Circa Group AS has applied for patents for two new solvents for CO2 capture processes. As both the interest and the urgency to capture and transform carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions increases, Circa has developed two new CO2 solvents from its platform molecule, levoglucosenone (LGO). The two new solvents named Furatech:1 and Furatech:2 are the product of 12 months of development and testing across a range of new LGO-based molecules within Circa's R&D team.

The Furatech products have been designed to be used in several current CO2 capture processes and discussions are underway about further optimisation with engineering partners. With the ReSolute plant commissioning planned for mid-2024, further testing and trialling of Furatech:1 and Furatech:2 will continue in parallel.