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Almost two-thirds of Dutch people would like AI to be able to help them with their travel preparations. Among 25-34-year-olds, the figure is as high as 81 percent. At the top of the wish list is finding the best vacation for the lowest rate, followed by receiving travel recommendations based on personal preferences, according to research by Zendesk.

For the study, Zendesk surveyed consumers in the Netherlands. Questions included how consumers expect AI to influence their travel preparation.

27 percent said they would like help finding the best-fit vacation for the lowest rate. Respondents from Drenthe most often (56 percent) said they would like that support, where in Friesland that percentage is only 12 percent.
Vacationers would also like AI to be able to arrange all necessary travel documents (15 percent) or make suggestions for the most beautiful sights with the best times to avoid queues (12 percent).

Nearly half (43 percent) of respondents are willing to share booking preferences, such as favorite mode of transportation, favorite activity or previous bookings, with a chatbot when booking a trip. Respondents are also willing to share the purpose of the trip or available budget (both 41 percent). About sharing age, respondents are more reserved: 36 percent of men would share information about this, while among women it is 29 percent. Sexual orientation and banking information are the personal data that Dutch people are least willing to share with AI.

More than a third of respondents (39 percent) prefer a chatbot to a human employee in certain travel situations. Among 25-34-year-olds, this percentage is the highest: 56 percent.
For example, 19 percent of respondents would like to receive recommendations for their travel destination based on personal preferences, such as hotels and activities. 11 percent would plan and book the entire trip and 9 percent like to receive alternatives when travel plans change unexpectedly.

However, a narrow majority (51 percent) still prefer human contact in all travel situations. At 58 percent, this percentage is higher among women than among men (44 percent).

The survey on consumers' expectations of AI to influence their travel preparation was conducted in June 2023 among consumers in Europe on behalf of Zendesk by YouGov. A total of 6,000 respondents were surveyed, including 1,000 in the Netherlands.

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