NCB Capital Company Announced a Change in the Board of Directors of AlAhli REIT Fund (1) due to the appointment of the board member Mr. AbdulJabbar Al AbdulJabbar (non-independent member), from of 16 Sha'aban 1442 H corresponding to 30 March 2021. The members of the Board of Directors of the Fund after the change are as follows: Mr. AbdulRahman Al Rashid (Chairman - Independent)Mr. Mohammed Al-Ayidi (Independent Member) Mr. Mohammed Al-Saqqaf (non-independent member)Mr. Saleh Al-Habib (non-independent member)Mr. Ahmed Al-Musa (non-independent member)Mr. Abduljabbar Al Abduljabbar (non-independent member)The Fund's Terms and Conditions will be updated according to this announcement.