day quote.4 307-7.47%Commercial Banks
CENCOSUD S.A. CLP  1218.8 End-of-day quote.3 832-14.47%Supermarkets & Convenience Stores
ANTARCHILE S.A. CLP  7377 End-of-day quote.3 79016.54%Other Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
ENEL CHILE S.A. CLP  28.3 End-of-day quote.2 249-5.03%Other Electric Utilities
ITAÚ CORPBANCA CLP  1.952 End-of-day quote.2 19418.45%Other Banks
COMPAÑÍA CERVECERÍAS UNIDAS S.A. CLP  4992 End-of-day quote.2 088-27.97%Other Brewers
MINERA VALPARAISO S.A. CLP  14250 End-of-day quote.2 0229.44%Other Electric Utilities
CENCOSUD SHOPPING S.A. CLP  1074.4 End-of-day quote.2 0036.27%Other Real Estate Development & Operations
SOCIEDAD DE INVERSIONES PAMPA CA.. CLP  702.36 End-of-day quote.1 97697.85%Other Corporate Financial Services
SOCIEDAD DE INVERSIONES ORO BLAN.. CLP  7.977 End-of-day quote.1 918110.53%Other Holding Companies
PLAZA S.A. CLP  857 End-of-day quote.1 824-8.73%Retail Real Estate Development
NORTE GRANDE S.A. CLP  8.634 End-of-day quote.1 73687.70%Other Holding Companies
EMBOTELLADORA ANDINA S.A. CLP  1649.9 End-of-day quote.1 595-10.82%Other Non-Alcoholic Beverages
COLBÚN S.A. CLP  81.01 End-of-day quote.1 59216.90%Other Electric Utilities
AES ANDES S.A. CLP  125.04 End-of-day quote.1 473-5.86%Other Independent Power Producers
AGUAS ANDINAS S.A. CLP  194.91 End-of-day quote.1 30525.75%Other Water Utilities
CAP S.A. CLP  7532 End-of-day quote.1 282-9.25%Iron Ore Mining
BICECORP S.A. CLP  12360 End-of-day quote.1 19413.39%Other Banks
EMPRESAS AQUACHILE S.A. CLP  467.01 End-of-day quote.1 1180.00%Aquaculture
ENEL GENERACIÓN CHILE S.A. CLP  117.03 End-of-day quote.1 098-20.82%Other Electric Utilities
SIGDO KOPPERS S.A. CLP  901.92 End-of-day quote.1 09415.02%Consumer Goods Conglomerates
ENAEX S.A. CLP  7700 End-of-day quote.1 0759.60%Explosives
COMPAÑÍA GENERAL DE ELECTRICIDAD.. CLP  432.05 End-of-day quote.990-29.63%Other Electric Utilities
VIÑA CONCHA Y TORO S.A. CLP  1158.1 End-of-day quote.987-11.60%Wineries
EMPRESA NACIONAL DE TELECOMUNICA.. CLP  2819.7 End-of-day quote.948-2.06%Other Integrated Telecommunications Services
INVEXANS S.A. CLP  15.86 End-of-day quote.9120.00%Wires & Cables
ADMINISTRADORA DE FONDOS DE PENS.. CLP  250 End-of-day quote.8860.00%Investment Management
MONEDA LATINOAMÉRICA DEUDA LOCAL CLP  51394 End-of-day quote.86716.39%
ENEL DISTRIBUCION CHILE S.A. CLP  659 End-of-day quote.861-25.66%Other Electric Utilities
PARQUE ARAUCO S.A. CLP  850 End-of-day quote.853-9.56%Retail Real Estate Development
ENEL TRANSMISIÓN CHILE S.A. CLP  650 End-of-day quote.849195.45%
EMPRESA ELÉCTRICA PEHUENCHE S.A. CLP  1118.6 End-of-day quote.778-9.79%Renewable IPPs
FORESTAL CONSTRUCTORA Y COMERCIA.. CLP  4726.6 End-of-day quote.687-11.93%Other Paper Products
SOCIEDAD MATRIZ SAAM S.A. CLP  57.11 End-of-day quote.6411.98%Other Marine Port Services
MOLIBDENOS Y METALES S.A. CLP  4100 End-of-day quote.6190.00%Nonferrous Metal Processing
GRUPO SECURITY S.A. CLP  133.12 End-of-day quote.60411.21%Other Banks
POTASIOS DE CHILE S.A. CLP  232 End-of-day quote.589201.30%Other Agricultural Chemicals
COMPAÑÍA ELECTRO METALÚRGICA S.A.. CLP  11600 End-of-day quote.577-2.52%Other Steel
SOCIEDAD PUNTA DEL COBRE S.A. CLP  3900.1 End-of-day quote.565-13.94%Copper Ore Mining
HORTIFRUT S.A. CLP  830 End-of-day quote.544-2.53%Vegetable, Fruit & Nut Farming
NITRATOS DE CHILE S.A. CLP  3.175 End-of-day quote.540136.94%Other Holding Companies
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