Aluminum Corporation of China Limited announced that the Board received a written resignation submitted by Mr. Liu Jianping ("Mr. Liu") on 19 July 2023. Mr. Liu proposed to resign as the chairman and the executive director of the Company and from all other positions in each of the special committees under the Board due to work adjustment. The resignation of Mr. Liu took effect on the same day.

Given the resignation of Mr. Liu, in order to ensure the normal operation of the Company and the Board and in accordance with the Company Law of the People's Republic of China and the articles of association of the Company, all directors of the Company jointly recommend Mr. Zhu Runzhou, a director, to act on behalf of the chairman and legal representative of the Company for a term upon the resignation of Mr. Liu until the election of the new chairman by the Board of the Company. As considered and approved by the 13th meeting of the eighth session of the Board of the Company, it is resolved to nominate Mr. Dong Jianxiong ("Mr. Dong") as a candidate for an executive director of the eighth session of the Board of the Company. Mr. Dong Jianxiong aged 55, is currently a member of the Party group and deputy general manager of Aluminum Corporation of China.

Mr. Dong graduated from Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, majoring in non-ferrous metallurgy, and is a senior engineer with extensive experience in non-ferrous metal metallurgy and corporate management, etc. Mr. Dong successively served as the deputy chief engineer, assistant general manager, deputy general manager and secretary of the Party Committee of Baotou Aluminum (Group) Co., Ltd; the secretary of the Party Committee and an executive director of China Great Wall Aluminum Corporation Limited; the general manager of Henan Branch of Aluminum Corporation of China Limited; the chairman of Chalco Mining Co. Ltd.; and the chairman The term of office of Mr. Dong will commence from the approval at the general meeting of the Company and expire on the election of the ninth session of the Board.

The Company will enter into a service contract with Mr. Dong after his election as a director is approved at the general meeting of the Company. The remuneration of Mr. Dong will be determined according to the relevant remuneration policies and set out in the service contract.