Amiyaki Tei Co., Ltd. (TSE:2753) entered into share transfer contract to acquire Sugie Shoji, Ltd. on April 2, 2019. Under the transaction, Amiyaki Tei will acquire 60 shares in Sugie Shoji. On completion, Sugie Shoji will operate as a subsidiary of Amiyaki Tei Co., Ltd. For the year ended November 2018, Information Port Co., Ltd. recorded sales of ¥671 million, total assets of ¥695 million, net assets of ¥247 million, operating profit of ¥24 million and net income of ¥2 million. The transaction was resolved by the Board of Directors of Amiyaki Tei on April 2, 2019. The transaction is expected to close on April 26, 2019.