Walldorf, November 04, 2013 - REALTECH has been appointed by the European Commission to conduct the technical assessment and validation of a simulation solution designed to optimize large data center infrastructures as part of the corresponding project team.

The CACTOS project was initiated by the European Commission and addresses the challenges that go along with the increasing complexity and heterogeneity of large data centers. Today, it is no longer just large-scale industrial enterprises that have to focus on making their existing systems highly energy-efficient and resource-optimized, the same applies to cloud service providers and operators of large outsourcing centers. The industry, however, lacks the tools needed to simulate and optimize data center scenarios that support operators in planning, purchasing, and rolling out new services and applications. That is exactly the challenge that CACTOS has set out to solve, by addressing it from three different perspectives. The objective of CactoScale is to develop methods and tools for collecting and analyzing data and performance values on the predicted behavior of applications and infrastructures. CactoOpt is a calculation model to support the planning of performance-optimized IT resources and CactoSim provides a simulation environment for testing application workloads.

In addition to REALTECH AG, five other companies, mainly with a scientific background, are involved in the CACTOS project. REALTECH contributes to two very important aspects of the project: The SAP consulting company shares its SAP HANA expertise. This platform serves the project as a research and development platform and is provided by REALTECH. REALTECH is also in charge of validating the research results. The objective here is to assess the results for their suitability for the market and the industry and to take corrective action when necessary.

The CACTOS project was launched in October of 2013 and will take 36 months to complete. Its results will be available free of charge to interested companies. For more information, please visit www.cactosfp7.eu.

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