RS Group plc is stocking the revolutionary new DiaForce 120mm diagonal compact fans from ebm-papst. The new DiaForce fans feature an innovative design that combines the high airflow volume of an axial fan with the high static pressure capabilities of a centrifugal fan. This inventive combination delivers the high performance of counter-rotating axial fans with less noise and significant power efficiency improvements to satisfy the challenging cooling demands of evolving digital connectivity applications.

ebm-papst DiaForce fans deliver up to 50% more air performance than the best single-stage compact axial fans available. Thanks to this unique design and the outstanding performance it enables, DiaForce fans can replace the larger, noisier, less efficient, and less integration-friendly counter-rotating fans commonly used to cool densely packed electronics in chassis. They can also create redundancies not possible with conventional single-stage fans that have to operate at their power limit to deliver adequate cooling and provide future-proof solutions for servers that manage massive amounts of data.

Ideal applications include server, base station, mass storage, and cabinet cooling as well as autonomous and AI technologies and 5G and IoT networks. The new DiaForce diagonal compact fans from ebm -papst are currently available in a 120mmfoot footprint that measures 119 x 119 x 86mm (L x W x H), moves airflow volumes of 680m3/h or 400cfm, consumes 395W of power, showcases 48% overall efficiency, and has a nominal voltage of 48VDC with a range of 36-60VDC, a nominal speed of 17,200rpm, and operating temperatures extending from -20degC to +70degC (-4degF to +158degF). However, this is just the first of multiple DiaForce fan releases; 40mm, 60mm, and 80mm models are in active development and expected to be released to market in the coming year.

Additional features of DiaForce compact diagonal fans include a motor, advanced integrated and optional functionalities, a convenient form factor, optional diagnostic tools, and compliance with all regulatory standards. DiaForce fans have a compact, 500W, three-core GreenTech DC motor engineered to drive substantial energy savings, dynamically balance the impeller, and deliver a long service life.