Beyond Meat, Inc. announced the launch of the fourth generation Beyond Burger and Beyond Beef, the most significant renovation in the company's history, at grocery stores nationwide. The new Beyond Burger and Beyond Beef, the company's tastiest and most nutritious yet, are an excellent source of protein - 21g per serving - and have just 2g of saturated fat derived from avocado oil, with no cholesterol or added antibiotics or hormones. The products' meatier flavor and taste were preferred over the previous version in consumer testing1, and feedback on the new burger overall has been overwhelmingly positive.

Additionally, at a recent conference of registered dietitians, 94% of attendees said they enjoyed the taste of the new Beyond Burger, viewed it as healthy, and would recommend it. Some of the key changes in the new Beyond Burger & Beef: Made with avocado oil - beloved by the nutrition community for its high levels of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats3, the shift to avocado oil helped reduce the saturated fat in the products by 60% to just 2g per serving (75% less than 80/20 beef); Avocado oil's smoother, more neutral flavor also allowed Beyond Meat to unlock an even meatier, beefy flavor, and because avocado oil has a higher smoke point, the new beef is designed to sizzle and BBQ even better than before; Increased protein to 21g per serving; Added nutrient-dense plant-based ingredients including red lentil and faba bean protein; Simplified the ingredient list, including removing coconut and canola oils; 20% less sodium vs. the previous version.

Growing portfolio of nutritious and delicious plant-based meat products: The strong advancements in nutrition have qualified the fourth generation Beyond Burger and Beyond Beef products to be recognized by the nation?s leading health organizations, including the American Diabetes Association?s evidence-based nutritional guidelines for its Better Choices for Life program and being included in a collection of heart-healthy recipes certified by the American Heart Association?s Heart-Check program. Additionally, the new products have received Good Housekeeping?s coveted Nutritionist Approved Emblem which assesses food products based on specific nutritional criteria as well as taste, simplicity, and transparency, and are the first plant-based meat products to be Clean Label Project Certified. Developed in partnership with leading medical and nutrition experts, and designed to meet the standards of top health organizations, the making of the fourth generation Beyond Burger and Beyond Beef is being chronicled in a new documentary-style short film, Planting Change, that will be released this summer.

The debut of Beyond IV follows the expansion of Beyond Meat?s portfolio of nutritious and delicious products including Beyond Crumbles and Beyond Steak which are both certified by the American Heart Association?s Heart-Check program and the American Diabetes Association?s Better Choices for Life program. As part of its commitment to improving human health, Beyond Meat has a first-of-its-kind multi-year agreement with the American Cancer Society to advance research on plant-based meat and cancer prevention.