Anker Innovations unveiled new landmark products from the Anker charging, eufy Clean, soundcore and Nebula brands during the Anker RE Charge event in New York City. Anker Takes The Lead On Charging Faster: Anker, the world's #1 mobile charging brand, unveiled several products focused on charging devices faster, including the new Anker Prime series. This lineup of premium high-speed, multi-port devices is headlined by the new 67-watt, 100-watt and 240-watt USB-C chargers, as well as the Anker Prime 250-watt power bank -- an ultra-high-capacity (+27,000 mAh) power bank featuring a 100-W wireless charging base.

Retail availability and pricing for these Anker Prime charging accessories are slated to be released in July 2023. In addition, Anker officially launched the Anker Reserve Power Bank, a perfect accessory for the great outdoors, featuring a 60,000 mAh LiFeP04 battery, two USB-C and two USB-A ports, as well as a standard XT 60 solar plug compatible with solar panels ranging from 10-24 volts. The Anker Reserve also features a pop-up, adjustable light source - perfect for a campsite or backyard BBQ.

Soundcore Introduces New Earbuds With Advanced Noise Cancellation System: soundcore, the premium audio brand of Anker Innovations, launched the next generation of Liberty True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds, the Liberty 4 NC featuring Adaptive ANC 2.0 technology. These new earbuds leverage the sound quality of the flagship Liberty line, but now allow users to shift seamlessly from a quiet setting to a noisy environment, blocking out up to 98.5% of external noise. Adaptive ANC 2.0 utilizes both in-ear and external sound sensors that analyze and adjust instantaneously, for both the external environment and the user's ear canal in real-time, providing a superior noise cancellation experience.

Additionally, these earbuds offer 10 hours of playtime and an astonishing 50 hours of playtime with the wireless charging case, utilize an 11mm driver and support LDAC decoding for the quality audio. The Liberty 4 NC is currently slated to begin shipping on June 29 for $99.99 with additional incentives for consumers on the website until launch day. Nebula Introduces Long Lasting Outdoor Projector - Now On Presale: Nebula, Anker Innovations' smart entertainment brand introduced the first true outdoor projector, the Mars 3 1080p LED portable projector.

With its 185 WH battery, users can either choose the brightest picture at 1000 ANSI Lumens or the longest lasting movie watching experience of up to five hours. In addition, the projector can access the built-in smart AI system to analyze the environment around it and determine the optimal brightness level to use. Other notable features include IPX3 water and dust resistance, a handy lens cover that doubles as an adjustable foot to raise up the front of the projector, auto focus, auto keystone correction and auto fit to make setup a breeze.

Using Android TV 11, users can stream all of their favorite content from over 7,000 apps, Chromecast or the built-in HDMI port. Eufy Clean X9 Pro Robovac With Enhanced Hands-Free Mopmaster System: eufy Clean, a smart appliances brand from Anker Innovations, officially launched the X9 Pro robotic vacuum and mop. The X9 Pro offers an unrivaled multi-surface cleaning experience for every type of flooring including hard wood, tile, laminate, carpet and rugs.

The new Hands-Free MopMaster™ system includes an industry leading 12-millimeter Auto Lift with carpet detection feature, allowing it to raise its mopping pads to intelligently switch between carpets and hard floors. The MopMaster system also boasts dynamic dual high-pressure, high-speed rotational mopping pads to effortlessly clean even the toughest messes, from crayons and markers, to stubborn food stains. The MopMaster system keeps hands clean and odors at bay with its auto-wash feature.

While in mop mode, the X9 Pro will periodically return to its base to self-clean its mopping pads, ensuring consistent and thorough cleaning from start to finish. When the cleaning job is fully completed, the X9 Pro will return to its base and then clean and dry itself, ensuring the vacuum and cleaning pads always remain clean and odorless. The X9 Pro also features powerful (yet quiet) 5,500 Pa suction to remove debris in one pass and AI.See™ smart obstacle avoidance, to detect and dodge obstacles with ease.

Eufy Security Adds Compatibility With Dual Doorbell Cam & Video Smart Lock For Eufycam 3 With Bionic Mind: eufy Security, Anker Innovations' smart security brand, announced full compatibility between HomeBase 3 and the Video Doorbell Dual and Video Smart Lock. Introduced last year at Anker On Board, Homebase 3 serves as the heart and brain of the edge ecosystem and centralizes all of the user's eufy Security devices within a single hub. HomeBase 3 delivers advanced BionicMind AI facial and body recognition capabilities to filter out arrival notifications of friends and family and send accurate alerts when a stranger approaches the user's property.

HomeBase 3 also offers up to 16 terabytes of expandable local storage with no monthly fees and can send daily security briefs to the user through the eufy Security app. Ankermake Announces Timing For V-6 Color Engine Upgrade: AnkerMake, Anker Innovations' 3D printing brand, announced the upcoming V6 Color Engine will go into production beginning in September with plans to begin shipping in October. Once installed, the V6 will allow makers to print with as many as six different colors on a single creation.

Anker Expands Into The Home Energy Solutions Business With Launch Of Anker Solix: The new Anker Solix brand includes a line of solar balcony solutions designed for apartments and modular solar battery storage systems for the home. Additionally, Anker's popular portfolio of portable power stations (formerly known as PowerHouse) will now be part of Anker Solix.