Altigen Technologies announced that it is has been awarded a new contract from Connecticut Department of Transportation (CT DOT) for their visionary COMPASS project management system. This new agreement both extends and expands upon the prior contract between the two organizations. COMPASS is a cloud-based next generation digital transportation project management solution that manages the delivery of all of CT DOT's capital projects.

This innovative solution spans the entire project lifecycle, from inception through construction. CT DOT relies on COMPASS to manage approximately 500 projects in the construction phase along with another 180 projects in the construction phase. After a stringent bid process, in which Altigen was selected as the vendor of choice to develop the COMPASS solution, a new contract has been mutually executed in the amount of $12 million over the next five years.

For the past seven years Altigen (including its ZAACT Consulting division) and CT DOT have worked closely together to deliver on CT DOT's goal of delivering a truly project management solution, COMPASS. The new contract enables Altigen to expand upon its previous development efforts to further streamline processes, improve operational efficiencies, and significantly reduce project management expenses. The objectives for the COMPASS solution, which leverages Azure, SharePoint and Microsoft 365, are right in line with Altigen's technical expertise across the entire Microsoft technology stack.

With a robust product roadmap in place to deliver on CT DOT's vision, COMPASS is poised to revolutionize how transportation related projects are planned, managed and delivered.