EQT Corp CEO Toby Rice disagrees with the moratorium on new LNG export projects to countries outside the free trade agreement. He sees this measure as contrary to climate objectives, since LNG is a transitional fuel needed to replace coal, which is a major source of emissions. He points out that EQT's LNG could reduce emissions by tens of millions of tonnes a year.

EQT, which sends 25% of its gas to LNG facilities in the Gulf, could see its future projects, scheduled for 2027-2028, delayed because of the moratorium. 

Rice points out that EQT's planned LNG agreements for future projects correspond to 5% of the company's overall production. He adds that if EQT were considered as a country, this volume of production would place it 12th among the world's producers. As part of its expansion, EQT is targeting strategic acquisitions to strengthen its leading position as a natural gas producer in the United States.

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