Eoptolink Technology Inc., Ltd. demonstrated a multimode optical transceiver operating at 212Gb/s per lambda during OFC 2024. Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) operating at 850nm are the dominant optical laser technology for less than 100m transmission distance of short reach connectivity. At OFC 2024 in San Diego, Eoptolink is demonstrating an optical link using transceivers with VCSEL transmitters operating at 212 Gb/s. VCSEL lasers operating at 106Gb/s are incorporated in many of short reach links built with 400G SR4 and 800G SR8 optical transceivers.

The next evolutionary step is to increase the data-rate in these connections to 212 Gb/s. By demonstrating a 212 Gb/s optical link using VCSEL lasers, Eoptolink is validating that VCSEL technology is one of the contenders for short reach datacenter and AI/ML cluster connectivity.