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CLARENT CORPORATION USD Phones & Smart Phones 0.003 Delayed Quote.299,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
RENEWABLE CORP USD Renewable Energy Equipment & Servic... 0.0015 Delayed Quote.149,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
123CSS CORP USD IT Services & Consulting - NEC 0.001 Delayed Quote.99,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
FBC HOLDING INC USD Luxury Recreational Products 0.0002 Delayed Quote.19,900.00%100.00%19,900.00%-
FINANCIAL ASSETS MANAGEMENT GROU.. PLN Business Support Services - NEC 28 End-of-day quote.18,566.67%18,566.67%0.00%-
NEXT FUEL INC USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.165 Delayed Quote.14,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
CITY CAPITAL CORP USD Professional Information Services -... 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%9,900.00%9,900.00%-
VALENTINE BEAUTY INC USD Cosmetics & Perfumes 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
GEEKS ON CALL HOLDINGS INC USD IT Services & Consulting - NEC 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
MULTICELL TECHNOLOGIES, INC. USD Biotechnology & Medical Research - ... 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
BLACKOUT MEDIA CORP USD E-commerce & Auction Services 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%-99,999,999.99%9,900.00%-
PEGASI ENERGY RESOURCES CORP USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
QMED, INC. USD Healthcare Facilities & Services - ... 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
IGNIS PETROLEUM GROUP, INC. USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
SCIENT, INC. USD IT Services & Consulting - NEC 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
PARADIGM MEDICAL INDUSTRIES, INC.. USD Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distr... 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%9,900.00%0.00%-
ATLANTIS TECHNOLOGY GROUP USD Shell Companies 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
IX ENERGY HOLDINGS INC USD Renewable Energy Equipment & Servic... 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%900.00%-
GEPCO LTD USD Social Media & Networking 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
AKSYS LTD USD Advanced Medical Equipment & Techno... 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%9,900.00%-
EGPI FIRECREEK, INC. USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%9,900.00%0.00%-
CALISSIO RESOURCES GROUP INC USD Integrated Mining 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
VERTEL CORP USD IT Services & Consulting - NEC 0.001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
WEEDHIRE INTERNATIONAL INC USD Online Job Portals 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
LEVEL VISION ELECTRONICS LTD USD Broadcasting Equipment 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
SAVWATT USA INC USD Lighting Equipment 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
PHARMACOM BIOVET INC. USD Veterinary Services 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%-99,999,999.99%9,900.00%-
UNIVERSAL ENERGY CORP. USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%900.00%9,900.00%-
POPE & TALBOT, INC. USD Pulp Mills 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%9,900.00%9,900.00%0,002
PROFITABLE DEVELOPMENTS INC USD Real Estate Development & Operation... 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
WENTWORTH ENERGY INC USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%9,900.00%9,900.00%-
INTERFOUNDRY INC. USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
PACWEST EQUITIES INC USD Management Consulting Services 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%900.00%-
RMD ENTERTAINMENT GROUP(ADR) USD Casinos & Gaming - NEC 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%-99,999,999.99%9,900.00%-
INFINEX VENTURES, INC. USD Specialty Mining & Metals - NEC 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%900.00%-
DUTCH GOLD RESOURCES, INC. USD Educational Services 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%9,900.00%9,900.00%-
RUBY CREEK RESOURCES INC USD Gold Mining 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
POWERLINX INC. USD Security & Surveillance 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
ICBS LTD USD Wealth Management 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
YUHE INTERNATIONAL, INC USD Poultry Farming 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%0,002
INTERNATIONAL PRECIOUS MINERALS .. USD Integrated Mining 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
KMA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS INTERNATION.. USD Business Support Services - NEC 0.0001 Delayed Quote.9,900.00%0.00%0.00%-
DIAMOND BANK PLC (GDR) USD Banks - NEC 2.51 Delayed Quote.8,570.12%0.00%0.00%-
SEADRILL $$$  165 Delayed Quote.8,241.76%0.00%7,948.78%-
BLUE SUGARS CORP USD Biomass & Biogas Fuels 0.15 Delayed Quote.7,400.00%0.00%0.00%-
EVCI CAREER COLLEGES HOLDING COR.. USD Educational Services 0.007 Delayed Quote.6,900.00%141.38%204.35%-
SPARTAN GOLD LTD USD Gold Mining 0.0001 Delayed Quote.6,600.00%0.00%0.00%-
RAINBOW INTERNATIONAL CORP USD Fishing & Farming - NEC 0.0001 Delayed Quote.5,800.00%0.00%-41.00%-
JARVIS PLC GBp Railway Operators 485 Delayed Quote.5,143.24%0.00%0.00%-
AMERICAS WIND ENERGY CORPORATION USD Wind Systems & Equipment 0.005 Delayed Quote.4,900.00%4,900.00%284.62%-
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