CJ Group has named two new CEOs to lead its key units -- CJ CheilJedang and CJ Logistics -- as part of its annual personnel reshuffle. Kang Sin-ho, currently the CEO of CJ Logistics, has been promoted to vice chairperson of CJ CheilJedang and will assume the role of CEO at the food company. Shin Young-soo, who presently oversees CJ Logistics' Korea business division, will replace Kang to take the helm as CJ Logistics CEO.

This marks the first time since 2017 that CJ Group's annual executive restructuring, typically conducted from November to December, has extended into the new year. Having yielded a sluggish performance last year, CJ Group Chairperson Lee Jae-hyun has long been deliberating over selecting the right people for the top positions, according to industry sources. Kang Sin-ho's promotion as vice chairman represents a milestone in the group's history, as he is the first member to have risen through the ranks via open recruitment since joining the company in 1988.

Over the years, Kang has held pivotal roles within CJ Group, including leading the human resources team, serving as CEO of CJ Freshway and overseeing CJ CheilJedang's food business division. He served as CEO of CJ CheilJedang for one year before assuming the role of CEO at CJ Logistics in late 2020. As Kang transitions to his new role, Shin Young-soo, who is set to become CJ Logistics' CEO, has garnered a reputation for pioneering a progressive business model in the parcel delivery and e-commerce sectors.

Shin's leadership saw CJ Logistics' Korea business division achieve unprecedented success last year, including the successful launch of the O-NE brand.