Exela Technologies, Inc.  announced that the Company has integrated generative AI across its products and services augmenting other AI initiatives. The integration will improve the quality of the services and software delivered to its customers globally. Below are some of the key use cases that are being continuously enhanced by embedding generative AI into existing workflows.

In software products such as DrySign, Digital Mailroom (DMR), XBP (Exchange for Bills and Payments) and PCH (the award-winning healthcare claims processing gateway), a generative AI based agent will help answer customer service questions. In the Company’s document lifecycle management, the Company will enable the reading of documents automatically, their classification and extraction, redaction or sanitization, and the generation of In product systems development lifecycle solutions, AI will be used to research specific topics and markets, generate test cases, debug code, use generated code and porting product and migration life cycle times. In Exela’s analytics stack, the Company will leverage generative AI to provide a plethora of analytics and insights into all internal operations.

Additionally, the marketing and communications teams will be more productive by generating both text and visual content based on specific business unit requirements, which will enable the Company to upload creative content for blogs, social media channels and product pages.