Sept 21 (Reuters) - More automakers signed up to access
Tesla's electric-vehicle charging infrastructure across the
United States, taking the Elon Musk-led company's superchargers
closer to becoming the industry standard.
    Texas has approved a plan to require EV charging companies
to include Tesla's plug if they want to be eligible for federal
    Tesla's North American Charging Standard is more widely
available and reliable than rival charging network CCS, which is
backed by automakers such as Volkswagen and Hyundai
    Here is a list of the companies adopting NACS:
 Company                Type           Announcement
 Ford Motor Co          Automaker                  May 2023
 General Motors         Automaker                  June 2023
 Rivian Automotive      Automaker                  June 2023
 Volvo Cars             Automaker                  June 2023
 Polestar               Automaker                  June 2023
 Mercedez-Benz          Automaker                  July 2023
 Nissan                 Automaker                  July 2023
 Honda Motor Co         Automaker                  Sept 2023
             Jaguar                                Sept 2023
 SK Signet              Charger maker              June 2023
 ChargePoint Holdings   Charger maker              June 2023
 Blink Charging         Charger maker              June 2023
 Tritium DCFC           Charger maker              June 2023
 EVgo                   Charger maker              June 2023
 ABB Inc                Charger maker              June 2023
 Wallbox                Charger maker              June 2023
 Electrify America      Charger maker              June 2023
 Fisker                 EV developer               August 2023
       List of U.S. states that have either mandated Tesla's
charging tech or plan to:
 U.S. states               Approval
 Texas                     Texas approved plans to require
                           companies to include Tesla's
                           technology in EV charging stations
                           to be eligible for federal funds
                           despite opposition.
 Kentucky                  Kentucky mandated Tesla's plug for
                           state-backed charging stations,
                           according to documents reviewed by
 Washington                Washington state plans to require
                           EV charging companies to include
                           Tesla's plug if they want to be
                           part of a state program to
                           electrify highways using federal
 Florida                   Florida will mandate NACS one year
                           after standards body SAE
                           International, which is reviewing
                           the technology, formally recognizes
 (Reporting by Akash Sriram and Jaspreet Singh in Bengaluru;
Additional reporting by Chavi Mehta; Editing by Devika Syamnath
and Arun Koyyur)