announced the launch of the Insight Engine for Life Sciences. For the world of drug research and development, data is both a challenge to be managed and an opportunity to be leveraged. The ability to effectively and quickly mine scientific and biomedical content for developing new drugs and to design and operate clinical trials is more critical than ever before.

The complexity of the diverse data sources that researchers depend on makes integrating, standardizing and analyzing them both challenging and time consuming. Commercial licensing and data access restrictions, as well as the lack of granularity and different taxonomies used by common search tools, further complicate the process. The convergence of these challenges in this fast-paced field impacts clinical research and delays drug development efforts, and it's precisely here that advanced AI technologies are adding significant value. Insight Engine for Life Sciences supports multiple use cases, including: Competitive Intelligence: Provide direct access to ongoing trials filtered for any combination of drug, indication, mechanism of action, sponsor or geography. Zoom into particular areas on the fly to gauge the competition's pipelines. Connect with both public and private research articles, research findings and emerging trends.

Clinical Trial Design Optimization: Support clinical operations in optimizing the design and planning of a trial by identifying similar trials, comparing protocols, identifying suitable sites and patient populations, or assessing success criteria. This helps improve recruitment, allowing teams to compare design complexity based on inclusion/exclusion criteria and mine schedule of assessment data in protocol documents for site and patient burden assessments. Intellectual Property Protection: Automatically review patent claims against published papers and clinical trial activity, reducing the time that IP professionals spend on administrative activities and all IP-related tasks.

Research Intelligence: Help researchers quickly access and analyze a vast amount of relevant information coming from biomedical and scientific literature, including full texts, speeding up the discovery and development of new drugs and therapies. As one of the finalists of the Bio-IT World"Best of Show" Awards, will be showcasing its Insight Engine for Life Sciences at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in Boston (April 15-17, 2024), where a team of expert judges will view entries on site and choose winners based on the product's technical merit, functionality, innovation and in-person presentations.