China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Limited announced resignation of Gong Yufei as president, with effect from 24 May 2024. In order to ensure the sound governance structure of the Company, the Board convened a meeting on 24 May 2024 and appointed Mr. Wang Liqiang as the president of the Company with effect from the date of consideration and approval by the Board until the expiration of the term of office of the fifth session of the Board. Mr. Wang Liqiang, aged 52, is the deputy secretary to the Party Committee and the president of the Company.

He graduated from North China Electric Power University majoring in management engineering with a bachelor's degree, a master's degree in engineering and is a senior engineer. He has successively served as deputy chief engineer, director of the Planning Department and deputy director of Handan Thermal Power Plant of GD Power Development Co. Ltd. (?GD Power?) general manager and secretary to the party committee, general manager and deputy secretary to the party committee of GD Inner Mongolia Jingyang Energy Co.

Ltd. deputy director (division level) of the Engineering Department of GD Power; director of the Procurement Division of the Procurement and Material Management Department of China Guodian Corporation; director of the General Department of the Material Procurement and Bidding Supervision Centre and director of the Procurement Department of the Material and Procurement Supervision Department of China Energy Investment Corporation Limited (?CHN Energy?) deputy general manager and member of the party committee of CHN Energy Group Hebei Electric Power Co. Ltd. and the deputy director of the Organization and Personnel Department (Human Resources Department) of CHN Energy.