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Market Closed - Japan Exchange 11:34:34 2023-11-29 pm EST Intraday chart for Daiwa ETF MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders Index ETF - JPY 5-day change 1st Jan Change
3,002.00 JPY -1.02% -1.02% +24.08%
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Investment objective

The Fund will invest in stocks and REITs that are included and scheduled to be included in MSCI JAPAN ESG SELECT LEADERS INDEX to match the rate of change of NAV per unit of the Fund to that of the MSCI JAPAN ESG SELECT LEADERS INDEX. The MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders Index is designed to represent the performance of companies in each industry selected by MSCI Inc. that has high Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance. Constituents of the Index are selected based on the magnitude of the risk in relation to the ESG theme, their contents are analyzed and evaluated based on ESG ratings. Companies that are experiencing very severe controversies will be excluded from this index.
5d. change
1-year change
2,833.00 JPY +1.38%+1.07%+43.73%+6.52%
12,720.00 JPY -0.78%-1.01%+13.77%+5.35%
1,273.00 JPY +1.43%+0.59%+72.33%+3.46%
4,111.00 JPY +2.78%+1.08%-6.67%+2.78%
10,455.00 JPY +1.65%+0.29%+46.22%+2.50%
7,336.00 JPY +1.07%-0.05%+59.72%+2.46%
4,587.00 JPY -0.82%-1.50%+14.56%+2.26%
23,850.00 JPY -0.73%-0.65%+53.08%+2.26%
6,909.00 JPY -0.04%+0.80%+20.66%+2.09%
5,445.00 JPY +0.98%+0.18%+42.35%+2.02%
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Date Price Change Volume
23-11-30 3,002.00 -1.02% 4,250
23-11-24 3,033.00 +0.63% 150

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Total Expense Ratio 0.15%
Asset Class
Underlying MSCI ESG Select Leaders GRTR Index - JPY

Features and characteristics

Fund Structure
Replication Method
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Retail investor

AuM evolution ( 2023-10-30 )

AuM (EUR) 75 M€
AuM 1M 79 M€
AuM 3 months 81 M€
AuM 6 months 151 M€
AuM 12 months 147 M€
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