Coca-Cola HBC AG announced that at the AGM held on 21 May 2024, the shareholders elected Zulikat Wuraola Abiola and Glykeria Tsernou as new non-executive members of the Board. Following the election of the board members at the AGM the composition of the Board Committees will be as follows: Audit and Risk Committee: William W. (Bill) DouglasIII (Chair); Glykeria Tsernou; Zulikat Wuraola Abiola. Nomination Committee: Reto Francioni (Chair); Charlotte J. Boyle; Anna Diamantopoulou.

Remuneration Committee: Charlotte J. Boyle (Chair), Reto Francioni, Anna Diamantopoulou. Social Responsibility Committee: Anastasios I. Leventis (Chair), Anna Diamantopoulou and Evguenia Stoitchkova.