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Mr. Abeyakumar M. Pandithage is an Executive Chairman at Regnis (Lanka) Plc, an Executive Chairman at Singer (Sri Lanka) Plc, an Executive Chairman at Singer Industries (Ceylon) Plc, an Executive Chairman at Unisyst Engineering Plc, an Executive Chairman at Horana Plantations Plc, an Executive Chairman at Amaya Leisure Plc, a Chairman at Ultracarb (Pvt) Ltd., a Chairman at Alumex Plc, a Chairman at Hunas Falls Hotels Plc, a Co-Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Hayleys Plc, an Executive Chairman at Talawakelle Tea Estates Plc, a Chairman & Co-Chief Executive Officer at Hayleys Fabric Plc, a Chairman at Kelani Valley Plantations Plc, a Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Haycarb Plc, an Executive Co-Chairman at Dipped Products Plc, a Chairman at DPL Plantations (Pvt) Ltd., a Chairman at Haymark, Inc., a Co-Chairman at The Kingsbury Plc, an Executive Chairman at Hayleys Fibre PLC, a Chairman at Carbokarn Co. Ltd., a Chairman at Carbotels (Pvt) Ltd., a Chairman at CK Regen Systems Co. Ltd., a Chairman at D. P. L Universal Gloves Ltd., a Chairman at Dipped Products Thailand Ltd., a Chairman at Dpl International Ltd., a Chairman at DPL Premier Gloves Ltd., a Chairman at Feltex (Pvt) Ltd., a Chairman at Grossart (Pvt) Ltd., a Chairman at Hanwella Rubber Products Ltd., a Chairman at Haycarb Holdings Australia Pty Ltd., a Chairman at Haycarb Holdings Bitung Ltd., a Chairman at Hayleys Plantation Services (Pvt) Ltd., a Chairman at ICOGUANTI SpA, a Chairman at Magic Soils (Pty) Ltd., a Chairman at Neoprex (Pvt) Ltd., a Chairman at Palma Ltd., a Chairman at Puricarb Pte Ltd., a Chairman at Puritas (Pvt) Ltd., a Chairman at Reality Lanka Pvt Ltd., a Chairman at Recogen (Pvt) Ltd., a Chairman at Regnis Appliances Pvt Ltd., a Chairman at Singer Business School Pvt Ltd., a Chairman at Singer Digital Media Pvt Ltd., a Chairman at Texnil (Pvt) Ltd., a Chairman at TTEL Hydro Power Co. (Pvt) Ltd.,

Current positions of Abeyakumar Mohan Pandithage 
NameTitle Since
Hayleys PLC
(Consumer Goods Conglomerates)
Director 1998
Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC
(Appliances, Tools & Housewares)
Executive Chairman 2017
Dipped Products PLC
(Tires & Rubber Products)
Executive Chairman 2011
Haycarb PLC
(Commodity Chemicals)
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer 2012
Hayleys Fabric PLC
(Textiles & Leather Goods)
Director 2007
Alumex PLC
Chairman 2016
Talawakelle Tea Estates PLC
(Food Processing)
Executive Chairman 2011
The Kingsbury PLC
(Hotels, Motels & Cruise Lines)
Co-Chairman 1998
Kelani Valley Plantations PLC
(Food Processing)
Director 2009
Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC
(Auto Vehicles, Parts & Service Retailers)
Non-Executive Director 1982
Hayleys Leisure PLC
(Hotels, Motels & Cruise Lines)
Executive Chairman 2013
Regnis (Lanka) PLC
(Appliances, Tools & Housewares)
Executive Chairman 2017
Horana Plantations PLC
(Fishing & Farming)
Executive Chairman 2017
Singer Industries (Ceylon) PLC
(Industrial Machinery & Equipment)
Executive Chairman 2017
Hayleys Fibre PLC
(Home Furnishings)
Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer 2012
Unisyst Engineering PLC
(Construction & Engineering)
Executive Chairman 2014
Hayleys Agriculture Holdings Ltd. Co-Chairman & Chief Executive Officer 2009
PT Haycarb Palu Mitra President Director -
Reality Lanka Pvt Ltd. Chairman -
Palma Ltd. Chairman -
Grossart (Pvt) Ltd. Chairman -
Venigros (Pvt) Ltd. Chairman -
Neoprex (Pvt) Ltd. Chairman -
Texnil (Pvt) Ltd. Chairman -
Dipped Products Thailand Ltd. Chairman -
Feltex (Pvt) Ltd. Chairman -
Hanwella Rubber Products Ltd. Chairman -
DPL Plantations (Pvt) Ltd. Chairman 2000
Regnis Appliances Pvt Ltd. Chairman -
Vallibel Plantation Management Ltd Executive Chairman -
Hayleys Agro Fertilizers (Pvt) Ltd. Co-Chairman -
Haycarb Holdings Australia Pty Ltd. Chairman -
Magic Soils (Pty) Ltd. Chairman -
Carbokarn Co. Ltd. Chairman -
CK Regen Systems Co. Ltd. Chairman -
Haymark, Inc. Chairman 1969
Puritas (Pvt) Ltd. Chairman -
Recogen (Pvt) Ltd. Chairman -
Haycarb Holdings Bitung Ltd. Chairman -
Carbotels (Pvt) Ltd. Chairman -
Ultracarb (Pvt) Ltd. Chairman 2010
Agro Technica Ltd. Co-Chairman -
FENTONS Ltd. Executive Chairman 1998
Hayleys Plantation Services (Pvt) Ltd. Chairman -
TTEL Hydro Power Co. (Pvt) Ltd. Chairman -
TTEL Somerset Hydro Power (Pvt) Ltd. Chairman -
Hayleys Agro Farms (Pvt) Ltd. Co-Chairman -
Puricarb Pte Ltd. Chairman -
DPL Premier Gloves Ltd. Chairman -
Singer Digital Media Pvt Ltd. Chairman -
Singer Business School Pvt Ltd. Chairman -
D. P. L Universal Gloves Ltd. Chairman -
Dpl International Ltd. Chairman -
Haycarb USA Inc Chairman -
Hayleys Aventura Pvt Ltd. Executive Co-Chairman -
Haycarb Activated Carbon Pvt Ltd. Chairman -
Domus Lanka Pvt Ltd. Chairman -
Dean Foster Pvt Ltd. Director -
Volanka (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Hayleys Group Services (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Ravi Industries Ltd. Co-Chairman -
Hayleys Advantis Ltd. Director 2014
Kandyan Resorts Pvt Ltd. Director -
Culture Club Resorts Pvt Ltd. Director -
Sri Lanka Port Management & Consultancy Services Ltd. Director -
Delmege Forsyth & Co. Ltd. Director -
Alutec Anodising & Machine Tools Pvt Ltd. Director -
Delmege Ltd. Director -
Clarion Shipping Pvt Ltd. Director -
Kelani Valley Green Tea Pvt Ltd. Director 2010
Kelani Valley Instant Tea Pvt Ltd. Director -
Mabroc Teas Pvt Ltd. Chairman -
Mabroc Lanka Pvt Ltd. Director 2010
Blue Mountain Tea Exports Pvt Ltd. Director 2010
Cambron Exports Pvt Ltd. Director 2010
Global Holidays Pvt Ltd. Director -
Logiwiz Ltd. Director -
Nirmalapura Wind Power Pvt Ltd. Director -
CDC Conventions (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
The Beach Resorts Ltd. Director -
Quality Seed Co. Ltd. Director -
Toyo Cushion Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Haymat (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Civaro Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Lignocell Pvt Ltd. Director -
MIT Cargo (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Hayleys Consumer Products Ltd. Director -
Logiventures (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Volanka Exports Ltd. Director -
Hayleys Travels & Tours (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Eurocarb Products Ltd. Director 2009
Kinetics (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
PT Mapalus Makawanua Charcoal Industry Director -
Bonterra Lanka Ltd. Director -
Mountain Hawk Express (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Hayleys Hydro Energy (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Agility Logistics (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
CMA-CGM Lanka Pvt Ltd. Director -
NYK Line Lanka Pvt Ltd. Director -
Hayleys Agro Products Ltd. Director -
Maritime Agencies (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Hayleys Industrial Solutions Ltd. Director -
Haychem (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Chas. P. Hayley & Co. Ltd. Director -
Sri Lanka Shipping Co. Ltd. Director -
Eastern Hotels Pvt Ltd. Director -
Hayleys Business Solutions International (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
HS Cargo (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Shizuka Co. Ltd. Director -
Mountain Hawk (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Delmege Forsyth & Co. (Exports) (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Delmege Coir (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Delmege Freight Services (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Delmege Air Services (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Lewis Brown Air Services (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Delmege Forsyth & Co. (Shipping) Ltd. Director -
AES Kelanitissa Pvt Ltd. Director -
Hayleys Foundation (Guarantee) Ltd. Director -
Civaro International Ltd. Director -
Lanka Orient Express Lines Ltd. Director -
Hayleylines Ltd. Director -
Sun Tan Beach Resorts Pvt Ltd. Director -
Alco Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Avro Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Air Global (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Bhagya Hydro (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Ceylon Ocean Lines Ltd. Director -
Connaissance Air Travels (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Creative Polymats (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Expelogix (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
HJS Condiments Ltd. Director -
Haycarb Value Added Products (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Haycolour (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Haydea Business Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Hayeys Business Solutions International (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Hayleys Agro Biotech (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Hayleys Electronics Lighting (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Hayleys Energy Services Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Hayleys Global Beverages (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Hayleys Leisure Holdings Pvt Ltd. Director -
Hayleys Lifesciences (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Hayleys Neluwa Hydro Power (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Hayleys Power Ltd. Director -
Home For Every Plantation Worker Foundation (Guarantee) Ltd. Director -
Lakdiyatha (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Lewis Shipping (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Logistics International Ltd. Director -
Logiwiz N W (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Millennium Transportation (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Moceti International (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Moceti Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. Executive Co-Chairman -
Neluwa Cascade Hydro Power (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
North South Lines (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
O E Techniques Ltd. Director -
Power Engineering Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Sunfrost (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Volanka Insurance Brokers (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Yusen Logistics & Kusuhara Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Charles Fibres Pvt Ltd. Director -
Civaro Freight India Pvt Ltd. Director -
Haychem (Bangladesh) Ltd. Director -
Haylex USA Director -
Haylex BV Director -
Haylex Ltd. Director -
Haymark Ltd. Director -
Logiwiz Logistics India Pvt Ltd. Director -
Mabroc Japan Co. Ltd. Director -
International Consumer Brands Ltd. Director -
The Queensbury (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
S&T Interiors (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Eco-Solutions, Inc. Director -
Uni-Dil Packaging Solutions Ltd. Director -
Singer Group of Cos. Director -
Hayleys Free Zone Ltd Director -
Kelani Valley Resorts (Pvt) Ltd. Director -
Joule Power Pvt Ltd. Director -
Beta Power Pvt Ltd. Director -
Advantis Projects & Engineering Pvt Ltd. Director -
South Asia Textiles Ltd. (Sri Lanka) Director -
Iml Delivery Systems Pvt Ltd. Director -
Martin Bauer Hayleys Pvt Ltd. Director -
Presto Lanka Engineers Director -
Hayleys Advantis Freight Pvt Ltd. Director -
Energynet Pvt Ltd. Director -
Government of Mexico Honorary Consul -
The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport in the UK Member -
The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Member -
The Employers' Federation of Ceylon Member -

Abeyakumar Mohan Pandithage: Personal Network 
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