FICO has announced that Paramount Residential Mortgage Group Inc. (PRMG), a modern multi-channel mortgage lender, has adopted FICO®? Score 10 T, the company's newest, most innovative and most predictive scoring model. With a growing non-qualified mortgage (non-QM) and non-conforming channel, PRMG will be bringing the benefits of FICO®?

score 10 T to its investors. FICO Score 10 T will also provide PRMG with a credit scoring tool proven to increase mortgage loan approvals and reduce loan delinquencies. FICO®?

Score 10T provides even greater precision in making lending decisions, helping lenders better manage credit risk and default rates when extending competitive credit offers to consumers. FICO Score 10 T can enable an increase in mortgage originations of up to 5% (without taking on additional credit risk) or can reduce default risk and losses by up to 17%. The increased predictive power can also help lenders project cash flow more accurately.

FICO is committed to assisting mortgage industry participants looking to transition to its most current credit scoring model, FICO®? Score10 T. The FICO Score Migration Resource Center provides a detailed guide to support organizations through their score transition with key planning steps and activities, in addition to implementation best practices.